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You should really watch his videos of what guns he personally owns. He owns far more milsurps than modern firearms. I am fairly certain he is well qualified. I have personally met Eric and he knows his stuff. Maybe you should start your own gun channel if you feel like you are better at the job.

Here is an older one.

Pretty typical of a fanboi....if you don't like it go do it yourself.

No I will stick with my original conclusion.....he is a wannabe and making a living off of youtube and seeing just how far a 22 will kill.....guess that kind of information is useful to some people, not myself....I want real content and lucky there is enough of it out there. He really thinks <deleted>.
Pretty typical of a fanboi....if you don't like it go do it yourself.

Not a fanboi <sic>. Just giving you more information on your clearly biased opinion. You attack Eric for not knowing as much as you claim you do. As far as doing it yourself, if you are such a spring of firearm knowledge, why aren't you a gunsmith full time or have your own channel? Youtube makes it easy for everyone if someone "stupid" like Eric can do it. Right?
I attack him based upon one "chat" session I had with him on a MAS 36. Once was enough for me to know the kind of person he really is.

You sure are in love with him or perhaps a fake account of his.....the guy just thinks he knows everything.....just ask him. I can't stand that attitude, and that is why there are other people out there to present info....and why we don't like the same thing. The guy is a pure clown two steps down from that fake FPSrussia guy.....both fakes, and cut from the same mold....only one difference one is at least fun to watch the other is a blow hard telling you just how great he is.
With that I bet the mods will shut this down soon as it has taken a turn.....if this post stays.

bottom line you can have him....myself I know a fake when I see and hear one.....and brother he is a fake....a youtube expert.
I attack him based upon one "chat" session I had with him on a MAS 36. Once was enough for me to know the kind of person he really is.

Whatever floats your boat.

Few others have mentioned YankeeMarshall. Yeah he isn't really all that funny or informative. His interest in revolvers, Glocks, and Sigs is much more than mine so it is mostly mindless background noise for me.
Same thing with Hickok45 for me. A bit more informative than YM when it comes to new firearms.
As far as helping a channel generate revenue watch, and click on the adds.

I was on the fence with Nutnfancy, his valley girl speak was irritating at times, but his knife reviews are what won me over. Yankee Marshall is fun, and will come up with good points about things, and I enjoy National Lampoon type humor that he at lest tries to do. Though he does have that stuck up attitude a lot of people from West Virginia have just because all the hospitals,and colleges are on that side of the river.
This guy is so good that Frances Ford Coppola, and many other famous film makers have studded his work.
Click on the adds! Click on the adds! Click on the adds!

There are many styles, and methods that are used, and I enjoy most of them even if it is a spec sheet table top ''review'', lets face it most magazine reviews are a regurgitation of the factory talking points with maybe a trip to the range that had two brands of ammo produce .75 inch averages, a brand that produced 1.25 inch average, and that one brand that was only able to produce 2.1 inch group average. The 2.1 inch brand must of forgot to buy advertising that month.

Personally I prefer the tyrannies yelling at cats videos.
GunGuy TV (I think) is another pretty good one.....he is pretty specific to the peoples republic of kalafronia but some of his stuff is pretty good....he has some good single shot 22 videos....that is how I found his channel.

Someone brought up scooch.....he is one that I have a hard time with....if he does a gun I am interested in I will watch, but otherwise nope. He is trying too darn hard to be a "man".

About the only one I watch every video of is Forgotten Weapons and C&Rsanal.....I like forgotten....he does not take himself too serious....and his gun jesus videos are so funny.

Mr. Guns & Gear is probably my favorite youtuber.

Someone recently directed me to Chris Bartocci (spelling?) and he seems like a good guy.
Sootch00, Hickock45, MAC, MrGunsngear, GunGuyTV, and TFB TV are the ones I've watched the most. MrGunsNGear is probably my favorite out of those, but I enjoy all of them. I haven't watched Scotch00 in awhile, but he was the one that got me into Olight flashlights and I'm glad he did. I recently started watching Ak Operators Union, Local 47-74, mainly when they did their PSA Freedom AR torture test series, and I enjoy their videos too.

I also check IraqVeteran8888, NeverEnuffAmmo, NutNFancy, TheYankeeMarshal, and Hegshot87 pretty regularly as well. TYM and NutNFancy I don't watch as much as I used to, they can have some useful information but their styles have kind of worn on me. NeverEnuffAmmo is getting there too, mainly because he seems to have gotten A LOT more political lately, at least to me.
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