Israeli SR-22 Specs?

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Nov 19, 2011
I recently came across an article discussing use of the Ruger SR-22 rifle by the Israeli Defense Force (IDF). Apparently, the IDF has adopted the rifle for use alongside suppressed Ruger 10/22 rifles for the purpose of crowd control against violent aggressive demonstrators. Their doctrine used to classify these rifles as "less-lethal" or "non-lethal" but they are now considered to be "lethal" options and their use is only authorized when lethal force is justified.

However, they do considerably less damage and are less conspicuous than 5.56mm full-power options at their disposal such as the Tavor or M16 variants. These rimfire rifles are essentially used to bridge the gap between less-lethal crowd control measures such as baton rounds and rubber bullets and very damaging service rifle fire. They offer greater accuracy and improved range over most less-lethal options and can be highly effective at incapacitating key members of violent riots with less risk of fatalities and collateral damage over 5.56/7.62mm weapons, which they are frequently used alongside with.

Here is an article discussing the SR-22 rifle in this role:

An Israeli soldier carrying an SR-22:


As you can see, the Israeli-adopted version is non-suppressed, features a magnified optic, and is fitted with a bipod. I am interested in building a clone of this weapon and am wondering if anyone out there knows the specs for this gun? The muzzle appears to have an aftermarket muzzle device and I'm wondering what it is (I know it's hard to tell from the picture). I am also wondering if anyone can identify the optic? I think it would be very cool to essentially create a true "military spec" rimfire rifle that is actually used in real conflicts.

If anyone has any additional details or info on the use of the Ruger SR-22 rifle in Israel, that would be greatly appreciated. Feedback or opinions on the base SR-22 are also very welcome, particularly on accuracy over a standard 10/22.

Thanks so much! :)
I found another photo of an Israeli Border Police member with an SR-22:


This one appears to be equipped with the standard Ruger birdcage flash suppressor. I wonder if anyone can identify the optic from this angle? And the bipod?
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For some reason, I think id feel very offended to be shot with a 10/22 while violently protesting....
it appears to be a nordic components chassis with a harris (or more likely, harris clone) bipod.
Judging by the barrel profile and flash hide w/ threading I'm pretty sure it's an SR-22. It could be one of their old 10/22s upgraded with just the Nordic components chassis (which is what the SR-22 uses) and an SR-22 barrel, but if they were going to do all that it would probably make more sense just to buy an SR-22.
Israel has long used .22LR for leg shots to de-escalate mob violence. This goes way back to at least the '70s. They go to great lengths to avoid deaths. It's part of what they call the "Triple Standard" (Democracies are held to a Double Standard while Israel is held to a Triple Standard).

Israel has long used .22LR for leg shots to de-escalate mob violence. This goes way back to at least the '70s. They go to great lengths to avoid deaths. It's part of what they call the "Triple Standard" (Democracies are held to a Double Standard while Israel is held to a Triple Standard).

Very interesting, Mike.

I have sometimes wondered how a .22LR of this sort would do in U.S. police service? I recall Jeff Cooper was interested in the concept, utilized the way the Israelis use them.
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Israel has long used .22LR for leg shots to de-escalate mob violence

From a couple of friends who put in their 2 years to maintain dual citizenship, "leg shot" is a bit of an understatement.

Evidently seeing your buddy with a rock take a 5.56 through the chest isn't demoralizing enough to get some to stop their shenanigans. However, seeing him fall to the ground both grasping his "groin" and bleeding from it usually does.

Please don't take anything in this post as criticism or praise for Israel or their tactics/strategy... just passing along some tales.
Thanks for the replies gang.

Still trying to find out what scope Israel is using on these guns, as they all seem to look the same. It also seems kind of big for the caliber, but maybe they want that extra magnification capability for observation purposes.
interesting , I heard years ago they stopped using the silenced 10/22 "hush puppy" after several deaths from protesters being hit in vital areas like the femoral artery.
To my knowledge they reintroduced those and added new SR-22s for this role after reclassifying these weapons as "lethal" instead of "less/non-lethal".

They only use them (or are supposed to) when lethal force is justified but they'd rather not kill a Palestinian, just disable them. Sure a 5.56mm would disable them just fine but the likelihood of death would be considerably greater over a .22 LR and Israel wants to avoid the deaths in order to prevent even more people from getting mad at them.

Also they seem to always be backed up by others who have 5.56mm weapons at hand. They are never seen being used alone. I personally think it's a great system. It bridges the gap between rubber bullets and tear gas and full on military rifle fire.
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