I bought a stolen Gun

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Well...present disposition is that the good folks at the Walton County Sheriff's Office ( meant sincerely, the people I have spoken with there have all been positively caring, interested and all round good sports ) have contacted Las Vegas Metropolitan Police ( who supposedly still have the Revolver in their posession, ) authorizing them to return it to me.

Also, oweing to my having tried to make these inquirys, Walton Co. in re-examining their own records of Arms sales from years gone by, said 'Thanks' for me alerting them to what turned out to be several similar conditions regarding Arms they had sold, which had not been entirely cleared from the system, and which could have occasioned similar events to my own were said Arms to have been registered.

Waiting to hear back from LV Metro...
I hope it all works out well for you Oyeboten. You have done all you can and have done a damn fine job I must say. As my mama says " Don't count all your chickens before they hatch". There are far too many opportunities with government organizations for something to fall through the cracks (your problem illustrates this pretty well). I hope you get it back.

Side note: I read through this entire thread and I am astonished at the number of people that didn't even bother to read your entire first post. Asking questions that were already answered....oh well.
Hi Warhawk83,

Oh quite so. On all counts...

I am just keeping an open mind, no 'Gallus Gallus Counting'...Lol...

I just sort of had a feeling from the beginning, that this was something I wanted to stay on top of in my own way, to see it through to whatever conclusion it ended up having.

It is tedious to read through an entire Thread sometimes, or oine forgets to even bother, or to at least bother to see the initial handful of Posts to get the drift of where it began, so there is a tendency for responders to begin anywhere, launch off from there serendipitously, and to have missed a few things.

I do that too to some degree.


Oh well...it's all for fun, so...that's okay...but of course, ideally, one would have more patience and thoroughness.
Got a call awhile back from LV Metro, they left a message, saying all is clear, the Revolver is to be returned to me, and, I am to wait for a Letter they will send me, which I am supposed to bring with when I go speak with the personel of their Property/Evidence Vault.

Been waiting for the Letter...waiting...waiting...so, I called them.

They say they are a month behind running background checks for Guns, so it will be a while untill they compose the Letter and Mail it, since they have to do a background check on me, to permit me to receive my property.

I pointed out to them that at no point have I signed anything, not transfered ownership to anyone, nor has any transfer occured which legally seperated me from my property, and, that all that happenned, is that I loaned my Revolver, or, surrendering posession of it only as pro-tem condition, pending the outcome of the investigation, where, I allowed it to be in the custody of Metro, for Metro to do whatever they needed to do, with Walton Co. Florida, and, that the Revolver at no time, has been in any other actual disposition, than that is was and continuously remained as, my property, which they, Metro, had temporary posession of by my blessing.

They were totally dumfounded and could not manage a response.

So, I said, "Well???"

And I could tell, mechanized bureaucracies can not think nor act nor decide anything...there is only blind policy and procedure.



Waiting for the 'Letter'...

I went through that once.they don't want to take the chance of embarrasment if they were to release a gun to a felon...at least that's what they told me.
I guess that's what I shoulda told them when they came over "Well, might take a month or two, you know, I am backlogged...for me to do the background check on you...just because you are carrying, and are a Policeman, does not mean you are entitled to own or have a Gun, does it? No, of course not...so, see 'ya in a month or so...I will mail you a Letter..."

I do not remember them having to go through a background check in order for me to permit them pro-tem and conditional custody of my Arm.

It is still my Arm, far as I can tell, and I would like them to return it simply, and not insult me or my good will for my having been a good sport to their interest in the matter.

Darn it, I wish I was faster for thinking on my feet, when the moment was right! I would have demanded to see their THAT DAY background check, to satisfy MY legal obligations as for whom I permit to assume posession of my Arm.

Then too, this has been a learning process, a learning experience...so...now I have better handle on it all, if ever there is a next time.

Mood is good...just feeling bemused and amused a little...
About 30 years ago I put a rifle on consignment in a shop. I had gotten it from a private party some months earlier. Same deal... stolen... cops took it. I guess sometimes they check the serial against a stolen gun database.
Wow an interesting read. Have to admit you are handling the situation much better than I would be able to.
Been waiting for METRO to do the 'background check' on me, so they can allow me to have my Revolver Back, which in my opinion, has never ceased being mine in the first place...Lol...

