Do You Look Like A Cop ???

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Dan I'm trying to figure this out. :D
I'm short (5'10" tall and weigh 'bout 210 lbs now), bald headed , clean shaven, short hair , and usually wear blue jeans, t-shirt, and tennis shoes.
Yeah, I've been mistaken for a cop. even by other cops. just before I started the Front Sight pistol class, when it was in Bakersfield, I had an Alaskan state trooper ask me what dept I was with. Once, I was in a drug store getting some medicine for a cold/flu I was coming down with, and had already rented a video which was in my pullover wind breaker. Some kid comes up to me, and says that I wasn't fooling him - that he knew I was a copy and he didn't care - he was not going back to school no matter what. I told him to get lost; he kept insisting that I was a cop and that I was not fooling him in the least bit.
I think it does have to do with how you carry yourself and your general appearance - I have short blond hair, 6'2', and have good posture, and no facial hair.
Only when I have powdered sugar from the donuts on my chin. LOL

Seriously - is this thread silly or what?

Does anyone here ever get mistaken for an internet geek cop wannabe?? ;)

Not even close

No. I am short (5'5") and 182 lbs. Salt and Pepper hair and thick glasses. I don't think so. :fire:

Funny, I am assigned to go with Special Task Force projects (gambling houses, drug houses, etc.) but I am not an LEO....but without showing any ID or anything...even the newbies let me go by without asking for ID.

That many short dumpy guys on the force? :(
Probably either a soccer mom or a granola-crunching lesbian. Not a cop though..

I nearly choked on my lunch reading that one. (LOL)

I've never been mistaken for a police officer, but I've been asked if I'm in the military more times than I can count. Can't for the life of me figure out why, though. :confused:
I have been told more than once that I do even though I have a little extra padding around the middle.

I keep my hair short and am what most would consider "clean cut". I do this simply because that is the "look" I feel comfortable with. Not because it may or may not help me out in some situations but that said, I do think it has helped me a few times.

Like it or not - right, wrong or indifferent...everybody pre-judges others based off of their appearance. Your "look" may help you in some situations and may hurt you in others. Overall, as long as you are happy with your "look" I wouldn't worry about it. Life is too short to go around trying to act like somebody you are not.
if someone asks you if you're a cop tell them:

"I'm not a cop, but I play one on TV." that was the line from some guy who was advertising that steering wheel lock called "The Club" over 10 years ago. :cool:

that ought to confuse them....
I've been asked many times if I am a "law enforcement officer," and once if I was a cop. Difference between older and younger people, I guess. :confused: I'm rather big and carry myself "tactically," as I call it, always keeping my eyes moving, sitting where I can watch doors, checking out faces in the crowds, etc. As far as I know, nobody has ever seen my CW, so maybe it's just my actions. I've spent too much time not being able to carry, while tending a handicapped wife. It always made me feel like a target was painted on my back, not being able to run from trouble as the law would like.
I get asked all the time if I am either a cop or in the military. The answer to both is no.

I have the military haircut, and I've been told I "act like a cop".

From time to time, when I cross paths with officers, for example when going into / out of a convenience store, we'll exchange the quick, stiff nod that I usually see officers do with each other.
Also, to the "sheeple", you can always tell the good guy from the holster. Bad guys don't use holsters don't you know that? Only cops have nice holsters.

I've heard that one a few times if I accidentally uncovered or someone saw me in my yard (where i don't conceal)

Yeah, I think I read here about one guy at a zoo who had his jacket blown open by the wind and his carry piece was exposed. A group of high school girls saw one, one started freaking out and then he heard another say, "Don't worry, he's a cop, you can tell because he has a holster."
I think my friend does NOT know the difference between an "undercover cop" or an "off-duty cop" or a "plainclothes cop".
Off Duty... I knew I forgot one...

Well, every time I go into the projects, someone yells "5-0" and everyone scatters. Does that count?
Thats happened to me. Do you, bt any chance, drive a crown Vic or Caprice? I have a caprice...

One day a guy asked me if I was ex-Military. He said seeing me hold a sawzall at low-ready was the first thing that caught his eye, but he didnt ask until he walked in front of me and I dropped the "muzzle" so I didnt sweep him.
Not only have I been accused of looking like a cop, my Commander says that I have been impersonating a police officer for over 20 years.
I'm not a cop, but get asked if I am one at least once or twice a month. It's probably the haircut, pocket folder, LED flashlight, good grooming habits, excellent posture, confident and polite demeanor, etc...

FWIW, I always take it as a compliment.
Yea, when I first got out of the Army (slimmer w/ high&tights) I would always get the "you a cop?" question when I went to parties. The fact that I always have a serious demeanor, don't drink, don't smoke, don't do ????, just made it worse.

I almost got into a fight one time with a drunk guy who was also smoking pot in a backyard BBQ. He offered me a toke and I said, "nah, I'm cool man" then he looks at me funny and says, "you a cop?" Despite my numerous denials the guy just would not leave me alone, badgering me all night about showing my badge. I was at the point where I was ready to leave when the dude faceplants into the grass and falls asleep.

The funny part is that I really look more like a thug than a cop. If you ever watch The Shield and see the extras they use for gangbangers, well I look like one of those guys sans tats. I'm so mean-looking that my boss asked me to escort one of our female workers to her car every night after work for a week. Another co-worker was harrassing her and my boss thought the guy wouldn't try anything with me around.
I look like a meaty version of Richard Dreyfuss (esp, in Jaws mode). I have people asking me if I'm him at least once a month.

Did he play a cop?
I don't get told I look like a cop, I do get told I look like I just got out of pentridge (not sure on the spelling, but it's a prison here), or that I look like I belong in the army. Must be because I look pretty serious most of the time. I'm less serious around people I know though, get up to all sorts of stuff.
Since we only have a few dozen in the county, everyone knows WHO is an officer, not what an officer looks like. That includes the conservation officers.
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