Walther P99 9mm On the Short List

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Jul 6, 2010
I'm still in the hunt for another 9mm to add to the collection and have another entry into the race - the Walther P99. Right now my two top contenders are the Glock 19 and Walther P99. I'm familiar with the pros and cons of the G19 as I've posted lots of questions about it here and on other forums. I would be interested in thoughts on the P99 especially from those who own one. I recently aquired a Walther P22 which to my understanding is a scaled down 22lr version of the P99. The P22 is a lot of fun and though I know they may have a spotty reputation, so far mine has worked well.

Anyway, I don't really intend for this to be a Glock vs Walther thread but I certainly wouldn't mind comparisons from those who have experience with both.
I've shot them both, and owned the first generation P99. I paid nearly $800 for it too.

IMO, it is better than the Glock in nearly every way, especially ergonomics and trigger. On mine, the trigger pulled all the way back and broke during about the last 1/16", and was a crisper break than Glock. Ergonomics-wise, this was the pistol that pioneered interchangeable back straps to fit multiple size hands. The fact that it is the Bond Gun is icing on the cake; just kind of a fun bit of trivia.

Now that S&W distributes Walther in the US, they're an even better deal.

Glock wins for aftermarket support and readily available magazines and holsters.
The Walther P99 is a very nice pistol. Accurate and reliable and well made. The DA trigger is OK, not great IMO.

Try a Walther PPQ. It is a refinement of the P99Q used by european law enforcement.

A superb, short, crisp trigger with a distinct reset. Tack driving accuracy. A great psitol which deserves the covers of Gunrags and to be fawned over on the internet gun boards. Seriously, the PPQ is that good. I am well known to despise striker fired plastic guns and I purchased a Walther PPQ. Finest semi auto I've ever shot.

I predict if the Walther PPQ gets any of the attention it should, it will outsell that M&P pistol and actually be a REAL Glock slayer. TJ
Which trigger are you looking at on the P99? The QA trigger is similar to the glock setup, the AS is a traditional DA/SA setup. I put a Wolf 6 lb striker spring for a Glock in my SW99 AS, and it made the DA pull MUCH nicer and gives reliable ignition. This makes the AS my preference, even over my roommate's P99 QA with the same spring.

I know people with Glocks and for my money, the P99 is a much better pistol in terms of ergonomics, natural point of aim, trigger feel, and aesthetics. There's a whole lot more aftermarket support for the Glocks, though.
The Walther p99 is a very very good pistol, it is very popular with LEO's in Europe. The AS trigger takes some getting used to and the QA trigger is not really Glock like but is an attempt to have the same moderately light pull each time.

However like many Walther products it has not caught on here in the states.

Walther sucks at marketing or pushing LEO contracts, they allow S&W to market and import their guns :scrutiny: that would not be my business plan to get ahead.

And Walther tends to struggle at pricing their guns at a competive price point, although the cost of HK's and Sigs suggest its not just price point as to why the gun is a slow seller and not wide spread.

Some P99 prices have creeped down of late but the gun just didn't take off.

OEM Walther P99 9mm high caps have been expensive and hard to find in the not to distant pass, further weakining the guns appeal. You can use SW99 mags which are cheaper but are those falling off the shelves either?

Also there is no comparison to Glock for the amount of factory, aftermarket support and products. Walther basically has none requires more looking for holsters, mags etc...

No gun stores around me (even mighty Shoot Straight) stocks P99's although they do have a couple of the new version the PPQ but they are priced at $700+.

That said I would get a P99 without any concern if that is what I truly wanted.

Both are great guns.

This is a dated review; but much still apllies today. Certainly warranty and Customer Service comes into play and it is why I don't own some handguns today despite their initial appeal.

Much comes down to ergonomics and that is a personal preference. When I started looking for a full size semi-auto a few years ago, I found nothing that fit me better than a P99. Two years later I still hadn't found anything more to my liking so I bought one. P99AS in .40. Since the P99 is relativey light for a full sized gun the .40 version is lively. Were I to do it over again I would probably stick to the 9mm. The AS (anti stress) trigger you need to try and see if it is right for you.
I loaded up on magazines through CDNN Sports and typically the SW99 versions which indeed are interchangable as stated earlier.
Prices have come down on the 99s relative to a few years back.

I have no experience with Glocks or the new PPQ from Walther but I need to check them out.

The last two semi-autos I purchased and they fit me almost as well as the Walther are the S&P M&Ps. I keep them around for utility purposes and I like the S&W warranty.

