What Companies Cover Wear and Tear?

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Mar 1, 2016
Just out of pure curiosity, what firearm companies cover normal wear and tear as part of their warranties; for example, a cracked frame or slide that's been completely worn out from shooting 300k rounds, or something like that? I'm curious to know specifically Glock, Ruger, Sig, Kahr, and Smith and Wesson. Although Taurus, Beretta, and CZ would also be good to know. Ive heard completely mixed things so if anyone has any personal experience that would be great.
Like Earl said, if you can prove you actually put 300k rounds through a pistol, most any company would give you a choice on another. And want you for a few media pieces as well, so dress nice.;)

Shoot, Ruger doesn’t even have a warranty and they will fix anything, most times without a bill, even if you did it, even if you aren’t the first owner. So if you straight wore out a pistol, I think they would love to hear about it. I imagine most other companies to be the same.

Except H&K, you will have done it wrong, and they still don’t like you. You should feel blessed to pay MSRP and that they let you purchase another.:D
Dillon does have a lifetime no BS warranty and has refurbished/replaced presses that have even been involved in house fires etc.

I have been a customer of theirs for more than 30 years and they told me 120k was the end of life for my .223 carbide die. So I guess it doesn’t include them.

RCBS, Lee are two others that have great press warranties and have yet to charge me for replacement parts.

It does make for fantastic resale though. My 30+ year old Dillon’s would sell today for 3-4 times what they cost me new. That’s because the warranty is the same today as it was back then. Lifetime and not my lifetime but the presses, for whoever owns them after I am dirt again.
Glock doesnt specifically cover wear and tear, and they only have a 1 year warranty, but they will take care of you. I broke a rail on my one 17 at around 150K, and when I called them, they said to send it in and we'll look at it. A little over a week later, it was back, with a new frame, and the rest of the gun rebuilt with new parts. The only original parts left now, are the slide and barrel.

All it cost me was $25 to send it down to them.
Ruger & glock have been awesome for anything I've ever asked for and I doubt either would give you a hard time getting a gun replaced that's been worn out but I don't know. It would costs tens of thousands of dollars in ammo to wear out a gun, the firearms cost is a drop in the bucket, all that considered if you afford to shoot it enough to kill it you can afford a new gun.

I have heard hipoint doesn't ask any questions and will replace anything forever for free.

Beyond that, no.
Also possible research data on how well they hold up in real world usage.

S&W repaired my M22 three times, each after about 70K rounds, paying the shipping each way. The fourth time they declared it couldn't be repaired and offered me my choice of their new Victory models, and sent it to me free. My M22 was subject to a recall shortly after I took it home so they actually had it back five times. I thing they really got things right with the Victory series, although with the run up in .22 ammo prices I'm no where near 70K rounds through it, I think its a much better pistol.
I lost a slide rail on a Glock 17at 100k+ rounds of NATO 9mm. I had shortened the frame and checkered it with a soldering iron. Glock replaced the frame and rebuilt the entire pistol free of charge, to include new night sights. 1 week turnaround. Ruger and Savage both replaced faulty magazines and didn't even ask for he bad magazine back. Ruger also sent me free parts (grip screws) to a MK1 22 pistol that I had accidentally thrown away like an idiot. So there's 3 examples of great customer service, and 1 time they just felt sorry for me.
The number of firearms that are literally worn out from high round count is statistically so low that most manufacturers will likely repair or replace such a firearm for a nominal fee if not for free.

As mentioned, Ruger doesn't even legally warranty their firearms, but for all intents and purposes they have some of the best customer service and repair/replacement policies in the industry.
Walther did me well. I had a muzzle break on my PPX. It wouldn't cycle. They sent me a new recoil spring free. But on the flip side. I needed a new slide stop for one of my Colt rail guns made by Walther and they charged me. Sometimes it depends on who you talk to i guess. And yes Hi-point would count too. They have excelent C.S.
Depends on what you mean by wear and tear, and it also depends on what components are involved. If you go to an outdoor Glock GSSF match, the match armorer will go over your gun and replace any parts (with some exceptions) that need it--even if it's just normal wear and tear. They won't give you a new frame, slide, or barrel because your old one wore out. Springs or most other small parts? No problem.

I think most companies will do something along those lines if you send them your gun. It's good business/advertising and doesn't really cost them that much. On the other hand, if they see "wear and tear" that they believe is due to abuse--then they will probably call you and see if you want to pay to have your gun fixed.
While I think the focus is on guns absolutely yes on Dillon. A friend removed his unloaded .380 ACP from his safe. He promptly shot and killed his Dillon scale. Funny how unloaded guns do that. So he is all embarrassed about it and I told him, send the scale to Dillon. He initially was no. I told him then give me the scale, I am not that proud, I'll send it to Dillon. Worst case a bunch of people I don't know will figure I was dumb enough to shoot my scale. Hell, I get a new Dillon scale. :) He decided to send his dead scale to Dillon and sure as God made little green apples Dillon sent him a new replacement scale. All within a few weeks.

A Dillon rep on Benos told me of the improved shellplate advance that would not shake powder out of the shells on my S1050, "Just call in."

I did and the phone rep said it would be $71. I said no, thanks.
I called again and got my www correspondent who sent one out at no charge.
My guess would be hi point. But if you can afford to burn through enough ammo to wear one out then you probably can afford much nicer firearms.
I live about an hour from Glocks Smyrna headquarters. Several years ago I carried several pistols down there to have night sights installed. Cost at the time for the night sights was $60 each. I dropped them off around 9 AM and was told to come back around 2PM to pick them up. While they had the guns they disassembled and inspected each of them and replaced any worn parts at no extra cost. They test fired and cleaned them before I picked them up. They told me they would do at any time, for any Glock pistol.

I don't know if they will still let you drive up and drop them off in person anymore. I also live about an hour and a half from Bergara in Lawrenceville. I called about dropping off a rifle to be looked at and they told me that it had to be shipped.
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