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Here's mine.

10/22 CRR with Weaver 2x7 scope in Leupold mounts, Kidd trigger and homemade leather mag pouch for two xtra mags.


Nice work! Very clean, I really like it.

There have been some killer sales on the take down model in my AO, need to go brave the crowds and get one. Like I need another 10/22.

International Model.

A project from about 2004, GM barrel, Fagen stock Mueller APV in Talley rings and the rest is modified oem.

Krinker kit in mall ninja dress.
Custom 10/22

Man a lot of customs on this thread and I like them all. Here is mine. Customized by MaddMacs' Precision Tactical. My first true Tac Driver! That one pic is an entire magazine, 9 rounds one hole, one flyer. Boyd's Tacticool Stock, ER Shaw barrel, Barska scope, Weaver mounts, Tactical Solutions rail. Action, bolt and trigger by Maddmacs'. Compensator is Maddmacs' latest and greatest.

Pic 2.jpg

Pic 3.jpg

Pic 5.jpg

Pic 6.jpg
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10-22 a1a.jpg [/ATTACH]

1972 ruger 10/22, Green Mountain barrel , Fajen thumb hole stock , and a ton of custom work, , this action was black , many hrs. at the buffing wheel


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Here's my Squirrel hunting rig (minus the can.... until SB93 passes!)

Hogue OD stock
Power custom hammer and auto bolt release
PWS T3 carbon fiber tension barrel
polymer bolt buffer (a must)

I just took these pics today.

Volquartsen Lightweight with carbon fiber barrel.



40 yards with cheap federal ammo.



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Lots of really sweet 1022' here. This is mine but it won't be complete untill the Sparrow II suppressor arrives for it.
I decided to go tacticool on this one. Butler Creek stock on my 1988 vintage 10-22 with a Mitchell 50 round magazine I have had since the mid '80's.

Savanahsdad: how did you finish the receiver? Did you put a clear coat on it? or does the aluminum not need anything? Do you have better close of pics?
New to me, actually to my wife. This was her pick from a collector that passed away. His wife is slowly selling out his collection.

Savanahsdad: how did you finish the receiver? Did you put a clear coat on it? or does the aluminum not need anything? Do you have better close of pics?
no clear coat needed , I wet sanded every thing I could get at by hand, then with a Dremel tool I use lapping compound, to remove the rest of the black finish, then ground the trigger gaurd down, , upgraded springs, and buffer, reworked factory hammer and trigger , trigger pull is at 3.5lbs, with almost no creap, then many hours of buffing with high speed buffing wheel and dremel tool,



ruger 1.jpg


NOTE: The untouched 10/22 is alsol from 1972 ser#111-608xxx it's just a bit older , not bad for a 41 year old Ruger , and still shoots like new !
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