Cute but wayyyy overpriced

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Lol one round box. They got the ship to ny part wrong to, you only need to ship to a ffl in the city but few out of staters know that.

I'd make them for half that lol, is silver still like $30 a oz.
Better than spending on fancy booze/cigs/weed I guess , at least you have the material goods in the end instead . That is, if you don't have to shoot too many werewolf .
Anyone dumb enough to buy one is likely sucker enough to pay that much for one.
Even with silver being a little high at the moment at $27.50/ounce you could make them much cheaper. 437.5 grains/ounce.
Wait one dad-gum minute!

Are they to imply that my stock of Winchester Silver Tips may be useless in the event of marauding vampires, werewolves and bath-salts abusers?!?:fire:

I've been duped!!!!:cuss:

On the other hand, they missed an outstanding opportunity to sell to the gun-owning *Karens* in view of how environmentally sound those projectiles are.:evil:

Subaru drivers rejoice!!!!!!:neener:

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