WASR failure to feed

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Oct 22, 2008
Hi everyone. I bought this wasr 10 yesterday from a guy at work, no more than 100 rounds through it. Took it out today and failure to feed is a big problem with this thing. I'm using Wolf hollow points. This happens with all mags. The tip of the bullets are stopping against the very edge of the chamber. It looks like a pointy FMJ would feed more reliably. There is not much of a bevel on the edge of chamber for shell to feed into. Any suggestions how or what to do? Could I widen the bevel around the lower half of chamber opening with a dremel and polish, creating more of a feed ramp? I have several guns but this is my first AK style weapon.Thanks for any input.
The hollow points are know to cause feed problems in some AK's.
The AK was designed for full metal jacket ammo, so this isn't a design flaw.

My suggestion is to forget the hollow points and buy FMJ.
If you just insist on trying to make it do something it wasn't designed to do, you can break the edge of the chamber JUST A LITTLE.
Note that if you remove much metal at all you'll weaken case support and you could get blown cases and a ruined rifle, not to mention a ruined FACE.
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