What's the dumbest thing you ever did with a gun ?

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Mar 24, 2009
Neshannock, Pa.
When i was kid, 'round 8 er 10.
Some one in our group o' 5 er so freinds come up with a starter pistol.
WElll, someone had the bright idea, probably me, to dril it out and make a 'real' gun out of it.
So, we got us a drill, drilled out the Bbl and confidently loaded er up with 5 .22 LR's
After one of us worked up the nerve to try it out, it did not go off.
Soooo, of course confidence levels soared. Mmm..or was it stupidity soared :confused: lol
Anywho, we carried that thing around for weeks takin turns jist walkin around pullin the trigger. We aimed that thing at everything, and everyone we encountered and jist a kept pullin that trigger.
( Who payed attention to a kid with a 'toy' gun in the early sixties? )
One night, a big ole bread truck drove by and of course it imediately became a target of opportunity.
Can't recall who had in thier posession at the time but i recall that on the 2nd trigger pull that thing finaly went off.
Or should i say, it finaly exploded :what:
Luckily it did explode into a jillion pieces and none of them, or the bullet hit that truck or the driver sittin in the open door.
The driver , nor anyone else was the wiser.
'magine somethin like that in today's world. :eek:
I did pay big time for it tho in the long run.
My best buddy, my dog that grew up with me was hit and killed later that night by a car whle chasin a rabbit 'cross that very same road.:(
When I was a kid (around 12yrs old) me and my best friend found a pellet rifle in my garage that the stock had broken off, and we proceeded to learn that not only did it still function, but it was DARN accurate - Plenty accurate enough to put out every single back porch light that was visible from the roof of my garage, not to mention several screen door windows.

The whoopin I got wasn't even a little bad compared to how I felt as I went around the neighborhood handing out replacement lightbulbs, nor was it as bad as handing over the proceeds from selling my brand new bicycle and original NES with 30 games in order to replace the neighbor's screen door glass.
I've sold a couple through the years and have found that I've kicked myself hard for doing that -- even with the guns I thought I could do without.
This wasn't me, it was my friend. This is the friend we paid $25 to use tobasco sauce as an eyedrop. And who, on a whim (not even a dare, it was his idea) to see what the stuff inside canned air feels like (when you turn it upside down and spray the cold stuff), sprayed his tongue. Not the back of the hand like your usual moron, mind you, but his tongue. He was a special class of special.

Anyway, to the gun story. He was out in my back yard with my BB gun, shooting at cans where we'd set up a shooting gallery with my old headboard. He sees up on the deck (right next to the window) a can of what looks like an aerosol can. What happens when you shoot those in video games? They blow up! What do teenagers like to do? Blow stuff up! So he takes aim, and fires. Luckily, he missed the window, and actually hit the can. Unfortunately, it wasn't an aerosol can...it was a can of caulking, which was now all over our outside wall.
One of the stupidist things I have done was with my ML. I was on the rifle range at our club and was reloading when someone came by to ask questions about the club because he was thinking about joining. We had a nice little conversation and he went on his way. I had just changed to a heavier bullet and expected a slightly bigger kick. I took aim and BOOM! I expected a little kick but that was ridiculous. I caught a serious case of scope-eye. Anyway, I was getting ready to reload again when I realized my ram rod was nowhere to be found... I expect little pieces of it are still scattered around that range. Lesson learned. DONT be destracted while loading your ML!
Borrowed my dad's old Browning humpback 20 ga. to sneak out on a dove hunt with my buddies. After getting a limit and standing around the tailgate admiring our good luck I decided to get home quick. After about 3 miles down a gravel road I remembered where I had left his shotgun. That old Browning wasn't the only thing that had a case of road rash for a few weeks. Dad is 81 now and still will not let me near that shotgun.
As an 11 year old I shot a blackbird off of a powerline with an sks. Severed the line and killed the bird. :eek:
Someone I know quite well was shooting at the range her second or third time. She made a perfect shot to the connector bracket holding the paper target frame to the send/ return cable. Her zombie target and the metal frame hit the floor, the cable lost tension and unwound in slomo, and everybody had a good laugh.

