If You Could Only Have One Carry Piece For the Great Outdoors, Woods, Mountains,etc.What Would it Be

Yes, I'm in California, but much further south and in a much more populous area. I spend as much time as possible on the 395, but when I only have a few hours, I'm limited to places where I have to conceal, if I'm allowed to carry at all.
Yeah, sort of figured that. Ok, stay safe where you might be hiking and whatnot and get back up on 395 for a few days. Nice country up there.

If You Could Only Have One Carry Piece For the Great Outdoors, Woods, Mountains,etc.What Would it Be​

Well, I've already wondered around for days on end with my "one gun" keeping me fed,


and I already know it works perfectly on all the small game, deer, bear and of course moose,


and at 7 pounds it's not too big a deal to carry around for days on end.

These days, the only big game I care to hunt is deer, and my "walk around" gun does that job great, every year too,


and it's been doing THAT job since the "80's when it came to live with me.

For a defensive camping/hiking/woods gun, a full-sized pistol in .40 S&W is actually a pretty good choice, even though I prefer a 9mm for everyday carry. Hard cast 200gr solids at 1000ish ft/sec makes for a reasonably potent defensive woods gun that’s a bit handier than a 10mm but still fairly efffective against largish animal predators (and arguably much more effective in that role than 9mm), with much greater capacity than a revolver.

If I was living in the woods and I depended on JUST ONE firearm for everything including food and protection I would have to go with a 12 gauge shotgun. Great for small game which I assume will provide most of my daily protein. capable of killing most anything else that is within range and can stop a bear, cougar or human attack. Of course I would need to have a variety of shot sizes to be able to do all this.
The guys that really did this 200+ years ago managed it all with a single shot muzzle loader. Imagine what they could have accomplished with a modern 12 gauge repeating shotgun.
All I do is hiking, exploring, and camping. For most places, I would feel pretty comfortable with a 6-inch S&W 686 .357 stoked with full house 158 grain Buffalo Bore. If I was somewhere with Grizzly bears, I would want some flavor of 12 gauge pump shotgun with a 18.5 inch barrel and a handful of Brenneke slugs and buckshot.
i hike a lot. this is my edc and what I carried yesterday on my hike:


18 rounds of 68 gn xtreme defender. i can't even tell it is in my pocket.

I also carry my 45 cal Blackhawk loaded with 325 gn hard cast when, for example, tent camping in yellowstone n. p.

Doublestack 10mm full size but not long slide. Prefer sa/da hammer fired gun.
Sounds like you want the 5” Grand Power GP40L, with 14+1 capacity ….

Specifications: Grand Power P40L Pistol

Caliber: 10mm
Trigger mechanism: SA/DA
Standard magazine capacity: 14
Length: 8.98″
Height without magazine: 5.35″
Width: 1.42″
Barrel length: 5″
Weight w empty magazine: 34.7oz
Weight w/o magazine: 34.2oz
Price: $824.99

More here:
I carry my trusty smith 629-6 4 inch .44 with HSM 305gr hardcast bear load in a gunfighters inc. chest rig.
I have a few boxes of the HSM 305gr hardcast. I haven't tried them yet out of my 69, but I like the HSM Bear Loads from my 686, 415, & 605. A little less velocity than the Underwood and Buffalo Bore. Making them more controllable.
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