How much of your carry ammo do you have?

I'm past the halfway point of my seventh decade. This year I have not been shooting that much. As for commercial carry amination a 50 RD box or two. Mostly I shoot reloaded ammunition for practice.
Caught a deal and put away 500 rounds of my factory 9MM carry ammo. Plus a couple of boxes I already had. I only have a couple of boxes of my factory .45 ACP carry ammo, but have plenty of other .45 ACP ammo that would be suitable.
I have lost count especially for the 38/357 which is my preferred carry.

Plenty of 9mm and some 45 ACP but the 45 is the only one I will want more of.

I got some great deals at gun shows before the crunch hit. I'm glad I don't pass up great deals lol.
I have maybe 5 boxes of self defense ammo, the rest is my reloads which I have no problem using at all.
As far as reloads, I have enough for me for a while. I need more in a pinch I can load more.
Couple of boxes. I don't need but a few rounds to tell me where they shoot. At a buck or so a round there is no need to keep shooting it when range fodder tells me the same thing...
I have about 3 boxes of Win 180 Gr Ranger .40 for a USP compact and Sig P250 (nightstand gun) and XDm 40 (safe gun)

I have about 100 9mm HST 124’s for my Hellcat. I practice with cheaper stuff