The New S&W “Response” 9mm carbine

I watched their announcement video on it last night. Looks like a nice PCC, I like the AR pattern ergonomics and full length 1913 rail along the top.

I'm not interested in a PCC though, so I won't be getting one... unless I win one in their sweepstakes that's currently going on. In that case, I'll be happy to give it a try.
I'm assuming it's direct blowback since it's not listed
It’s on the spec sheet. Here is a screenshot shot from the link I posted above. I underlined it.


If I didn’t have a Ruger PC Carbine I might be interested in one of these.
And it would depend on price. Also, they mentioned use with a variety of magazines.
I am not sure I would call this “a variety”.
From the specs webpage I posted above:
  • Compatible with M&P® Pistol double stack magazines and G17/G19 magazines.
If I took a sudden interest in the PCC divisions of IDPA and USPSA competition, then I would have to have a pissy 9mm.

Most submachine guns and neutered PCCs are blowback, what's the problem? There are a couple of makers of delayed blowback guns but they run the price up a lot. I know one guy shooting a $3199 + options and accessories JP-5 but he is a Master class shooter and is buying every tenth of a second he can.

9mm ammo is cheaper than .223 and makes a more satisfying bang than .22.
It can be shot on more ranges than a rifle caliber.

Lots of reasons, some excuses.
Is it possibly because 9mm ammo is cheaper and more available than other ammo?
For some that might be a consideration, but for a reloader the cost is negligible especially when the overwhelming performance differences are taken into account. I must have tried almost all the 9mm carbines before coming to the conclusion that none of them worth bothering with.
The multi mag capability will be interesting for many. Straight blowback makes it a hard no for me. I’ll never have another blowback 9mm.
A decent AR can be had for no extra money. Why bother with a pissy 9mm ?

As the others said, there's matches for them now. I shoot mine in IDPA PCC matches and it makes a great trainer for my other ARs. It doesn't screw up my AR500 tgts at CQB distances, and has recoil closer to a standard 5.56 (actually more due to the blowback). I ran a .22LR AR15 for a while, but the realism just wasn't there. It's cheap to shoot as I just run my regular 9mm reloads though it, literally no screwing with brass prep like I have to do with my 3Gun .223 ammo.

For running drills it's a great tool and always a crowd pleaser when folks come out.



Mine's (Colt AR6951) set up just like my HD AR15 (Colt LE6920):


When I head out back to run drills or just plink it's what I grab about 90% of the time.
I wonder why they didn't put a vertical grip on the barrel end?

Because there's a couple hundred different vertical grip, handstop, etc. designs and instead of putting one that maybe 27 people like and the rest trash, they just figured they'd let each person decide which one they wanted (if they even want one)?
This appears to be a redone FPC. I looked at the FPC at this spring's local gunshow and thought it to be about the best 9mm carbine offering I had seen. If I had any interest in such a thing I would compare this one with the FPC to see which I liked better.