Pistol caliber carbine poll / semi-autos only

Which currently made semi-auto pistol caliber carbine would you want?

  • AR Type / Just Right Carbine / Aero Survival / etc.

    Votes: 78 21.6%
  • Beretta CX4 Storm

    Votes: 46 12.7%
  • CZ Skorpion EVO 3 S1

    Votes: 52 14.4%
  • Kel-Tec Sub 2000

    Votes: 30 8.3%
  • Kriss Vector CRB

    Votes: 15 4.2%
  • Ruger PC Carbine

    Votes: 142 39.3%
  • Sig MPX Carbine

    Votes: 32 8.9%
  • Tavor X95

    Votes: 13 3.6%
  • Uzi style rifle (such as RMUZ 09)

    Votes: 7 1.9%
  • Wilkinson Arms Linda

    Votes: 4 1.1%
  • Zenith Z-5 (H&K 5 derived carbine)

    Votes: 14 3.9%
  • Other

    Votes: 26 7.2%
  • Hi-Point

    Votes: 34 9.4%
  • Auto Ordnance Thompson

    Votes: 25 6.9%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
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With Myers and probably others getting out of guns and ammo completely, it could be from a lot of different sources.
No genius, I'm not "guessing". Did I say that Ruger was discontinuing the PC? No, I did not. I said they buy guns that have been discontinued BY OTHER DISTRIBUTORS. I said that CDNN has them now. That is 'usually' an indication that a particular model is either not selling well or is going to be superseded with a newer model. Just like they did with the 1st generation Precision Rifle, the LCP and countless others. So if I were to GUESS, it would be that Ruger is about to announce an updated version.

CDNN is a clearing house, this is not a revelation.

I know exactly what you meant and it still sounds like your guessing. Did you call them and ask why they are selling them? If not then your guessing.
It seems like the Rugers are getting scarce.

I could be wrong... I search these periodically hoping the prices are coming down, but more and more I see "Out-of-Stock" notifications on them. I am keying on "Ruger PC Carbine" and "Ruger 19100"

Since CDNN was mentioned, the have them listed but they are out of stock.

It seems like they're getting scarce but I could be wrong...
All this talk of Pistol Caliber Carbines... but no mention of the pistols they pair to...

How about a few pictures of the carbines, AND the pistols

Lets see them guys...

Here is my Sub2000 and M&P 2.0, my Just Right Carbine and Glock 19X, and my CMMG MK9 carbine, and MK9 pistol IMG_1026.jpg IMG_1028.jpg
My .357 combo. Winchester compact Trapper and S&W 66. Need to get a pic of my PSA 9mm AR and my G17

You know... thats funny... I forgot another combo I have. Marlin 1894 in 44 Magnum, and my Ruger Super Redhawk.
Well I finely got around to cleaning and shooting one of my two Ruger PC carbines. This was just a short 50 round test.
The gun is accurate. The trigger is very good. I shot a mix of steel case, brass case FMJ and HP`s. I mixed and matched ammo in the magazines and the gun ran flawless. I had switched to the Glock mag insert and use 15, 17 and 33 round mags I would buy this gun again.
I may buy another in the near future.
They're really nice sights. They are a lot lower than AR sights and you can use standard height optics as AR types are too tall. The rear has four different apertures, similar to do AR's dual and the front uses AR type posts. I ordered another set for my American Rimfire utility rifle.

I have had several hi point 9mm rifles and liked them.Probably have another one day.I had an AR that takes glock mags in 9mm but sold it.

My local GS has a Hi Point in 10mm and I am going to buy one but waiting for a black version as I don't care for Camo.

I do have an Olympic AR that shoots .45 and looking for a reasonable one that shoots 9mm with Olympic mags.

I have lever action rifles in .44 magnum and .454 casull/.45 colt.

Always looking for a .357 lever that I can afford.
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