Walther P99 or CZ 75 01?

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Jun 21, 2005
I had a Glock 22 for several years, and while I liked it, it just never really fit comfortably in my hand. My daughter enjoyed shooting it, but she has smaller hands than I do. Since I'll be giving her this handgun sooner or later, I'd rather she have something that fits a little better. I sold the Glock a couple of weeks ago and have been looking for something else. Don't really care if it's a .40 or a 9mm. A friend gave me 2 to try. A Walther P99 in 9mm and a CZ75 P-07. They both feel quite good in my hand. My daughter would pick one up and say she liked it the best. Then she'd pick up the other....same thing. Now, I'm not saying I'm going to buy one of these. Just looking yet. I'll probably take them both out tomorrow and shoot them. Does either one stand out for some reason? Or, any real negatives? It will take a little getting used to the DA. I had the Glock and I've got 2 compact 1911 .45's, so that's a little bit of a difference. But, both seem like decent pistols. Any comments on one or the other? Thanks. Greg

EDIT: OK, my screwup!! The CZ is a P-07! I googled the CZ's, got overloaded on model #'s and typed in the wrong number when I posted the question. Can't edit the title so hopefully everyone will pick up the right model in the body now. I know, big difference! My apologies!
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The Walther P99 AS is a great weapon. It is a DA/SA. Walther does make a pistol very similar in ergonomics to the P99 but with a Glock like trigger. It is the Walther PPQ.
The Walther P99 AS or PPQ. The Walther PPQ is more Glock like in constant trigger type but a much better trigger, grip, and ergos. The Walthers, unlike the CZ, also has three backstraps to best customize the grip to the user. The Walther PPQ is a minor redesign on the Walther P99.

Having tried CZs I own a Walther PPQ and prefer it much more, shoot it much better, and it goes with me to the range every time along with one of my SIG P226s. The trigger on the Walther P99 AS and PPQ are incredible in trigger quality and short reset.

Read reviews of the Walther PPQ here - http://www.budsgunshop.com/catalog/product_info.php/products_id/72065

As always it is best for an individual to try and fire both side by side and then make a decision.

I also recommend 9MM.

Good luck!!
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I had a P99 in .40 several years ago, my favorite thing about it was just how cool it looked !! But, I have a freind with the CZ, and I absolutely love that pistol. If it was me, I'd go with the CZ ( in 9mil.).
Interchangeable backstraps are oftentimes better than nothing at all, but they're not nearly as versatile as interchangeable grips like you'll find on the CZ. That's hardly a selling point in my opinion, when comparing it to a gun with a whole host of interchangeable grips with different thicknesses, textures, etc. The Walther will have a good trigger out of the box, perhaps even a better trigger out of the box, but I think the CZ has much more potential when it comes to a nice trigger. If you let a good smith work on your P-01, you'll have a superb trigger and it'll be worth every penny.

I'd try to avoid deciding based on looks, but personally I find the P99 and PPQ to be very ugly guns. Give me a Glock 19 any day in the aesthetics comparison.

If at all possible, try and shoot (or at least handle) both, and if possible, get your hands on a tuned CZ and shoot it. It'd be a much harder decision for me if we were talking factory stock guns, but given the option to have some work done on the CZ, I'd definitely vote for the P-01.
Tough one as I haven't tried the Walther. I will say my P01 has impressed me immensely, but it needed a couple tweaks first.

15# hammer spring, fiber front sight and MecGar mags.
The CZ P01 has a NATO certification that few companies have attempted to attain. It is an excellent defense pistol and when you decock the intercept notch holds the hammer at half-cock making that first DA shot very short ans sweet, once broken in. ;)
CZ's have a hammer cam, have long resets, have a far reach for double action, have a less than clean break...

But sure. consider one next to a P99 that has none of that.:D
It's easy to spot the poster that's never fired a tuned CZ. ;)

As for the reach, it depends on the size of your hands as to whether that's a problem. Personally, I can loop my finger well through the trigger even on the DA pull. If you need a shorter reach, there are parts that can be installed to remedy that. As for camming and a crisp break, it varies pretty widely in the factory guns. That said, the optional competition/race hammers dramatically transform the trigger and you can achieve a very crisp break and no camming whatsoever with the proper setup.

That said, that work does cost a bit of money. For my money, it's easily worth it, as a few hundred bucks in parts/work will produce an incredible gun. But, for someone that doesn't want to spend any more on the gun than the factory sticker price, then it's probably not an option.
The CZ 75's are all full size guns 4.72 inch barrels, the PPQ and P99 are 4 inch guns. The CZ's are all metal while the PPq & P99 are part plastic and lighter, but there will be less felt recoil with the CZ's.

