What is a good Milled AK?

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Aug 10, 2008
Most milled AK-47 rifles are well over $800 dollars from my knowledge. Anyone know of a place where they have one for $500 or less? I don't care if its used, I can always replace the barrel (a Milled receiver should be good forever).
A stamped receiver should be good forever, too.

Just look at all those 48+ year old AKMs still going strong around the world. . . .

//Yes, I'm on my "Don't drink the Bulgarian milled-ak Kool-aid" kick again//
Yugo M70AB2 is kind of the standard for quality, affordable, milled AKs. That being said, I don't think you'll be able to find one for under $600.

THAT being said, full-auto AKs with STAMPED receivers have been filled with sand, spewing crappy rounds into the air in the middle east for decades. Apparently they didn't get the memo that they were supposed to fall apart about 20 years ago.
Milled AKs don't come at $500. To my recollection they never did.

Regardless, I have personally seen cheap 1mm RomAKs run the same number of rounds of expensive milled AKs so I'm not sure why it would matter for most shooters. If you're concerned, get a 1.5 or 1.6 mm receiver gun.
The milled receiver bumps up cost due to increased materials and labor. +1 on what hso said about them just not being out there.

I'm not sure what the milled receiver really brings to the design except weight. Milled receivers only ever existed because Soviet industry in the late 40s and early 50s couldn't produce the stamped receivers the original design called for to spec. Once their manufacturing capabilities caught up with the original AK design, milled receivers went away in the USSR (though some other nations also built them along the way, or still build them in the case of the Bulgarians).
I own and shoot both on a regular basis. I've put at least 10k rounds thru both over the years, both are truck/ fun guns and have taken significant abuse and misuse. Both still fire fine and have never failed to kill what I was shooting at (at least when I hit it that is). I'd save the extra money and just buy stamped. I have a polytech and a norinco both for my purposes are just the same, only the polytech cost me three times as much.
I have only one AK now, a Bulgarian SA93. It has a milled receiver. This is by far the most accurate AK I have ever played with. I don't k now if the milled receiver has anything to do with that, but I am not selling this one.
It sure has nasty looking furniture though. :eek:
I traded a double stack magazine Makarov for it. Bought the Makarov for $85, so that is what I have invested in this SA93.
I have a milled arsenal. If you carry one around you'll get a little stronger since they weigh more than the stamped models. That's the difference I've noted.
It is possible that the heavier weight will reduce recoil and get you back on target faster. I have a Bulgarian as well as a polish underfolder, and I would say that the Bulgarian is more accurate (for whatever that is worth!). I think the accuracy is more due to the barrel than the manufacturing process of the receiver. Just my 2 cents worth of experience.
Milled AKs don't come at $500. To my recollection they never did.
Once upon a time...

I bought my initial Bulgarian SA93 for about $270 NIB about 12-13 years ago. The second one I bought used for $350 but that was a couple of years later.

Frankly I like the stamped receiver SA85 Hungarian AKs better than the Bulgarians--but they go for about the same price. ...assuming you can find either rifle for sale.
I also bought an SA-93 in 1996 $269.00 While I still have that ugly thumbhole stock in it's box, I converted it to pistol grip years ago.

In 2000 I bought one more Arsenal SLR100-H built by Gordon Tech it was right at $500.00 It was probably the last of the $500.00 Milled AK's


MAK90 is stamped. I believe all Norinco's may be stamped. Polytech (Which I believe is also Chinese) produced a milled AK variant.
MAK90 is stamped. I believe all Norinco's may be stamped. Polytech (Which I believe is also Chinese) produced a milled AK variant.

Nope. Many MAK90s were made and imported with milled receivers, and some looking around might uncover an example or two for sale around $500. MAKs are well-built AKs and serve as great platforms for conversion from thumbhole stock to standard stock configuration, but then of course the requisite 922r parts spoil what is otherwise a characteristically excellent trigger.

I'd say a milled MAK90 is about the only milled AK you're likely to find these days for $500 (I saw an Arsenal SA-M7 for sale at a gunstore this week for $1200:scrutiny:!)


The yugo m70ab2 is stamped (as noted above) but the reciever is thicker than the other stamped AK's.

Mak90's can either be stamped or milled (as stated above) but the price for a milled Mak is not cheap.

I have one milled Arsenal and one stamped Arsenal - I enjoy them both equally.

Lancaster sells milled ak's and they have a life-time warranty: http://www.lancasterarms.com/New Standard Gun Page.html

You may also want to consider a VZ-58 if your looking to go with a milled AK "type" rifle...

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