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Dec 9, 2011
FOID Land (Illinois)
I have been happily using Bullseye smokeless powder for all my moderate load handgun reloading in .38 spl., .357 magnum, .45 ACP, .45 Colt, and even 9x19mm Luger, but it has been over six months since I have seen any Bullseye for sale on the shelf anywhere.

Looking at the burn rate chart for various powders, it appears that Titegroup is very similar to Bullseye. The recommended loads listed for Titegroup in .38 spl.158 grain LSWC and .45 Colt 200 grain LRNFP (the two I load the most) is nearly identical to my current Bullseye favorites, and the price per pound is actually a little lower.

Other than seeming to be a bit sooty I have been very pleased with the results from using Bullseye, but if is not available locally I will soon use something else. There are a lot of powders from which to choose, but I think that I am going to give Titegroup a try for my punching holes in paper handgun loads. Anyone have some pros or cons to add?
Titegroup should produce good results much like what you get with BE. Just follow the published load data and forget about the burn rate chart.
Powder choices really are personal preference, so here is mine. I dont like titegroup. It doesnt do anything other powders dont do, IMO. When I switched to a faster powder for 45acp loads I went to AA#2 and never looked back. Super fine ball powder thaet meters beautifully, relative low charge weights, clean burning, great accuracy.
Another powder similar to Bullseye is Red Dot. It doesn't meter as well as Bullseye or Titegroup. My biggest issue with Titegroup is its position sensitivity, which the advertising denies. Tip the gun barrel up before shooting and the velocity increases. Aside from that Titegroup is a good powder, and should be a substitute in these times of need.
TG burns hot, and there are those that claim it gets pressure spikes at the top of its load range. But if you drop the load too far it gets really sooty. It works, but I have not yet found a "sweet spot" for it in either 9mm or 45 auto.
I'm with ljnowell in liking AA#2 as my very fast, small charge pistol powder.
I have not found a good use for TG. I mostly shoot cast bullets, so that might be the problem. There are all kinds of problems with TG in revolver cartridges with lead. It's probably fine for j-bullets in short rimless cartridges, but that's a tiny percentage of what I reload.
I have used TG for years and it is an excellent choice. I have used it in .380,9mm,38spl.,40S&W and 45acp all with excellent results. It has a small charge weight and you need to be careful not to double charge. That isn't a problem for me because I look into every case once the powder has been dropped. It is smokey when used with cast bullets that are lubed but that isn't so much the powder as it is the lube. I find it cleaner than BE.
TiteGroup was my very first powder I learned to reload with (.357 Magnum). It does burn HOT but clean IMO and velocities were quite consistent through my Oehler. I no longer regularly load with it but still have a four-pound keg just in case... I still think it's a pretty decent powder.
I have never tried Titegroup. I am fortunate in having Bullseye Unique and Red Dot on my shelf and a container of AA#2. If I was running low on those I would think Titegroup would be worth a try.
I have been using TG for 9mm and .357 loads

never an issue and meters and shoots real well........ i get moor soot/smoke due to lube on lead than anything... get it with w231 as well

I like the 12lbs i have:)
If I can't get Bullseye I happily use Red Dot. These are my two favorite powders for target and standard loads in non magnums. If I want a service level load, say in a .38spl, Unique is my choice.
I have been using Titegroup for .40 and like it allot. I also watch the cases for powder level.

Never had a problem with it.
Super fine ball powder that meters beautifully, relative low charge weights, clean burning, great accuracy.

Heck, that sounds like Tite Group! ;)

1. meters beautifully - check
2. relative low charge weights - check
3. clean burning - check
4. great accuracy - check

Been using it since the first obamanation scare.
It's always been available when I've gone looking.

The thing I DON'T like about it, from a safety stand point is, you could theoretically triple or even quadruple charge & still not over flow a case.

So be careful, please!
Hondo is right.
Titegroup is excellent, and my favorite powder as of today, I wish I had more.

Be careful loading long(er) cases like .38spl and .357mag with titegroup, as you can't see as well down the case if you've accidentally double charged.
Not so much of an issue with 9mm and short and wide pistol cases
I am a firm believer in finding good loads for as many powders as I can get my hands on. You never know when a company might change the formula or go under. But TG is a fine powder to punch holes in paper wish I could find some right now but I still can find hp38 and bullseye on a regular basis.
1. Burns hot -check
2. Snappy recoil - check
3. Smokes with lead bullets - check
4. Temperature sensitive - check
5. Associated with kbooms - check
6. Scorches the cases - check
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In these days of diminished powder availability, there is nothing wrong with having options. :)
If you have found an alternate powder that works for your chosen cartridge, use it and enjoy.
Better times are coming. I hope.
Seems like there is some mixed feelings about Titegroup. I am going to join with the group that says it works good. It worked well for me too.
Try Titegroup.You will like it.Just use all of the cautions you would use for any powder and you will be fine.:evil:
TITEGROUP at 3.5 grains under a .38 spl. LSWC 158 grain bullet and 5.0 grains under a .45 Colt LRNFP 200 grain bullet worked very nicely for me. That is my usual BULLSEYE powder loading and they were both more accurate than I am.

Titegroup seemed to shoot just a tad cleaner, but I must admit that I like the smell of fired Bullseye a little better. Either way, I am very pleased with my 'new' powder and I see it as a viable alternative for me going forward.
Used Titegroup for 38 Special, 9mm, 45 ACP, and even .357 Magnum. For me, it seems to work best with FMJ or plated bullets and using the midpoint of most reloading manuals range of powder charges. Too light, for me, it gets smoky whether FMJ or lead, Hot loads, worry a bit about temperature sensitivity and pressure spikes and I generally avoid those anyway.

It is one of my favorite powders for a light .357 Magnum load that does about 1200-1250 fps using regular primers, 125 gr softpoints, and 7.1 grains. Shoots a bit low to my GP 100 sights though but ok with 6 o'clock hold.
WST is close to the speed of BE. I prefer it for my 45acp loads. It burns super clean. I can put a 100 rounds through my 45 and in looks like BE after 10 rounds or less. It's a fine ball powder but low density so it will fill the case, not the case with TG. My go to powders are WSF, WST, 231 and 2400. I still use the W296 when I want a full house Mag load for my my 357mag.
1. Burns hot -check YUP
2. Snappy recoil - check NO - HAS NOT BEEN MY EXPERIENCE
3. Smokes with lead bullets - check YUP
4. Temperature sensitive - check NO - HAS NOT BEEN MY EXPERIENCE (in fact the mfg specifically states it's NOT sensitive)
5. Associated with kbooms - check JUST BECAUSE OF DBL CHARGES
6. Scorches the cases - check AS DO MANY OTHER POWDERS
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