Why would anyone want an external "safety" on a Glock?

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I worry about my dogs and grandkids jumping on me. That "could" possibly get a trigger pulled if it were sitting in a soft material like the clip on suede holster or even in a fanny pack. I pocket carry my 26 but use the trigger block in a remora holster and am very aware of where those little hands and paws go, when my dogs jump up or a grandkid starts climbing.
I know several guys who don't chamber their guns, I have never believed in that in the 4+ decades of carrying. My gun needs to have a round in the pipe so I know at least my first shot is leaving the barrel. Plus sometimes you can get a bad round and then you have a real problem, It happened at the range during a reload this passed week, it just didn't feed that one bullet. It was out of spec. I would not want to end up shot because I had an issue with chambering my gun.
If the military and police can use safety's so can the average guy, a 1911 is the perfect example, the safety is off by the time you are on target.
Hey Graystar, why indeed anything.. have you figured it out yet/become satisfied or have anything to contribute?

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The original thread is 10 years old and before the recent response that had been a 5 year lapse.

I'm thinking that a valid discussion would justify a new thread if folks are that interested
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