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Dec 21, 2005
Does the S&W M&P line of pistols contain an "traditional" manual safety? I was just wondering because it looks like the only safety on it is similar to that found on Glocks, i.e. a trigger mechanism that moves when your finger actually squeezes the trigger. I know a common complaint about Glocks is the lack of a "traditional" safety, but I never hear it about any other gun hardly. It was just my observation that the Glock is not the only handgun without a manual safety.
No safety

The M&P has no safety other than the trigger and user competance. It's a service piece designed to steal the Glock market back. How well that goes will be seen in the next year or so with the 45ACP coming out. From a service point of view, like the Glock, it's ready to fire when it leaves the holster. No safety to remember to turn off. From a safety point of view, the only way to prevent it from firing in battery is to drop the mag, there-by releasing the magazine-sear disconnect. I usually have mine loaded but not chambered next to my bed and can sleep soundly without worrying about grabbing it in the dark and having it go off.
If you decide to keep the gun by your bedside, you can always place the gun in a holster which covers the trigger guard to avoid grabbing it and getting your finger in the trigger guard.

Not all M&Ps have mag safeties btw. Mine do not.

As to the safety, YES, S&W will be adding the M&P 45 with a manual safety to the lineup after SHOT. They may come out with safety variants in other calibers in the future. If you do a search you can find what it looks like. It should mimic the great characteristics ergonomically of the 1911 safety.

Regardless of the safety variant you choose, there is no replacement for good trigger and muzzle discipline.
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