Post pics of your AR and describe your platform.

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Mine is for home defense and range work, just keep it simple. M4.jpg

M4 socomm stock
Ergo grip
R.R.A. 2 stage match trigger group
Dainal Defense EZ-car rail
Danial Defense off set light mount (not shown in pic.)
Magpul vert. grip, B.A.D. lever, R.S.A. & MS2 sling
K.A.C. triger guard & mag release button
EoTech XPS 2 with magpul B.U.I.S.
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Just for fun:

Bushmaster C-15 ultra-lite
UTG quad rail
Houge pistol grip
MOE butt stock
Walther PS-55 red dot
Tapco vertical grip
Flash light holder/flashlight-laser combo
Three point sling
Carry Handle
3-9x40mm scope

here's my lightweight build, might add a little more. but I like the K.I.S.S. approach
Bushmaster 11.5 upper with pinned flash hider
NFA LW15 lower
Voltor emod stock.
Not real big on the tacticool routine.

Top: Generic .223 rifle with a Krieger barrel. It seems to hit what I aim at over long distances.

Center: Armalite AR 10 with a 22 inch Kreiger match barrel. The current sights are Centra CG series. It also seems to hit what I aim at. Timney match trigger also. I really enjoy this rifle.

Bottom: Colt .223 match sporter also with a match trigger. Nice little rifle.


Better look at the AR 10:


Pieces and parts:


Before I forget, the center and bottom rifles are supported with $3.00 prop bi-pods. :) They are used as props only.

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Home Made Lower, DPMS Upper, Larue QD Mounts for the Surefire Flashlight and the Trijicon Acog, Magpul Furniture in FDE Color,Magpul B.A.D. Lever, Duek Defense Rapid Transition Sights Painted in FDE Color, Noveske QD End Plate, Redi-Mag Generation 2, Trijicon Acog TA31RCO 4x32, Larue 9" Free Floating Rail.
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My AR is smarter than your AR. Built from a PSA rifle kit on a PSA lower. Aimpoint, sling & light. Has over 2500 rounds through it and shoots great. Platform is over fifty, overweight and wears a Henschel hat to keep the rain off the glasses
View attachment 643955


Double star h-bar upper, DPMS bolt/carrier, Stag lower, CAA buffer tube, stock, Eotech XPS, mag pull 1 pt, matech buis.

AR10 carbine timney trigger, Eotech XPS, 1 pt sling

One of these things is not like the others.
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home assembled gun

Armalite lower
Palmetto State Armory lower parts kit
Magpul MOE Enhanced grip
PSA receiver extension
PSA H buffer and buffer spring
Colt receiver extension lock nut
Magpul ACS stock
Daniel Defense upper
DPMS forward assist
PSA ejection port cover
VLTOR BCM charging handle with small latch
Daniel Defense bolt carrier and bolt
Daniel Defense CHF 16" 1:7 M4 profile 5.56 barrel
Daniel Defense Low profile gas block
Yankee Hill Machine carbine gas tube
Midwest Industries 9" T Series Free Float handguard
Yankee Hill Machine flash suppressor
Yankee Hill Machine flip up sights

I plan to put a red dot on it eventually...probably AIMpoint Pro are a few of mine...

Future SBR for home defense. Billet lower with matched forged upper. Eventually, 10.5” barrel, 10” centurion rail, YHM suppressor. Already have Magpul MOE grip and stock, Young BCG, ALG Defense QMS trigger, KNS pins, PSA LPK, Daniel Defense buffer tube, H2 buffer,

S&W M&P 15-22 with Weaver 1-3x for 3 gun practice, squirrel hunting and shooting with the kid.

S&W M&P15A factory except for Magpul stock/grip, MI SS12 tube. Currently home defense and training AR.

SRS match gun. 20” Criterion HBAR, 1:8, wylde chamber, PSA lower/upper, PSA LPK, PSA premium full auto milspec BCG

3 gun AR. Sabre Defense lower, BCM upper, VLTOR buffer tube, DPMS MK12 1:8 stainless NATO barrel, MI SS12 tube, PSA LPK, Timney 3lb trigger, spikes ST-2 buffer, CMT full auto BCG, SJC Titan brake
Thanks for all the posts guys. I appreciate the input and the advice. I will also try not to use the phrase "platform" anymore lol.