For which background-check process, they said, they have been backlogged, and, it would be a while for them to do the check, and, that once they have done it, they would Mail me a Letter, having some info and Case Numbers in it, which Letter, once I receive it, I was to bring to their Evidence Vault, for my Revolver to then be returned to me.

Got the Letter on Friday...

Went to their Evidence Vault location today...and they were closed for the Holiday.

I will go again tomorrow, and see from there.
Bureaucracy is 'death' for any Society...the more Bureaucracy grows, the less Life or Health is possible...the more 'death' there is in everything.

The Founding Fathers despised Bureaucracy, and, 'professions', and, especially any profession which is that of Bureaucrat or Politician, or the lackeys and minions parasiting on such mechanized compartmentalized arranges for 'jobs' which they then do with little to no conscience or sense other than following procedures and appeasing bosses.

I do not wish to indulge in too much 'Thread Drift' though...but, I may mention, I did give 'METRO' a pretty blunt over view of how any self respecting Man or Woman, would not ever permit themselves to seek or accept or cling to a Bureaucratic 'job' like a parasite, infesting the Public welfare under pretext of any do-gooding while greater usually ignored and unassayed ills result for any small boons so accomplished...and without self respect, just what is the paycheck supposed to buy to make up for it? what is the point which can justify the larger whole?

Got pretty quiet there on the phone...

So, tomorrow...I will brush my tooth, comb my hair, put on my nice shirt, shine my shoe, and, go present the 'Letter' to the Evidence Vault personnel.

Plus...I have not found out to my own satisfaction, if the 1997 Owner, from whom the Revolver was stolen, had ever in fact been located or contacted or had opportunity to respond constructively if he had, given the mess Florida was in as far as their own procedures and rules and on how anything not claimed within a narrow time window, automatically becomes the property of the State of Florida.

So, at some point, I will get back onto that, see if I can in fact locate the 1997 owner guy, and see what his story is...if he is still alive and so on...he was like 79 years old I think in 1997.

If he is still around and in good enough shape for a conversation, and if he never got satisfaction, and would like the Revolver back, I will have him elect an FFL, and have my FFL send it to him.

Otherwise, my intentions for it, were to do an homage to Henry Fitzgerald...and the S&W Model 10 'Snubby', having no Screw in the Trigger Bow front, would be a good candidate for a charming Pocket Carry.
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So it's possible that the police sold a stolen gun, which means they didn't run the numbers before selling it. What will they do with it now? Probably sell it again. It appears everyone involved did the right thing............except the police, who should know better.
Well...went again to the 'METRO' Evidence Vault location...they were open today, and no line.

Only took about an hour, and, had to fill out forms for registering it, even though it was still registered to me, etc...

So, finally, I got my Revolver back! - and, drove back home.

Seems kind of depressing in it's way...wasteful, stupid, un-necessary, maybe insulting, and definitely kind of depressing.
I hope your story has a happy ending--after all this time, you certainly deserve one.

another good reason for buying new...
I've purchased used three times and each time I've had "issues"...
You must be the un-luckiest SOB to ever walk the earth.
Of the 50++++ guns I have owned, only five have been brandy-new. And two have gone back to the manufacturer for a serious problem (one of them twice).

Of the remainder, (used guns) the problem rate has been minimal. The serious problem rate (if you eliminate certain brands as Kel-Tec, which has had a 100% serious-fail rate over four individual examples) has been about 5%.
Qyeboten said:
Well...went again to the 'METRO' Evidence Vault location...they were open today, and no line.

Only took about an hour, and, had to fill out forms for registering it, even though it was still registered to me, etc...

So, finally, I got my Revolver back! - and, drove back home.

Seems kind of depressing in it's way...wasteful, stupid, un-necessary, maybe insulting, and definitely kind of depressing.

You're a better man than I. I would have taken that refund, been pissed off and bitched about it on here. Haha.

