S&W sigma 9mm

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Sep 30, 2011
I'm thinking about getting one, I would love some feed back about this gun, anyone have one or has shot one? General opinions? The works? Thanks.
Very good pistol for the price. The trigger is awful if you are coming from a 1911, pretty decent if coming from a Taurus revolver. Learn to shoot it and you can shoot anything.

The early Sigmas had issues that tarnished the brand, but the VE series is a solid gun. Its way too easy to pay significantly more and get a less reliable pistol.
You will need to work on the trigger a little. It's an easy fix and helps some. I have read were some people said the trigger got better after x amount of rounds, but I just sold mine. Still for the price an ok firearm.

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I owned one and didn't give it a fair chance. Itfelt like a glock clone to me and I'm a glock fan. It looked like a glock, took down like a glock, and was accurate like a glock, but it sure didn't shoot like a glock. I bought it based on price and as a plinker. When I took it to the range I hated the trigger. I shot low with it becase of the long heavytrigger pull. I quickly sold it becasue I didn't enjoy anything about it. But looking back on it, it probly would have been ok with a trigger job done to it. For the money, its a decent fire arm but I'd go with the kel tec pf9 in that price range. I love mine.
The trigger is your biggest concern with the Sigma. its something like 11 or 12lb trigger pull. I believe its a good gun and is backed up by Smith&Wesson's excellent lifetime warranty, if you can get used to the heavy trigger pull I think they're decent guns for the money.
The Sigma one of the best $300 NIB pistols available. The trigger is comparable to Glock's NY2 spring equipped triggers. There's still some Glock clone in the current 3rd Gen (VE series) Sigmas, but there's also a lot of S&W in them. Try to shoot one before you buy, or at least handle one in a shop that will let you dry fire it, so you can feel the trigger hands on. If you're okay with the trigger & grip feel there's no reason not to get one.

The Figma will go "bang" if you can pull the trigger. The bullet will hit the bullseye it you can maintain the sight picture through the trigger pull.

Look for a used GLOCK, Springfield XD series, or S&W M&P if you like this style of handgun and the budget is tight.
Owned a half a dozen or so.

Best $250, hicap plastic gun I've ever owned.

Don't like the trigger?

Call S&W customer service.

Tell them it's "rough and gritty".

DO NOT tell them it's "stiff".

They'll email prepaid postage.

Send them the frame.

A couple weeks later it will arrive back smooth as butter and MUCH improved.

And it'll still be under their lifetime warranty.

(btw: Crimson Trace is now making a laser for them. Put one on my car gun.)
I sorta like them, I've shot my nephews several times, and they do have a trigger pull that takes getting used to, but his is very consistent accuracy wise, and all the times we've shot together when he brought it, I don't recall ever seeing if jam.
My dad has one. I've shot it some, not too bad. The trigger's bad, it's blocky like a Glock, but it'll go bang every time, even on ammo my own 9mm won't digest. It's been my best method of disposing of dud rounds and FTFs. And the price can't be beat, either. I picked it up for my dad awhile back for $160 OTD. If you try to compare it to more expensive pistols, you will be sorely disappointed. If you walk into it expecting a cheap POS, you will be pleasantly surprised. For the price, you could have MUCH worse.
S&W sigma 9mm
I'm thinking about getting one, I would love some feed back about this gun, anyone have one or has shot one? General opinions? The works? Thanks.

Hmmm...cross-post from TFL? Anywhoo, don't get one if you don't like shooting revolvers in DA mode. Long heavy trigger. I like long heavy triggers for safety reasons. Sigmas are reliable and "accurate enough" combat guns. Very good value for the money. Not many NEW reliable with warranty full-sized semi-autos guns for $250 to $300? Ruger P-Series is a good contender in that price range, though.
One of the best 9mm guns for the money and very reliable too..

You can lighten the stiff trigger some. I did and I like the gun much.
Thanks all for the info, I've heard about the trigger pull, but the 9 I am using now has a 10 pound pull also so that won't be a factor, I'm more worried about reliability and price. So over all good gun if trigger pull is not an issue, correct?
The current generation Sigmas are reliable and has good ergonomics. If you're current 9mm has a 10 lb trigger, then you will be fine with the Sigma's trigger.
They're a decent value if you want a polymer 9mm and you're insisting on a new gun, but between the two the Ruger P95 is about the same price and I think it's a better gun. Not to say that the Sigma is bad, but between the two I just think the P95 is a better choice.
between the two the Ruger P95 is about the same price and I think it's a better gun. Not to say that the Sigma is bad, but between the two I just think the P95 is a better choice.
If you prefer DA/SA then the Ruger is better. If you like a consistent trigger pull and can shoot a revolver DA, or a Glock with a NY1 or NY2 trigger, then the thinner & lighter Sigma is the better choice. The P95 does a standard accessory rail, which the Sigma lacks requiring an adapter. I think it really comes down to trigger preference between the two.
Well, now, if you are talking about other makes of guns, then why not consider a Sig?

Sig P250 in 9mm has a very smooth and light (around 6 lbs) DAO trigger. I love my P250.

Or, consider the Sig SP2022. It's got the traditional Sig DA/SA system, and people rave about the gun.

Both can be had for less than $400 NIB.
I've had a SW9VE for a couple years now and have no complaints.
The trigger doesn't seem that bad, maybe I just got lucky.
It's rock solid, comfortable and accurate.
I think I paid $325 for mine and got a rebate that was good for $50 or 2 free mags. I took the mags, so now I have 4.
You can do a lot worse even at more money.
This isn't a target pistol, it's just a good shooting gun that will last a long time.
It's my EDC.
The trigger sucks, but can be fixed by S&W, or left alone. It smooths out eventually. It is better than any DA revolver I've shot, though.
Everyone's right about it being blocky like a Glock, but I like the ergonomics over the Glock grip.
There are very few accessories for it. I don't even bother looking for sigma holsters, I find something that looks like it might fit and try it out at my LGS.
The damn thing shoots, and ejects everything I feed it... accurately.
Mods please lock and delete this thread. The Sigma was not even on my radar yesterday....now I am trying to figure out how to justify buying one......my bank account hate this forum
Thank you all for your input, it has been very helpful, I'll be getting mine after my next paycheck!
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