Personally speaking, my stupidest trick was trying to cc my new Sig 2022 in the small of my back (for the first time) at a convention and being completely uncomfortable.
+1 for 'sold one'.

I think highly of parents (and grandparents) teaching their children to shoot; I think part of the reason for that is to encourage not only skill with but respect for the gun. I think most of the posters in these forums are mature and responsible enough to look back and wish their parents (and the neighbor kid's parents) had taken more trouble to teach them the difference early on. Mine didn't, and despite that, as well as being allowed to play with power tools, riding in the cargo end of station wagons as a toddler, riding bikes wth no helmet, etc., I lived to adulthood (by the grace of God and sheer dumb luck). Our kids deserve better.
Both of my kids were made to see an animal shot before being allowed to shoot. I am aware some people will consider this 'abuse' of some sort, espec. the type that don't want children to learn to shoot anyway; but MY kids have made it into their teens without mishap in part because they know what bullet wounds look like - pain, blood, noise, and the certain knowledge that the damage cannot be undone and that death is violent, final, but not always quick. There is a huge difference between stupid fear of guns and fear of stupidity with guns.
Before going to the range one day I pulled out my PJK-9HP with the thought that I hadn't shot it for a while. I was trying to decide if I should take it with me and I racked the slide and pulled the trigger. BOOOOM. OH yeah, I had a loaded mag in it. Smart. Luckily I shot the interior of my safe and not my new water heater right next to it. I even managed to miss hitting any of my other weapons. At least stupid didn't hurt this time.
Count me in on "Sold One" I have sold one too many and regretted doing so every time. Most notably a 1991A1 and a FM90 Argentine HP. of the ones I have sold those two still bug me.
As an 11yr old kid learning to trapshoot, I unknowingly had my finger pressed down on the trigger of a Winchester Model 12, and when I chambered a shell, it discharged a big, smoking hole into the grass about 3' in front of me. Fortunately I was standing at station 5, and nobody was hurt, and the other shooters were pretty cool about my mistake.

I, too, regret trading my 1991A1.. :banghead:
Took a shot at a coyote in my field, without noticing it was walking in front of my neighbor's irrigation pipe, which was in use at the time. :eek:


He shut the pump off, and I repaired the pipe, and everyone was happy. I have great neighbors, who also think I'm a wizard with PVC. This was at least ten years ago, and the pipe is still in use. Ten inch gated pipe, if it matters.
10 yrs. old, "Playing" with my dads Marlin 30-30 - just loved racking that lever gun - till my finger caught the trigger and put one thru the door jam and the side of the house. Thank god no one got hurt--by the bullet. I can't exactly say no one got hurt. I couldn't sit right for a week!
I have a nice scar above my eyebrow. My first time trying to shoot my .308 prone and I didn't have it securely against my shoulder. oops. I didn't even realize it until i tasted the blood dripping down my face.
Nothing major here. I did manage to fire a 9x19 round in a .40 gun without realizing. That case sure did balloon.
So far so good but I still have a few years to go so I might do something real dumb yet. I was pretty careful with firearms in my childhood I just hope I keep my wits in my geezerhood.
I loaned a gun to a friend who shot himself with it...

It's something I still think about a lot.

Dont let it weigh on you friend. I have posted about it here, but i helped my best friend get into handguns, helped him get his first one, and taught him to reload. We were shooting buddies for a long time, friends since jr high. He took his life with that gun. It put me in a two year funk, no joke. It was like losing my best friend, brother, all of it in one. I now have the pistol he used, the police released it to his parents and they gave it to me. I shoot it every so often, just to feel close to him again. I miss him a lot to this, day, no I love him still, its all I have to keep a memory.

Get out and shoot, and remember your friend didnt do it to hurt you, dont let it.
Fired a three shot group through my .25-06 '03 Springfield. When the group was over three inches in measurement, plus six inches low: I took a close look at my gear and gound I had just fired three rounds of .260 Rem. through my .25-06. .264 bullets down a .257 barrel. It makes one think.

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