Thanks again for the help.
-Spikes M4LE 16" upper with 9" BAR rail (1:7 twist chrome-lined HP/MPI barrel)
-PSA lower reciever
-Spikes ST-T2 buffer
-Magpul MOE grip and stock (since replaced with CTR stock)
-Aimpoint PRO red dot (with CompM3 rubber cover)
-Troy Folding Battlesights BUIS
-Vickers VCAS sling

Pictured also is my CMMG WASP dedicated .22LR upper with Magpul MOE forearm and Vortex StrikeFire red dot.

SBR lower, an early M&P15. Non-ramped barrel and upper. Barrel is a medium profile 11.5" 1/7 twist. Muzzle device is a PWS CQB comp, gas block is VLTOR.
Forearm is a modular Troy TRX-E 11". Magpul AFG1 to keep me from shooting my finger off. I like the AFG1 better than the AFG2.
Badger charging handle with RTV silicone "gas buster"
Troy front and rear sights, EoTech, no riser and absolute co-witness.
Lower has a LPK that I found in my sock drawer, MagPul trigger guard and MIAD grip.
Stock is a RRA "entry" stock with a Troy ambi QD sling swivel. This adds 1/4" to the LOP and makes it perfect. I don't like adjustable stocks, just put one on that is the correct length for the intended use and forget about it. H2 buffer.
I've dyed most of my P-mags that brick color (sunshine orange actually) so I won't lose them.
Currently it has a PRO mounted instead of the EoTech.

I originally built this as a dedicated HD rifle, hence the fat barrel and the enormous PWS dogknot, weight was a non-issue. But there was a certain synergy in the way it handled and shot so it ended up doing yoeman duty. I drag it around most everywhere now.

I've got other ARs, but that is the only one with a pic handy.
Ehh, I'll contribute.

Rock River 9mm 16"
Larue UDE Magpul furniture
Larue mid length rail
EOtech XPS
Ambi safety
Larue EOtech riser
Magpul aluminum trigger guard
Vortex brake (not pictured)
JP Enterprises tuned single stage trigger
Purpose: 150 yard plinker. Would love to SBR and suppress it.

BCM 18" 1:8 SPR MK12 Mod 0 upper
DoubleStar lower
JP Enterprises tuned single stage trigger
Ops inc 12th model brake and collar
Larue bipod mount
Ambi safety
Harris 6-9 swivel bipod
Magpul aluminum trigger guard
Enedine hydraulic buffer
BCM medium charging handle
Larue LT104 mount
Nightforce 2.5-10 NPR-2 MOA illuminated optic
Troy battlesight BUIS on rear
Magpul UBR and MIAD
Purpose: Long range toy using heavy bullets. I've taken it to 1k, but realistically optimal at 800 and in.

Doublestar lower
Geissele single stage trigger
Enedine hydraulic buffer
Ambi safety
Ambi charging handle
Larue Mini DOS ACOG mount
CMMG Medcon upper 16" 1:7
PWS brake
Magpul MIAD and CTR furniture
Trijicon ACOG 3x TA-33 Green Horseshoe reticle (good to 600 yards)
Larue 13.2 rail
Magpul aluminum trigger guard
Purpose: jack of all everything gun.
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Updated setup:

Colt LE6920
Geissle SSA trigger
Trijicon Accupoint 1-4x dual illuminated scope (TR24G) in LaRue LT139 SPR-E QD mount
Surefire/VTAC L4 in IWC SMC mount
Magpul MOE handguard w/QD connect
Daniel Defense QD endplate
VCAS (vickers sling from blue force gear)
Magpul MOE+ grip (contains spare bolt, will add firing pin and cam pin) and trigger guard
BCM/Vltor gunfighter charging handle (Mod 4 latch)
Pending: back up rear site

Platforms :evil::neener:

The AR is built with 16" 6.8 SPC barrel, JP forearm, Wilson Combat trigger, some MapPul stuff, and Leupold VXR 2-7 scope. Will be in my deer stand tomorrow. :)
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