SiG P245?

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Jan 9, 2004
hope you all can fill me up with opinions to make my life even more full... ...I was big into SiGs at one time and wanted one of these to compliment my P220...I never got around to the P245...left SiG for a time but now am back (SiGagain... )...I now have a SiGARMS GSR Revolution STX...a P225 at SiGARMS for a Nitron finish and the SSP...I am thinking about a smaller pistol for concealed carry and the P245 has come back into my head...I have read all the posts I could find here and there...
I have seen the BEAUTIFUL full stainless (rare?) colored version...that's not going to happen for me...seen the two toned...nice...seen them in Nitron...I think I have to get's what I would like to get:

DA/SA trigger...don't want the DAO
Night Sights-perhaps the AE Big Dot front sight
All Silver is 1st choice...2 toned 2nd choice and Ilaflon or Nitron 3rd...

I have seen a few NIB for more than I think I want to pay...the All Silver seems WAY outta my price "pain threshold" and a couple of CPOs.

What can you share that I should expect, pricewise, performancewise, this one worht getting???
Thanks for anything you care to share...
Restless in Chicagoland...
can anyone compare the size of the P245 with a GLOCK 27???...none locally to try out and these are difficult to find at a fair price...
The P245 is no longer listed on SIGarms' catalog, but you can still find them. Only saw one in the last 6 months, and it was $700 NIB.
I have seen them but I am curious to learn anyones experiences since I prefer not to buy a pistol without knowing how it might seems the only doubt I now have of this pistol is if it will be too small in the grip or not...thanks for the heads up...
thanks for the info 357SIG...the pistol gods have spoken and there will be no P245 for me.
I can't find one to "test feel" in the Chicagoland area...
I have gotten some decent prices but the prices have sure driven up since Thanksgiving.
The sweet deal I had found on a CPO dried up (I balked when I couldn't locate an FFL) and the new price for the CPO is the same as the old NIB prices...
Prices still aren't bad but have risen $75 to $100 since I started looking just at Thanksgiving...
I have a cracked tooth so it is off to the Dentist and a temporary crown fitting...there goes the budget for a pistol.
Thanks for the info...perhaps the fever will break...(I bet not)
Happy Holidays.
silversport said:
DA/SA trigger...don't want the DAO
That's interesting.

I came to Sig BECAUSE OF their DAO/DAK. I've always like S&W autoloaders but dislike their DAO models because they lack a repeat striker capability which ARE, however, available on the Sig autoloaders.

Different strokes for different folks :)
I have shot the DAK...not bad but a long pull on the trigger...I also like the DA/SA...I HATE the DAO...but you are right on about different strokes...I can't stand the short trigger either...
I don't care for the P245 or the P220 Carry. I never felt like the P220 printed terribly enough to justify the loss in capacity and grip length of the P245....
I never could come to terms with my P245 and I wound up selling it to fund another P220. :)
I have a Glock 27 and Sig P245 that I carry IWB. I also have a Glock 29 10mm and Sig P239 in .40S&W. Personally I love Sigs MUCH more than Glock. The Glock 27 is smaller than the Sig P245 but not by that much. Feel wise, I find the Sig much more natural feeling. On the other hand, the G27 gives you 10+1 .40S&W whereas the Sig P245 gives you 6+1 .45ACP. If I had to choose between the 2 I would choose my Sig 245 hands down. If you still want one check KY Imports, they have a couple listed ($559.99 and $599.99 w/night sites).

Technical Data

Sig P245: 7.28” OAL, 5.0" Height, 1.34” Width, 3.9” Barrel Length, Trigger pull DA 10 lbs., SA 4.5 lbs., Weight, w/o magazine 27.5 oz.

Glock G27: 6.29” OAL, 4.17” Height, 1.18” Width, 3.46” Barrel Length, Trigger pull 5.5lbs, Unloaded Weight (w/out mag?) 19.75 oz.

Here is a photo I took for you to use as a comparison of the two.

You might also consider a Sig P239 .40S&W. It is about the same size as the P245 and seems to be much easier to find. Buds and KY Imports both have a few P239s listed.

Here is a photo with the P245 (top), P239 (lower right), a Taurus 850 .38spl and Glock 27.
thanks for the pics...if have read of problems dealing with KYImports as well as those guns on the website haven't been updated in several years...thanks for the info...
I had one waiting under the tree for me. It's two tone with night sights. Haven't had a chance to shoot it yet. But I'll try to let you know how I like it when I do. Should be this weekend. I have smallish hands so the grip isn't too short for me. This is my first SIG so I won't be able to compare to the 220.
I have owned quite a few SiGs and with the exception of my P232 I enjoyed them all...I predict you will experience the same with your P245...enjoy and I look forward to reading how it goes at the range...mmmmmmmmm...two tone...
Not an official range report, but....

I managed to get a few rounds out of it before it jammed like crazy and basically quit working.

Just kidding. :neener: Unfortunately I grabbed a box that had about twenty rounds and the rest were just empty shells. HOWEVER, of those twenty or so rounds no problems. I could hit milk jugs full of water pretty dang easy and recoil was much less than I feared. I would compare the difference in felt recoil between a 245 and a 5 in 1911 as I would the difference in shooting a 9mm and a 40 cal. Slightly more but not enough to cry over.

I think its a great choice. Its a tad thick for IWB, but its other dimensions are nice for carrying or shooting.

If I can get my PC fixed I'll post some pictures, NO guarantee though.
Gloat away...that is beautiful and just how I would have wanted mine...after several false starts to get myself one of these, I have convinced myself that the pistol gods have deemed I will not have a SiG P245...not going to happen for me...I will keep my eyes open but...
Thanks for the pics.
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