What is the last gun that you bought?

I picked up a new Ruger American Predator in 223. It uses AR15 mags. Its an 8 twist barrel, so I will be curious how it shoots 40 and 55 gr bullets. I found a leupold 3-9×40 in the back of the safe and mounted it up.
^ That's a good one. Mine also came with the waistband clip, but I took it off. Am rethinking that decision now as I had an IWB holster that if fell out of when I bent over so the clip is probably a better idea. Nice you got a black slide. Mine has a silver slide.
G43X, which was about two years ago.

Trying to currently find a G17 Gen 5 MOS in Battlefield Green (already asked my favorite FFL to find and order for me), and on my buy right now list is a Colt marked Astra made Cub, or even the Astra made & marked version.

I still want a 1911 in 9x19 but it's on the backburner and I've been very happy where I am currently at, so I stopped trying to chase the next greatest thing or just to fill up my safe.
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If you get one of reasonable quality you will wonder how you've made it this far through life without one.
I keep hearing that I should give Ruger 1911's in 9 a shot, but in my mind I would at least like to have a modern option like a light rail. I can live without an optics plate option but no light for possible nightstand use makes me a sad panda.
Well, I just turned in my 4473's and A&D books to ATF. It was a good 12 year run, but I am a free man now and can travel. Before retiring from the gun trade I decided to acquire any firearms that I might need. The list is relatively short. The Mrs. wanted a snubby for the nightstand so she is the proud owner of a 38 spl Charter Arms and a Ruger LCP 22. I landed up with a Bergara 22, Ruger 10/22 Sporter and a 12ga Legacy Pointer. Needed a 12ga O/U and this one was a bargain. Might not keep it, but we will see. Then there was a gun that I had bought for speculation. A Colt 1911/22. It might go to the next gun show. Cashed in on some scopes too. Now have a couple of Leupold VX-3D's and Vortex Diamondbacks. I'm fixed.