Who Bought All Those ’08 Election Guns?

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Panic buying of 08 is still hurting people, we have lost a few of our gun shows, the dealers couldn't get the ridiculous prices any more so they are sitting on their stuff complaining and they aint about to lower their prices, we can buy primers now but prices are still high also powder is available but, I had plenty when 08 hit so the hell with their high prices, their is a gun show coming up next Mo I am going to just to see some old friends I will not buy anything except the $3.00 to get in and maybe a cup of coffee, in my area we used to have 6 good gun shows now we have 2.
No, my ammo was bought in early '08 to avoid typical price increases. My interest in guns had only developed in late '07.

As for the people who Did panic, did they not want to ask any astute, long-term gun enthusiasts whether Democrats made any political blunders with gun issues, and whether they learned some painful lsssons?

Even if some of us never used a gun for about twenty years:eek: (totally unaware of the "troubles" in the 90s, or any gun issues), the astute friends and buddies with guns were well-aware of the severe political costs to Al Gore, and how the Democrats in late 2008 wanted to save President Obama's "political capital" for health care etc, instead of throwing some of it away on gun issues.

Did the panicked people in 2008-2009 not understand scalping and propaganda?

How about the opposite reaction? In summer '09, a seller (scalper?:scrutiny:) in Keene NH might have panicked, as he/she listed over 50,000 rds. of Russian 7.62x39 on 'GB' at the same time.
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I bought an AR-15 the night Obama got elected, but it wasn't because I was afraid he would ban them... well, not completely.

On election night I was sitting on quite a bit of money in a temporary "geographical batchelor" barracks in Fort Drum. I figured it was the right time to buy something as close to my service weapon as possible, so I went down to the Gander Mountain.

I got the last AR-15, a Bushy M4A3 that was the display model. I kind of wrinkled my nose at a display model, but hey... it was the last one. I paid like $1080 after taxes. Sure, at the time it was a little more expensive than normal (and it was DEFINITELY cheaper than the years of 08-10) and it's kind of expensive now. But it works great and I love it. I didn't even know what parkerization was until I realized I could take it out in cow piss rain and it wouldn't faze it.

It has no bayonet lug and a welded flash hider.

But it's my baby, and it reminds me of those days at Drum.
I did my part.
I bought two AR15 lowers about a week before the election and ordered Stag uppers to go with them. As I recall it was several weeks before I got the uppers.
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