Good work getting it back! Well done!
Well...went again to the 'METRO' Evidence Vault location...they were open today, and no line.

Only took about an hour, and, had to fill out forms for registering it, even though it was still registered to me, etc...

So, finally, I got my Revolver back! - and, drove back home.

Seems kind of depressing in it's way...wasteful, stupid, un-necessary, maybe insulting, and definitely kind of depressing.
Cherish your “new Gun” and never let it out of your sight for who knows if you’d ever get it back. ;)

Lucky for you the gun wasn’t needed by you for SD during this whole ordeal.

This whole thread is a glowing example of freedoms lost and the troubles of a bureaucratic government out of control, thanks to NFA and GCA.
I like people, I always have.

I feel sad at how people imagine their options to be so narrow and small, that they must rely on 'jobs', and or 'jobs' which make them the dupes and lackies and soul-less peons of impersonal, mechanized, compartmentalized organizations of any kind.

The adaptation then makes them obligingly even more stupid as a way of resolving the conflict with absurdity indifference, waste, and worse...'they follow orders'...'they follow procedure'.

When I was a kid, this was popularly dispised, and had been beat to death in all the moral 'Lessons' supposedly coming out of the Nurnberg Tribunals, where, the litany over and over, was "I was only following orders", to say nothing of "Papers please?"

What happened to the american people?

They slowly become everything they once despised and loathed...especially if it means a steady 'job'.


Anymore, I feel insulted and degraded to even try and respect the Sheriff by 'registering' anything.

All the Sub Stations are gone, none of the metro personell can even keep track of what few stations remain where registration can be done. One goes to now very far, inconvenient, distant Metro Stations to try and register a Handgun, and they sneer or smarm about how THEY are too important to condescend to do 'that', and you have to go to some other station, somewhere, but no one is sure where.

Even when I could still find a Police Station which would register an Arm, the personel were rude, sneering, resentful of being 'bothered', while otherwise standing around talking about small talk things with eachother...nor had any of them in these occasions any knowledge of firearms, argueing wiht me about how a Cap and Ball Remington .44, MUST be ".44 Special" and getting really nasty to me about it if I tried to ask them to look critically at the Cylinder to satisfy themselves it is a Percussion Revolver.

Morons and lackies and smarmy perfunctorate job-parasites...resentful of anyone appealing to them for the very services they insist to monopolize by law.

So much for 'Law'.


So, I like people...I always have.

Finding people or institutions or organizations or bureaucracies who will not insist to disabuse me of the sentiment, is another matter.

One of the more interesting reads I've seen on the various forums. Way to stick to it in the face of such heavy adversity. How 'bout a pic of the prodigal? I like pictures. . . always have.:)
Thanks burley, nice of you to say.

Well, here ye go, an image of the little Happy Go Lucky wayfarer.

S&W Model 10-5 Snubby, prolly carried about never, shot that much or less -

Has a little freckling in a few areas, and some Oil dust blotch...all in all, quite nice, very crisp.
you realize that you're due for a letter asking why you registered the gun twice, don't you?

Could be!

In fact, I may just go and register a few more 'twice' just to show what a good sport I am.

I just need to figure out where to go to register them now, since their end of all that is so totally screwed up.

In fact, I ran across an old rusty 2 inch Steel Pipe with a Cap on one end one of the neighbors was throwing out...Cap has a small rust 'hole' in it.

Technically, this MUST be 'Registered' here in Clark County...since it could, c-o-u-l-d, be concealed, and could, c-o-u-l-d fire a projectile.

I will bring that to one of their 'stations' and Register it...wearing my Sunday Best and as sincere as Apple Pie.


Ohhhhhhhhhh, yeeeeeeeesh.

A Comedy to those who find things funny, a Tragedy to those who find them tragic.
"little Happy Go Lucky wayfarer" lol, you crack me up. She looks a little sheepish after having been in so much trouble, none of her own making. I know one guy that must be real happy; the GB seller.
Oh! Thanks for reminding me, I should let the GB Seller know he is off-the-hook now.
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