What are your favorites??

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I like them all, I couldn't possibly narrow it down to 3;
CZ 75B
STI Trojan 9mm
HK P30
Gen3 Glock 17
Sig P228
Sig P225

I'd like to add a Sig M11A1 in the near future
CZ 75 BD hands down,
Sig M11 A1 D
Sig P226 Blackwater

Most of my other pistols are revolvers and other chamberings. CCW is usually .357sig.
I only own three these days.
Full sized duty pistol; CZ85B
Bed-side; Ruger SR9C - as easy to shoot well as the CZ and I can mount a light on it.
Carry; Sig P938 - very accurate for its size, slips in and out of my pocket easily, and eats anything I feed it.
I have only the three:

Ruger P89DC (my first pistol I purchased, happy to see this one also listed on several posts here!)
Beretta 92fs
Ruger LC9s pro

Would really like to add a HK P7 and/or a CZ 75B someday.
Favorites that I own:
Sig P226
CZ75B Compact
Walther PPQ

9mm wishlist:
Browning Hi Power
EAA Witness Match (on the fence between 9mm/.45)
Only have two at the moment. And I've ditched the polymer for the time being and really enjoying the S&W 3rd Gen single stack pistols.

My new favs are a Smith 908s and a less than pristine but wonderfully functioning Smith 909. Just something about all metal pistols! And the single stack grip just fits my hand perfectly.

Next on my list to acquire might be a Rock Island Tactical in 9mm.
I only own two

1) Compact CZ 75D PCR 14+1
2) Bersa BP9CC 8+1

Sure like 'em both! Carry them both too
I usually carry a Colt Commander in .45 but do have a Kahr P9 I carry at times in an ankle holster. With 9mm it is fun to shoot a Luger. Sort of near where it all began. Then I have SA Range Officer in 9mm. It is interesting to shoot 9mm in a 5 inch all steel 1911.
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