What's the most accurate handgun you've fired?

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S&W Model 41 in .22lr. A close second would be my S&W model 64 in .38 special loaded with 148 grain hollow base wad cutters.
Believe it or not, it's my Ruger Old Army. From rest I can hit a 2" square almost evert shot at 25 yds. and I oten refer to it as my short squirrel rifle as head shots on the tree rats are not uncommon at 20 yds.
These responses are great! Thank you all for your input. So many revolvers; being fired SA, I assume. That's a great list.
Rockhopper, I love my stock 1991A1, but it's certainly not the best shooter; your post inspired me, maybe I'll try to tighten it up.
S&W 4" Model 65 at 15 yards shooting .357 magnum Prvi Partizan PPU 158 grain SJHP in double action. Second place is a New Model Ruger Blackhawk 4 5/8" convertible .45 Colt single action shooting 200 grain RNFP reloaded with 5.0 grains Bullseye or Titegroup.
A S&W k frame that was converted to a race revolver back in the 70's. it had a lot of work done to it and man was it nice.

As for a factory gun I would say my Kimber custom 2. It's not reliable but man it's accurate.
Two stand out in my mind.

One was a Desert Eagle in .44Mag that I rented on a whim. It would make 1" groups at 25 yards. The other was a Ruger Mk II Government Target that I sold some years ago. It was similarly accurate and I miss it...
.22L.R. Norinco TT-Olympia semiauto pistol and .22L.R. Weihrauch HW9 ST Target Trophy revolver. With the Norinco I've recently made an 8 shots (which is the maximum capacity of the magazine) group at 10 yards using the original sights (two handed unsupported) that could be covered by a cent, every hole touching the other; I was using CCI MiniMag RN-CP.
1) Colt Gold Cup
2) Browning BDA
3) Browning Hi-Power
4) Ruger Mk. II
5) Ruger Vaquero

Don't know which had the most "mechanical accuracy". I've owned, and still own many very accurate pistols. I can say that the pistol I am able to shoot the most accurate of them all. Is the FN Tactical .45 with the Trijicon RMR. This pistol is capable of one hole groups at 15 yards - if YOU can do it. You really could shoot squirrels in the head at 25 yards. I do not remember ever shooting this pistol, without people in the lanes beside me, asking what I was shooting. From a rest it is simply amazing. I have 3 pistols with various micro red dots and I shoot them all more accurately than iron sights.

I suspect I have pistols that are as mechanically accurate that do not readily accept a Trijicon RMR etc. The Les Baer Monolith Heavy is one, very accurate but has no red dot. If you are speaking of .22 pistols, not carry handguns, I have an early Browning Heavy Barrel Target from the 1970's that is as accurate as anything I've owned. The early Models were hand fitted, hand rifled, chambers hand fitted, true Target Trigger. The new ones have none of these things - they just look approximately the same.
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