whats your favorite 45? (non-1911)

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I'm quite fond of my EAA Witness with the Wonder finish.

Also liked my friend's H&K USP and MK23. Those are really the only .45 pistols, aside from the 1911 platform, that I have had the chance to shoot.
non 1911?


fnp 45

Sig helped me out on my "coupon" .45 upper for my Sig P220 while I was deployed (purchased as a .22LR pistol). I took it to the range today and it ran like a...Sig:D Accurate, handled well and decent DA/SA trigger.

I also have an XD .45 Compact...a great hi-cap gun for CCW, although I'd like to try a Glock 30SF down the road.

I have a CZ97B...accurate and reliable but a bit on the heavy side.

The FNP 45 has really caught my eye for a full-size .45; feels great in the hand although I haven't put any rounds down range on it yet.


The more I shoot mine the better I like it. Also shoot glock, kimber, eaa witness, etc.
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