Since it is for your daughter (Ya) I would recommend the CZ75 P-01 it is 3.8 inches (barrel) with a smaller hand grip than the full size and very accurate.



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"never fired a well tuned CZ"

Yeah. Cause it takes a lot of money to get there if one follows CZ's Custom Shop pricing.

I would argue at 4.5lbs, little trigger travel, and a .1 inch reset there is absolutely nothing to improve upon the P99 AS trigger...do you?
If you're suggesting that the Walther P99/PPQ is a gun that has the perfect trigger that can never be improved upon, I guess I'll go ahead and say I don't agree. They are quite nice, particularly for factory guns at that price point, but let's not exaggerate the point. If you haven't felt a better trigger, you just haven't shot enough nice guns. :p
At the price point of a finely tuned CZ, I'm no longer looking at CZ's... :)

Stock for stock, Walther wins handily on trigger.
I have a P99AS in 9mm and a CZ-75 (not the same model, I know, but I do have some CZ experience); both are great shooters.

The P99 feels better in my hand (ergonomics-wise), yet I tend to shoot better (tighter groups) with the CZ during slow-fire. Rapid fire, I shoot better with the P99. Obviously, YMMV in that regard.

The P99 takes down easier for cleaning, and goes back together just as easily.

The P99 is slightly lighter, the CZ is slightly smaller, and both could be a decent concealed carry gun (not sure of that's a current or future consideration for you or your daughter, since no age was given in the OP). so that's a "wash."

The P99 had an excellent rep (which I will endorse) for a very good out-of-the-box trigger. Someone up-thread mentioned that you could do this, that, or some other thing to your CZ to improve the trigger; probably won't be necessary for the P99.

Then again, I thought my CZ-75's trigger was just fine (quite good, actually) out-of-box, even if it wasn't quite as good as my P99's.

Since I've never handled or fired a P-01, I can't really comment on it vis-a-vis a Walther P99, but CZ makes good stuff, so I wouldn't be surprised if it's a good quality gun out-of-box.

I think it will boil down to the ergos and weight; one will fit/feel/shoot better than the other for you or your daughter, and that's the one you should go with.
"never fired a well tuned CZ"

Yeah. Cause it takes a lot of money to get there if one follows CZ's Custom Shop pricing.

If you need to improve the trigger, which not all CZ's need, Cajun Gun Works makes drop in parts that a person can do themselves if they are have any mechanical abilities. These parts will improve what they are intended for.
My stock CZ-75D PCR (similar to the P-01 without a rail) has a crisp, light trigger with know camming or creep. You don't need to spend a lot of money to get a good trigger on a CZ. A little break in is all they need.

Nothing wrong with the Walther though. Just a little ugly, and more ho hum polymer of the week.
*looks only*

Eye of the beholder...but for looks? P99 is endorsed by James Bond-the connoisseur of class, Underworld's naughty-hotty vampire. The CZ? Don't recall it being used for looks anywhere but in pictures of older gentlemen who happen to own a CZ :D
On looks, I don't think he's the first to suggest the Walther PPQ is a bit fugly. It turned up in a worst looking autoloaders thread not long ago with several endorsements. Personally, I much prefer the look of a Glock 19 to the PPQ, and the CZ over both. Good guns, and I wouldn't buy based on aesthetics, but looks are not something they have going for them.

As far as price point, it just comes down to your budget. A CZ with some basic custom work is about the same price as a basic NIB Sig, so it's not like we're talking astronomical prices. If you go with something that's more of a semi-custom firearm like a Pro-Tek, then sure you pay a bit extra. That said, if you've ever handled a Pro-Tek before, it definitely stands a notch above your average factory gun. Whether that's worth the extra $$$ just depends on your tastes and your budget.
Don't know. Having some comparison moments here.

The CZ is metal? some have noted it has recoil equal to the P99. P99 is lighter.
No one has claimed the CZ trigger is better.
No one has denied that the CZ trigger reach is one of the more aggressive of all manufactures
Walther uses Teffiner treatment to its carbon steel slides, a better treatment than CZ (though the top "black" is up for debate)
Euro HK mag release on P99 (Plus)
No internal slide, though they both have equal "bore axis" to hand positions.

Oh well :)
EDIT: OK, my screwup!! The CZ is a P-07! I googled the CZ's, got overloaded on model #'s and typed in the wrong number when I posted the question. Can't edit the title so hopefully everyone will pick up the right model in the body now. I know, big difference! My apologies!

I still recommend either the Walther P99 AS or PPQ. Another pistol to check out in that price range is the SIG SP2022. Again try out whatever you are considering and base your decision on what works best for you.

Good luck!

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