Walther P99 or CZ 75 01?

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Hmm. Last time I checked the current 'James Bond' stated he was anti-firearm.

He sure doesn't mind making money using them, though.

On top of that, in Quantum of Solace he went back to the PPK and from the ads I've seen for Skyfall he is still using the PPK. So much for the vaunted SIS "Q" branch. ;)
from the ads I've seen for Skyfall he is still using the PPK

It's not really a bad little gun for short range. If you will note the movies do not follow the chronology of the books. But then again some of the movies were never Flemming books to start with. There have been 23 films and only 12 novels by Flemming.

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The movies are just telling stories, and quit doing it "by the book" long ago. For what it's worth, the new Bond (Craig) was placed in his first movie based on the first Bond book by Fleming. An earlier "Casino Royale" movie was a foolish flop that wasn't even based on the book; they just stole the title and made some comic farce. When they started a new actor this time, they went back to the beginning, as if you were seeing Bond for the first time, in the first of Fleming's stories. They didn't go strictly by the book again, and gave him a P99 in that one. now we are seeing a return to the PPK, and there is nothing wrong with that. A smaller, more discreet weapon, that fills the bill of a close range assassination type weapon, and one that our CIA is alleged to have preferred after WWII for clandestine use.
PCR Lightweight Alloy Framed



(Different CZ wooden grips. Stock pistol comes with CZ rubber grips)

P-07 Polymer Framed

screen shots from SkyFall show Bond with a P99.

Now do you think any movie will have the above CZ 07 in it?

Sigma looks better in comparison..
The CZ P01 is a fine pistol by all measures, but it honestly isn't in the same league as the P99AS in my opinion.

I find the fit & finish, ergonomics, and trigger feel of the P99 to be superior. The Tenifer slide treatment/finish is a vast improvement over the "painted-on" finish that CZ uses.
I'm a big fan of Walther. The PPQ is my favorite pistol on the market, hands down. CZs and EAA Witnesses are also on my 'favorites' list, though. Either way, you're getting a great shooter, with great ergonomics.

As far as looks go, I think the PPQ is beautiful. It looks the way I would imagine a BMW pistol would look. Smooth tapers and sharp creases on the same surfaces... Purpose driven design... A "driver's" pistol. The Ultimate Shooting Machine :)
If I intended to carry it then I would opt for the Walther P99. I shoot a S&W99, Walther P99QA and CZ-75 - all three extremely reliable. They all fit my hand well but for concealed carry I prefer a pistol without any external hammers or safeties.
I own both an early P99 (back before all the variants) and a CZ85 (again, an early one, I think it is referred to as a pre-B now).

These guns are about as different as two 9mm autos can get.

The P99 has a Polymer Frame & is striker fired, the CZ is all steel and hammer fired. Both guns are reliable and have good combat accuracy. Trigger pull is very different - the CZ is a little sloppy and the P99 makes a weird sproing sound.

Both guns should provide excellent reliability and durability. The P99 is better for carry due to weight, but the CZ is better on follow up shots (again due to weight), but neither one very snappy (it is a 9mm after all).

If you can't decide your preference between these 2, you probably don't want to look at all the other great 9mm guns out there.
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