annoying glock fanboy

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My glock is many things, reliable, tough, proven, functional.

It is also not many things, good looking, most accurate, and not the only gun in the pile.


I love Glock's but they are hardly teh only gun I own. My Kimber 1911's & S&W revolvers outnumber my Glocks. But I still think they are reliable, accurate and practically indestructible. Oh Yea I always carry with one in the chamber. any other way cuts down my response tome substantially when I have to rack the slide.
At least two of the local dealers where I shop have turned up on a certain 1911 manufacturer's "Master Dealer" list.

I'm not at all sure what that means but I've been noticing a weird sort of skewed sales pitch since.

Goes sorta like:

Master dealer: Whacho looking for?
Me: Commander sized 1911, no firing pin block.
MD: You want this "Bird of Prey".
Me: No, I don't. It has a FPB.
MD: How 'bout this "Lunar Obturation"?
Me: Nope, it has a FBP too. All of those (points to counter) have FBPs except the "Arctic Operator" and I don't see one of those in commander size. You got an STI?
MD: Nope. FPB is the wave of the future.
Me: Don't want the wave of the future - you hiding any Baers in the back?
MD: Baers have a FPB.
Me: If you say so - where's the cleaning supplies?

One shop has caught on; the second and larger one I don't go often enough for the entire legion of counter people to know me, so I'll get the speech every time, including the time I bought a SAA clone from them.
From a Glock guy...

...that isn't the kind of service you deserved.

I find that Glocks are terrific for shooters. Work well for carry/competition/SD. They can be made to rock and with the right load, can be quite accurate.

They aren't "match accurate" like some pistols and ergonomically they don't fit everyone.

I know a kid that was a die-hard SIG fan that poo-poo'd Glocks for years. Finally shot one, bought one, practiced with it, won his first overall in a Steel Challenge match. The G17 took him over the hump that his custom P226 couldn't go...FOR HIM.

I've known others that went the other way and never looked back at a Glock. A good shooter will be able to make a reliable gun shoot with a good load. There is no "super blaster" out there. Glock is one of many fine handguns out there. Pick the one that fits you and practice, practice, practice.

Safe shooting,

I would have turned him in to the Manager and if that didn't work the owner would have gotten an ear full.

It's funny how fast they stop acting like a jerk when you tell the boss not only will never shop there again but you are going to tell everyone you know and all the members at your gun club how poorly you were treated. That usually gets their attention FAST!
I think Glocks are great guns also....but why in the WORLD would anyone want to own 25 of them?..:barf:

that would be about all I needed to hear...

You should have definitely advised the management/owner of the shop.

The customer is always right. This dude needs a new job selling burgers.
in your face fanboys of any type are a pain.

ive enjoyed glocks since 93 but when my father tryed my 19 he made a pattern not a group.but with his beloved wheelguns he was awesome!

everbody has one type they work well with and they need to find it and not look back,,,
I had a bad incounter with a "Saleman" once... It started with...

Me: How much you think you could give me for my Ruger SP101
(I showed it to him in perfect condition w/ papers and box)
SM: Uhhhhhh...I could do 150.
Me: (Laughing) See ya!
SM: Well maybe 200, i'll have to call the boss and ask first.
Me: No don't worry about it, (walking toward the door now) I'll call him later and tell him you tried to rip me off when I was trying to get an honest trade in on that Kimber Raptor you guys have had sitting around for 6 months. (I close the door behind me)

2 weeks later, My Friend and I come in looking to buy an XD40, He pulled the old GLOCKS are so much better crap with us too. I told him they are nice but the XD is a great gun as well. I then get fed this line, "If XDs were as great as GLOCKS then 70% of american police would be carrying them!"
....OK, now your an we got the XD40 and my friend loves it.

I know the owner of this gunshop personally and have bought and sold dozens of guns with him...Needless to say, the SM was gone the next week.

You dont mess around and lowball people or try to be dishonest about things because I come in and act like I know nothing about guns...I'm really seeing how much the salesman knows.
I had to listen to similar drivel from a 'salesperson' when asking about and looking at a Ruger revolver (you can probably guess what he was on about). I just politely nodded, waited for him to (finally) shut up, handed him back the gun, and left. I buy my guns online these days.

Perhaps there is a financial incentive for salepersons to push the Glock. Mass-produced plastic and stamped metals parts are DIRT CHEAP. It's amazing that the demand puts the Glock at a higher cost than the machined steel CZ-75 pistols. For it's purpose, it's worth the cost for some. But a bargain - from a financial and craftsmanship perspective - it's not.
You could always tell him you've already got a couple at home, and just are looking for something different. That might satisfy them enough to ****.
Funny :rolleyes: I have run into guys like that too. I just tend to go about my business & go back when that guy is not there.
gudel said:
pfft.. the same can be said for annoying 1911 fanboy.
Yep - fanboys are irritating, period. I love 1911s - it's perfect for me but I know that it might not suit the other person - for various legitimate reasons.

Only amateurs try to force their choice onto others - it's a dead giveaway of their total ignorance of firearms in that they haven't yet gained the experience to realise that what fits/suits them won't necessarily work for the next guy/gal.

Fanboy = amateur, noob, ignoranus, whatever.
Glock fanny boys are just annoying period

Just look at the threads here and any other gun forum. For example someone could start a thread asking "Should I get a BHP or CZ 75?" There is gonna be 42 fanny boys chime in screaming GLOCK. It happens in almost every thread when it has nothing to do with the original post. And comparing them to 1911 people is a joke. Yes they are die hard fans but they don't try to push it down your throat. Police departments use Glocks because they can buy them cheaper than anything else. Not because they're better than anything else. If you like plastic Lego blocks then good for you. Just shut up about it already.
CTPistol said:
I think Glocks are great guns also....but why in the WORLD would anyone want to own 25 of them?

Because they like them? I don't condone this salesman's attitude, but c' each his own! I've found that you never have anything to lose by keeping an open mind. ;)
One of my local gun shops has a screwball employee who does the same thing with Sigs.

I own two Sigs, I love Sigs, however not every time I step into a gun shop, am I looking to buy a Sig, or be bombarded with gushing Sig reviews, or be reminded that whatever gun I'm looking at "Is nice but you know, it's not a SIG".

Good lord man, get over your brand fanaticism.

Needless to say I no longer patronize that particular business.
Sportsmans Warehouse eh?

They must have to hire one of "those guys" per each store. Meaning a ____fanboy or anti_____snob.

Me I'm sick and tired of them being out of popular reloading components almost everytime I go there. Which ain't much anymore.
#2 glock is the #1 handgun in the world and is trusted by more police / militaries than any other handgun in the world

#4 nothing is more accurate than a glock

My response: Fine then why don't you sell me one of these crappy 1911s for a lower price than you have on these Glocks. Let me take these vile things off your hands.
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