Utah sheriffs warn Obama they'll die to defend Second Amendment

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Apr 14, 2008
My short list of retirement states just went up by 1.

The Utah Sheriffs' Association has issued fightin' words to President Obama. In a stern letter, the organization hints they would go to war against the federal government in the event their citizens are denied their right to bear arms against criminals and "tyrannical subjugation." The organization urges the government to "make no mistake … we will enforce the rights to our citizens guaranteed by the Constitution." In conclusion, the letter states: "We, like you, swore a solemn oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, and we are prepared to trade our lives for the preservation of its traditional interpretation."

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On a side note, this article you linked had a related article asking if it was possible that the US would ever plunge into another civil war. I hate the thought of it, but it is a reasonable question. As a southerner, it frustrates me when people say the CW was over slavery. It was all about the over reach of the federal government against the "sovereignty" of the states. The south has a smaller voice in the US government and felt like it was losing what little it had. I don't want to get into a "slavery" discussion, just asking if others believe a second CW is possible.

As a secondary question, if a second CW is possible, how would that endanger us against potential invasion by our growing number of enemies in the world? To me, this would be a disaster on so many levels.


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Not sure it's THR related, but I share you thoughts that a collapse of our government would be an absolute disaster. The world was a different place in the nineteenth century. I don't believe we'd survive as a nation.

Be ready for this thread to close if it goes down this road.

There is a difference between what is law and what is constitutional.

That's why we have the supreme court. The Sheriffs are correct in defending the Constitution, but what happens if the supreme court upholds something that we all believe is a violation of the 2A.

We are then outlaws.

Best thing we can do is to continue to make our voices heard. I am delighted to see that some in LE are standing up for the Constitution. It is NOT a living document. It was written the way it was by design. The founding fathers wrote the 1st amendment and then started scratching their heads thinking to themselves... "how do we protect this?" and someone in the back called out "protect our guns and we'll protect the rest of the amendments."

There are worse things to be than an outlaw,William Wallace was an outlaw as was Robert the Bruce. Neville Chamberlain is no shining example of manhood in the face of travails,absolutely nothing to emulate in the preservation of liberty.
I extend the courtesy of picking your course of action,for myself P. Henry knew how to distinguish liberty from slavery.
Should our distinguished Supreme Court side with a law patently unconstitutional, against the 2d amm.,then do as A.Jackson did and "Let them enforce it."
I've written a bunch of letters in the past month telling our representatives where I stand on the 2nd Amendment. I wrote the director of the Utah Sheriff's Assoc thanking them for taking a stand. I'm going to start doing that regularly now every time I see such a person or organization speaking out on our behalf.
All we're asking them to do is to uphold the Oath they are sworn too........Uphold and Defend the US Constitution.......that's it........Sheriff's...+1.
I just put Utah on my list of possible places to move to

I'm glad it moved here....

A couple of days ago the Utah news was reporting about the letter from the Utah Sheriffs Assoc., they were claiming that it was written but not sent to Obalama. Does anybody know if it was finally sent?
This is indeed very encouraging to see but i find myself asking myself if they would actualy live up to thier claim.
Aside from not enforcing any unconstitutional laws, what would they actualy do ?
If an order of confiscation came to be, would they do so or refuse ?
What would happen if they refused ?
Could the Military be called in to do the confiscation and if so, would this Sherriff's dept. physiclay go against them to protect thier citizens ?
I just don't understand how any of this wold actualy play out.

A couple of days ago the Utah news was reporting about the letter from the Utah Sheriffs Assoc., they were claiming that it was written but not sent to Obalama. Does anybody know if it was finally sent?

I would like to see that actual letter.
In real life anything is possible..... just pray it never happens. The 1st CW was bad enough, something "We The People" in our right minds would not want to ever see happen again.
We contacted our sheriff and he is in our corner. He even wants to sit down and meet with us personally to discuss the issue at length. Don't discount contacting your sheriffs, guys. They need your support. It doesn't seem quite right to me that their vital role in local government has been largely appropriated by the police depts.
Thank you Mr. Garner!

Unfortunately I don't expect many TN sheriffs stepping up publicly. Much if not most of the time there's nothing to our benefit behind the facade.
I think if we all stood together that the majority of police and military would stand by us. After all they are only exempt until they leave their jobs and become a civilian. Plus that would mean that their families were among those that they're fighting against. There will always be some that will follow orders. Anyone I've talked to with real combat time (Vietnam doesn't count because a lot of people were drafted and would not have joined and fought otherwise) is for or rights of guns, probably because after seeing how violence really works they realize that if you took away guns sick people just like the taliban will still find a way to create chaos, terror, and death.
The important thing about this is, many people believe that if the government oversteps their bounds, and war does break out, it will be a small rebellion easily quashed by the police (and if they fail, surely our military will prevail). They fail to realize that police and military swore to uphold the constitution, and most would be on our side.
God bless those gentleman in Utah. It is reassuring to see that some people take their oath seriously. Did anyone else feel like they got pimp slapped while watching Obama's inauguration?
I don't know why our sheriff isn't on that list, but here is his letter to CSPOA:

I know many people are concerned about the recent talk of the federal government related to our second amendment rights, so I want you to know where I stand as your elected Sheriff. It should bring you comfort in this discussion specific to our 2 amendment rights that the great majority of
Sheriff’s in the state of Colorado have an overwhelming drive to uphold their oath and protect the rights of the citizens they serve. Many of you know the stand I have taken in the past when it comes to protecting the Constitutional rights, lives and property of all people in Elbert County.

In regards to the recent firearms debate, I can tell you that for years my staff and I have worked diligently not only to address school safety issues, but also to ensure that Elbert County is a safe place to live, work and raise a family. Additionally, I recently began offering concealed carry classes
taught by ECSO deputies in an effort to enhance gun safety and provide individuals with high level training for their Constitutional right to carry a firearm. The Sheriff’s Office has come alongside the 4H Shooting Sports program by holding fundraisers and working with the youth of Elbert County to
be safe and responsible when handling firearms. We have and continue to instruct, lead and mentor youth and adults alike when it comes to responsible gun ownership.

I feel that the national conversation has been sidetracked because the debate should not center around removing guns from law-abiding citizens. We all know that if you outlaw guns then only outlaws will have guns. I am not interested in making exceptions to ANY constitutional right. I am
concerned with those suffering with mental health issues that populate our jails and go without meaningful and appropriate aid that provides solutions to the root of the problem. This issue has long been overlooked and I believe would address the source of the problem and not the law abiding, God fearing people that simply choose to embrace their rights as American Citizens.

We know, believe and stand fast on the fact that this great Country was established as a Constitutional Republic. This was because our founding fathers feared a democracy as much as a monarchy and understood that the only entity that could take away their freedom was their own
government. I know that the sovereignty resides with the people and not the government. I am blessed, consider it a great honor, and I am humbled by my position as Sheriff.

As your elected Sheriff and a member of the executive branch of government, I do not determine what laws are constitutional. However, know that I will utilize any and all legal means available to stop the federal government from encroaching on any of our constitutional rights as Americans. Our right to keep and bear arms is absolute!
I'm also proud to have several friends from high school working for the Washington County Sheriff's Department. I actually supported the opposing candidate to the current sheriff, but I think now it was choosing between the better of two greats.
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