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How is the parts availability? Last time I checked they were around 800 bucks in the area. With that much dough, that puts it in the sig/hk prices in my area. And I couldn't find a shop that has one in stock either.
Parts availablility is through S&W and is very good. Even though Walther's warranty is only 1 year, S&W's been known to fix P99s much older than that under warranty.

$800 is outragous. Bud's has them for $550 shipped.
$600 is about the going price for a new P99AS (at least that's what I paid for mine locally last year). I've seen PPQs locally for $529, which makes it a temping purchase.

You will not regret buying a P99AS. It is a better pistol than a Glock 19 in just about every respect (better trigger, better ergonomics, better fit & finish, and every bit as tough and reliable).
Buds has the PPQ at $590 in 9mm and .40. Reading some of the reviews on the PPQ if I were in the market for a P99 I think I could be better convinced of the Q.
P99s are in the same price range, more with night sights.

Go to You Tube and see some of the reviews. The trigger is supposedly outstanding. No decock.
I agree with the others. I've had the P99 .40 with the AS trigger for a few years now and the trigger is scary buttery smooth with a nice crisp break. The ergonomics & feel are probably better than any other handgun that I've handled or owned. For me, its the perfect size, not too small or too large, easy and comfortable to conceal carry. Light and accurate, Its had many range trips and rounds down range over the years without any issues, just a reliable good performing handgun. Its been a very underated pistol, not marketed very well here in the US and as a result, it was one of the best kept secrets in the semi auto world for a long time with low sales numbers. S&W being the importer and making their own version on the Walther P99 frame (SW99) obviously didnt help promote the P99 much. I highly recommend.
I have a P99c with a AS trigger. It's been a fantastic pistol. Equal to or better than my glock.
CDNN has the full size and compact in QA trigger for under $500.
Buy one you won't be disappointed.

Just a note, the AS trigger is not exactly the same as a traditional DA/SA. While most seem to like it, myself included, you should really try it, dry firing at least, before making the decision. At the very least, a search should give you a wealth of information on the nature of the AS trigger.

As I have said, I happen to like the AS trigger, but, from a tactical point of view find the QA to be the better pick, at least for me.
I have the P99 AS with ambi slide release and steel sights and there's nothing I don't like in this pistol. I made a review of it if you want to take a look. I shot another 100 rounds last saturday and it is a joy. I shot a Glock 17 side by side with the same ammunition and I can say for sure the P99 has less muzzle flip.
Just to clarify some posts here, it appears that Walther may have discontinued the P99QA when the PPQ (basically just a P99 variant with a new and much more refined semi-cocked Glock-style action) was introduced earlier this year. That's probably a good thing, as all accounts indicate that the PPQ's trigger is MUCH better than the 8.5 lb trigger of a P99QA.

For my money, though, i'd still go with the sublime trigger of the P99AS, which is still available, and for which Walther has no current plans to discontinue.
I have both a first run P99 and a Glock 19. Both are excellent guns, but if I had to choose one I would keep the P99.
P99 AS in 40 cal. was the snappiest 40 I've ever shot, but the trigger was sweet. In 9mm it might be a good pistol. The new PPQ is real nice.

For dirt cheap a used SW99 can be had and it's pretty much a P99. Doesn't say Walther on it though and that means a lot to some people.
Love! My P99 totally underated pistol. Great pointabilty, flawless operation, Walther quality. I don't think you'll be disapointed. Check out waltherforums.com for discussions.
Breacher: I picked up a Walther 990 in .40 and I gotta respectfully disagree, I found it very controllable. But opinions are like a$^&)*)+ ! everyone has one.
Concur on the SW99. I picked up as .40 compact, and it is good to go!
Here's mine. Its an early production p99 9mm w/ split trigger. It shoots great and fits my hand like a glove. But like they said accessories are hard to find.


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The Walther P99 is reliable, dependable, accurate. And the AS trigger configuration is as good as it gets ... for me, at least. Give one a try; you'll become a fast believer.
I'm not sure why everyone says accessories are hard to find for the P99. I have never had trouble finding what I was looking for. Sure, accessories aren't as common as for Glock or 1911, but most of the stores around here have at least one or two holster options for the P99. Also, keep in mind that the second-gen P99s have a standard open rail, which makes finding rail accessories that much easier.

Anyway, if you can't find what you're looking for locally, the internet has everything you can imagine, and S&W does a good job of stocking component parts.
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