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a gander mtn/ Carter's country update, for those who want to score...

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by rangerruck, Mar 18, 2010.

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  1. rangerruck

    rangerruck Member

    Jan 12, 2006
    Texas, baby!
    I will start with the Carters' on I-10 w. first off , this 1st part is proly for all the Carter's Country's ; 223 ammo from wolf; steel case stuff i am sure. You wanna know
    how much they are selling it for right now? Are you ready?

    Try 5.96 per box!!!! THAT'S RIGHT.... PER BOX=== OF 20 ROUNDS, NO KIDDING, AND NO LIMIT!!!!
    Back down to sane prices.
    then they had a couple of goodies in the used rifle rack. A very brannew looking
    browning BLR lever rifle, in ... you guessed it , 17 hmr!!!! Absolutely beautiful , quality Browning workmanship. I have never seen one of these in person, yet there it was!!! I don't remember the price, I was freaking out a little, but I will guess somewhere between 300 and 400 bucks. since it was in the used rack, time you should haggle away.
    Next up was a very nice looking cz 452-2e, maybe the lux version; fully adjustable rear site, fully ramped and covered front site, long bbl, but not looking like the 28 incher bbl., with a quite nice old school Tasco World class scope on it; I think the whole deal was like 330. Wood was very nice, rifle was super clean, and the wood had good striping in it, with the classic fiddleback stock...

    Now onto gander mtn... I am guessing but it looks like right now, all the ganders are doing a rifle/handgun sale, with new and used stuff going for an additional 10 to 30% off. Now check this out; they had a bunch of good stuff there, this was the 290 location , but a couple of things jumped out at me.
    a Cricket , single shot, bolt action, with nice, very nice wood stock, shooting short, long and long rifle, marked 50 bucks!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? You never see these for under 120 bucks anywhere, and this was 50!!! Then they had a HOWA LEGACY 1500 rifle, not your typical 1500, with a very nice piece of wood as well, very rich bluing, and it was in 270 cal.
    Marked down to..... dare I say it?
    229 bucks!!! If you ever wanted a 270, I would say time to get this one!!!
    Not only that, but if both of these rifles are also subject to the 10 to 30% off deal, then that means , you could legitimately pick up a brannew 270 centerfire rifle, for under 200 bucks with tax!!!! You will proly never live to see this price again; this is like 1960's prices, for a new rifle.
    Good luck folks, and let the plundering begin, don't be shy to ask these peeps for all the discounts you can get...
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