Be Honest What Do You Really Carry??????

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I normally carry either a 3.25" S&W M66, a 4" S&W model 65, or a 4" S&W model 66, all loaded with 158 gr. .357 Speer Gold Dots. I got my first J-frame ( a model 60) today, and I will be packing that in an ankle holster while at work. I won't deny it, I may end up just carrying the model 60 full time, but my intent now is to use it only as a backup gun, as I shoot my K-frames very well....

I've worn out a half dozen of those #3 uncle mikes pocket thingies(I refuse to call them hoslters) in the last 5 years. For their niche they work well.

But about 95% of the time my SP101 rides with CLASS in Lou Allesi or HBE leatherworks leather.

Ammo wise: A handloaded 158 speer GDHP running at 1250fps.

BTW: The change pocket in your jeans holds 2 bianchi speed strips perfectly. :D
Stack them with one strip to the rear and one strip to the front. Then they sit in there like a doublestack mag.
At work and about 10% of the time off of work it's a G22 at all times.

It's usually accompanied by a G27 and/or Beretta 3032 INOX.

If I'm not at work it varies between the G19/G27/Beretta depending on my mode of dress and where I'm going.

Everything is carried in Cen-Dex rigs, except my ankle rig which is a Galco, and my vest rig which I can't remember who made it. Work rig is a Safariland 070.

More holsters are forthcoming like a Comp-Tac for the Glocks, and probably pocket and ankle holsters for the Beretta.
I carry the same gun, in the same place, every time.

Right now that's a S&W Model 65 with a 3" barrel. It's carried in an Alessi Talon IWB clip-on holster in the appendix carry position (but pointed outboard, AWAY from the groin). I think it's a better choice for me than a five shot snub. It easy to shoot and accurate and fire a good round.

My previous carry gun was an EG Mak carried in a IWB clip-on in about the same location. I switched to the revolver so I wouldn't have to worry about switching off the safety and for the more powerful round. That and the slightly increased reliability and ease of use. The Mak is now my "spare" carry gun if there is some reason the Smith is not available.

I tried my CZ-75 in a Milt Sparks VM 2 a few times. Good holster, but the gun was still too heavy. I may try again when I finally buy a better belt. I also tried a HK P7M8 a few times. The Mak, and then the Smith, just worked better for me.

I do need another carry mode, and maybe another gun, for those 10 to 15 days a year I wear a suit or tucked in shirt.
75% of the time I have a CZ 75 in a HBE com 2 and a Kel Tec p-11 in my left front pocket. 15% its just the p-11 cause I would get in trouble if I got caught. 10% I am at school, and my education and my future are to important to chance so I have only my CRKT M16 14z and a loop of bike chain on my keys that fits around my fist.
I carry my Sig 229 in a Don Hume JIT slide holster, it rides high enough so that a loose fitting t-shirt conceals it nicely, plus it’s a comfortable way to carry.
65-3 in a galco IWB holster but i do
carry either a 3" 24-3 44 spl or a
3" 625-7 45 colt when i feel like a
My main carry continues to be a Glock 17 in a leather Galco OWB with 1 or two reloads. I often have the bad habit of carrying it without another gun. The other gun has lately been a P3AT or a 642. A Smith 325 serves spare gun duty a lot too. I can always count on having more spares in the car, anything in between the 325 and an rem 870. I have recently carried the 325 w/ one reload and the 642 as BUG, leaving the Glock in the car since I was on vacation and wanted to be a lazy dresser/hiker/tourist. Adequate firepower I suppose, but the lack of capacity worries me.

I guess the gist of the question is folks here have lots of big guns yet carry mouseguns. I refuse to carry them by themselves, I sold three pistols(Mak, Kahr K40, and MK40) because they were too clunky to be BUGs yet were too little to be real guns. I cannot justify giving up the capacity, shootability, ballistics, and reliability of a real gun just to be comfortable. I have spent many days with a G17 or 1911 poking me in the side, but I'd rather have that than an anemic gun.

Now for fantasy carry, I want a pair of Les Baer somethings in a double shoulder rig with two customized nickel BHPs IWB at 4 and 8 o'clock in Milt Sparks VMIIs. Heck, I probably would carry all that at once if I could afford it. Right now if I save real hard I'll own the holsters in a year... :p
Daily, and off the mountain, meaning not IN good grizzly country, a Smith 4" 29, or sometimes a Smith 4" 24, and a Winchester 94 carbine. When on the mountain, a Ruger 45 SA with heavy loads and often a Browning 1886 carbine (45-70) with heavy Barnes 400 gr loads. Depends on how bear scary I feel at the time, and how thick the timber.

I don't get to town that much, and towns around here are pretty tame. The belt gun sits on the truck seat all the time when in town, and the rifle(s) behind or along the front of the seat. Usually have a scoped bolt gun on board also.

Here's the Ruger .45 and the Browning 86 carbine. The Randall knife goes along whatever I carry.


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I Really carry a bad attitude. ;)

I respectfully submit that *ever* depending on intimidation factor, ESPECIALLY WITH A KNIFE, is a potentially fatal mistake. I have carried a knife on my person almost 100% of the time for years, but even if I had no other options (firearms, improvised weapon, etc), I would NEVER attempt to "scare off" a potential attacker with a knife. If you have to use it, the BG shouldn't know you have it.

Anyway, that said, I once carried my Glock 23 most often, when not at work (little guy, casual environment, in the South), where I carried my P-32. When I was kicking around in the boonies for a few months between Service and school, I was usually packing a 3" Model 657.

Now, I mostly have a P-3AT or Seecamp .25.


edit- I see Navy Joe has a fantasy carry category. I'll play. I once carried a Colt Anaconda 8" .44 concealed in a shoulder rig. Once. For my fantasy carry, I think I'll take a Para-Ordnance double-stack rig in 9x23mm, IWB. ;)
Kel-Tek .380 in right front pocket holster. One extra mag and the knife is for cleaning my finger nails .
Doesn't pull my pants down !
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Smith Model 36 with a clipdraw and Tyler T-grip...just stuck in a back pocket. Carries like a wallet most times...

Note: Picture was photoshopped artsy/fartsy for a 1A/2A article. The stainless barrel and cylinder were added from a Model 60. This pistol is going to my daughter.
Kel-Tec P3AT front left 70% of the time, Glock 19 IWB left side 30%. Syderco Military right front 100%. Surefire E2D when the social situation requires.
Taurus 450 in an ankle holster mostly with a G 23 on occasion. Once in a while I throw an AMT 380 Backup in my hip pocket or breast pocket of my jacket.
80% S+W M37 bobbed hammer in right front pocket.
20% Springfield Micro-Compact IWB 4:00
Either occasionally backed-up by a P3AT. I haven't carried the KT alone since I got the snubby.
What do you really carry?

I carry a Sig 239 (usually in 40 S&W but occasionally in 357 Sig) in either a Wild Bills beltslide or a Mitch Rosen IWB, unless I am going to be in the car all day, then its either a Sig 226 or 220 in a Horseshoe Leather shoulder holster.
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