Hayman or Liberty?

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Apr 8, 2010
So I'm in the market for a gun safe. There are two local safe/locksmith shops that are around here, thanks to a1abdj for the help finding one of them. One shop sells Liberty and the other sells AMSEC and Hayman. the AMSEC is out of my price range so that leaves me with either Liberty or Hayman.

I'll start by saying that I don't live in a bad neighborhood and there is not a lot of crime in our area, I don't advertise or brag about anything that I have, I try to keep anything gun related out of sight when someone does have to be in the house and we have an alarm system and dogs. I understand you get what you pay for and am counting on the alarm will go off if someone breaks in and doesn't give them time to do anything to the safe if they find it.

The Hayman is from a dealer who is SAVTA affiliated so I would think if this was their cheap safe it would at least be a step or two above a big box store safe. The body and door exterior is 12 gague steel but they do say that there is over 3/4 inch of steel between the door and lock. They also state that the body is made from one continuous piece of steel so there are no welds on the body. The Hayman is a little larger and heavier and has 1 1/4" bolts on all 4 sides of the door.

The equivalent Liberty from the other company is a Colonial which is a two piece body, which I would assume would be welded, using 11 gague steel. The liberty is a little smaller and only has 1" bolts around the door. Both safes have the same fire protection of 1hr@1200 degrees.

I'm limited to right at 40" width for the safe so both of these meet that requirement. I will be putting this in a corner so I can make sure that I have the door open closest to the wall and bolt it down to the foundation to help with any tipping or prying someone might try to do.

Can someone recommend one of these? Is there anything I'm over looking between the two on why one would be better than the other?

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