What do have waiting for you in the reloading room?

Got caught up with work stuff and now this trip out west - ironically into the cone of a hurricane - so I didn’t work up Makarov loads using the Lehigh penetrators, I didn’t load up five rounds of .44Spl wadcutters for my Taurus, and I didn’t decap the four boxes of .38Spl brass I tumbled three months ago.
I have a lot waiting for me. 🤨
I have a three pound coffee can nearly overflowing with loaded ammo I've found at the range. I need to pull the bullets, dump the powder and remove the primers. The large primers will get tossed. I use the small primers for target practice in my 357. I drop my favorite BE86 charge a few tenths of a grain using a 158 grain bullet I cast.
Orrrrrrrr,,,,,,, I could procrastinate, I DO have two more empty coffee cans.
I gone back to picking up 223 cases again, and I had 1/3 of a bucket. I've given it an initial wash and sort. Keeping LC, Hornady, and the single piece of RP. The LC is for the mini 14, and the others are for my bolt. I need to fully prep the rkeepers but I'll be leaving that for another day maybe. I've also been mining at the local range. I'm building up some scrap to process. Only have 1.25 gallons so far, but I'm process improving...
I have 50 prepped 9mm cases. And a new powder thrower hopper from dramworx I’m dying to try out…. But I was a responsible adult and worked on my bathroom project… oh I’d so rather be reloading…


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I have been neglecting reloading the last few months. I have quite a bit of brass to process and reloading waiting for me. The only thing I am ahead of the game with is casting, I have plenty of bullets to last me quite a while, which is good because I am about out of processed lead and have around 400 lbs of range lead that I need to melt down.
I've got a countless number of 5.56/.223 brass that needs to be processed and loaded. I have some 7.62x54R sized, trimmed, and primed. I actually have quite a bit that needs to be done, but my reloading room is the garage, and the AZ heat has been brutal, so I'm waiting for it to cool back down to tolerable temperatures.
Way to much case prep to do for...
22-250 Rem
264 Win Mag
7 Rem Mag
270 WSM
280 Rem
And 30-06 Spr.

When I first got into reloading case prep was new and interesting..... Not so much now.....
I need to just prep whatever I fire within a week of firing but......
My 9mm brass is still waiting. So is my powder thrower. Doing the responsible thing ain’t fun… I also have the rest of a 308!test ladder to pull… and some 178 eldx to load for hunting season…
At least the floor is about done…


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