Sanity check .... P225 new old stock vs. new!!

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Jul 1, 2008
I wanted to post this question on the SIGforum but for some reason it's taking the moderators days to approve my new membership!

Anyway, here's the deal, I've had a P225 since '95 and I really, really like this pistol. I'd like to buy another since "two is one, one is none". I've found a NIB German made 1992 pistol with two magazines which is basically what I have. The sights are the standard factory sights and the finish on the slide is NOT the newer SIG Nitron finish. I could probably get this pistol for around $650. On the other hand, Top Gun Supply has German made NIB P225s that come with SIG night sites and a Nitron coated slide with two magazines. These are still being made in Germany for the European market it seems but TGS has them for $769.95. I called TGS this morning to ask if the slide has an internal or external extractor. My P220 bought in '92 has an internal extractor as does my P225. However, my P220 Carry and P220 Combat bought this year have external extractors. According to TGS, the P225 they're selling has an internal extractor so it seems like they're simply better versions of what I already have.

So here's my question, it'd cost over $200 to have the '92 P225 slide Nitron coated and SIG night sights added so isn't is a no-brainer to buy the new production P225 for $769.95 versus the new old stock from '92 for $650? Am I missing something?

I'd buy a surplus P6 for about $350 bucks less, and do whatever you want to do to it.

Mine came as new for a little over $300 with two mags and other stuff.
I dropped a P225 mainspring in it, and put Meprolite sights on it, and the trigger is as good as it needs to be.

I would get the NOS, assuming it's truly NOS and hasn't been field stripped and dry fired over the years. I don't care for the Nitron finish. IMHO it's too hard on the barrels and causes unsightly cosmetic wear.
rc, great advice for anyone interested in the P6/P225 pistol. I think I'll find a P6 and do as you suggested ... eventually. For now though, I've decided that I want a NIB early model P225 similar to what I already have. The main reason for this is that I can't find a definitive answer as to whether the 2009 and 2010 P225s are identical to the early '90s variants, other than the obvious addition of Nitron coating and night sights. SIGs from the early '90s are unquestionably superb so my plan is to go "old school".

Thanks as well to HuntAndFish and Tecolote for your comments.

Curiously enough, I saw two p6 Sig's for sale today; one at the local gun shop and the other at Gander Mt. The local shop was asking $450 and Gander wanted $400-
anyone interested in the P6/P225 pistol
It's worth noting that SIG-USA no longer offers parts or service for the P-225, and never did offer it for the P6.

I felt more comfortble paying $300 for a P6 I can't get parts for then $750 for a P-225 I can't get parts for.

Sometimes you do see some P225 spring kits for sale. I was looking for and found one of those, I haven't needed to look for anything else though...yet.
Brownell's still has some P-225 parts, including hammer springs last time I checked.

Things like firing pins and extractors were already out of stock when I got my P6 a couple of years ago.

But when those are gone, there won't be anymore from SIG-USA.

I _believe_ that the P6/225 shares firing pins and extractors with modern Sig models. Every time I looked them up I got interchanges with later ones.

Bear in mind lots of P6s don't feed hollowpoints without work, and need a 225 mainspring to get a reasonable DA trigger.

I can't find any place that still sells them for $250-300 like two years ago. J&G has them for $349, or $359 with Sig white-dot sights. Internally they're near-new but cosmetics are a little spotty. I paid $20 for hand select and got this.

rcmodel said:
It's worth noting that SIG-USA no longer offers parts or service for the P-225, and never did offer it for the P6.

SIG's Custom Shop pricelist dated August 2010 seems to include the P225 but you may well be right. Regardless, I have over 10,000 rounds through one of my P220s (the one I bought in '92) without a single failure of any part so I'm not overly worried about the P225 needing parts or service either. This past Friday I bought a NIB '92 model for $650. OK ... it's a couple of hundred more than most of the used P6s that I've seen but it's not much more than the amount I paid for the new one that I bought in '95. All in all I'm a happy camper and looking forward to having a pair of P225s from the last century.

A P6 or two are definitely on my wish list still.

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