Petition For Open Carry In Texas

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Nov 12, 2007
Hello everyone. I have started a petition to the State Legislature and Gov Perry for the open carry of handguns in Texas. Please take a look.

For more information on open carry please visit

You can also join the Texas Citizen Defense League at and help to fight for your Constitutional rights.

Please tell everyone you know about this petition. We should not have to ask permission, nor should we be limited to concealed carry, to protect ourselves, our friends, and family.

In my experience, online petitions are virtually worthless.

IMHO, everything counts.

Petitions, letters, emails, phone calls.

Be part of the solution.

Will it hurt to sign the petition?

Would like to OC Anygunanywhere in Texas.
Humm thought I already posted but apparently it didn't show up I hope it doesnt double post. Signed! Can someone please point me in the right direction for the same bill for Florida? The brady bunch already gave us a big fat F"yay" and getting OC passed would tell them to shove it even more.
I too just signed the petition. I'd like to have my options open. I've got my CHL, and would likely continue to CCW, but might open carry some, especially in the summer.
Do you think the passage of such a bill might attract more attention to the carry laws in Texas, perhaps increasing the number of businesses posting 30.06 signs?
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