Wilson 92G vs Sig 226 Legion


Sep 4, 2006
Hi all. So, I wanted to treat myself. I went into to my LGS thinking I might pick up a Sig p226 Legion, but for the same price they had a Wilson Combat version of the Beretta 92G. They are both very beautiful guns, and I'm sure that they both will perform great and that I would be happy with either one, but I can only buy one. I currently have a 226 that shoots great. I have owned two Beretta 92s- both fs models. I really liked them but had to sell / trade them back in the day.
Any thoughts on why I should go with one over the other? Anyone have trigger time one one or both?

Both amazing guns, and the ones I’ve tried had equally amazing triggers. You have a 226 so I vote get the Beretta and save for the Legion.
I would love to get a Wilson 92 but unfortunately live is a state where I can't. I have recently revisited the 92 platform and have enjoyed the great accuracy and soft recoil. I did some Langdon Tactical upgrades and that resulted in a great trigger. The Wilson comes with some of these parts already installed.

I am also enamored by the 226. I was an impressionable kid in the 90's and the various wonder 9's have become nostalgic to me. I recently shot a friend's 226 and although it is a very nice gun, I find the Beretta to be easier to shoot and for me, more accurate.

For me this would be an easy one and I would get the 92. I am with 1K, since you already have a 226 the Legion is cool but kind of redundant.
Make no mistake, the Legion offers SIGnificant (see what I did there?) upgrades over the standard P226 which is already excellent. The frame checkering, trigger guard undercut, grips, sights, and trigger improvements are well worth it. Plus the SIG decocker system is far superior to the Beretta’s IMO. But Langdon does great stuff and their 92 is top notch. And like I said, you have a 226 already. Up to you of course
I have a basic P226 and a basic 92. Can't go wrong with either. Win/win.

Since the OP already has a Sig, maybe try the Beretta?
Hi all. Wanted to give you an update. So, I went back to the gun shop. Was leaning heavily towards buying the Beretta, but wanted to fondle them both a little before making up my mind. Turns out the Beretta was sold, but they had in a Sig p226 Black Legion. It was in the used section but was unfired. Turns out the Black Legion guns are available only to law enforcement, military, and first responders. A LEO bought it, took it home and then sold it back without shooting it. I'm super excited to pick it up once my background check clears! I promise I'll post some pics once I bring her home!

I want to thank you all again for your insight and advice.

Sounds like a great choice! I am in an opposite position as I have a Langdon LTT Elite and have been wondering if I "need" some type of P226? Love the Langdon, but have always liked and also shot well the 226. I think one can't go wrong with one of each. Enjoy the new 226!
I've had the basic versions of both. Eventually sold both but kept the Sig longer. If I were issued a Beretta I'd use it with confidence. But if I'm spending my own money I like the Sig better. Since you already have a similar Sig, mags are interchangeable as is the guns operation. I'd stay with 2 guns with the same controls and operating system rather than 2 very different designs.
If I went with a full size gun, it would be the BERETTA. I simply shoot them better. I have a BERETTA 96 on layaway right now and plan to order a LANGDON 92X Compact this summer. After that, I will send my M9A3 to WILSON for a tune-up.

If the LEGION were a 229, then I would go with that, I much prefet the 229 to the 226.

Dumbhunter, you did just fine. I've got an older P226, 90's vintage, that I significantly upgraded over the previous winter. Other than it being accurate, uber-reliable, and a joy to shoot, I do not understand why I like it so much.