Tell me about CZ 75 please

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CZs are great guns..I have played back and forth with different platforms for USPSA production division competition and have always gravitated back to the CZ. I have shot a Beretta E2, Sig 226, Glock 34, Smith M&P, only one I haven't tried yet is a tricked up XD.
so far the CZ has fit my small hands, short fingers great. gun is small, good balance, points well and very accurate for USPSA competition.

My guns aren't stock, always new sights, action work and new grips.

my current competition gun; a stainless 75B with upswept beavertail.
I love their styling, ergos, accuracy, price.

The only negative for me is my short fingers have a hard time getting the proper purchase on the trigger in DA. (Is this the correct way to say it?)
I spent over two months checking-put every high-cap 9mm out there. Every forum, every post. I went to a local range and "rented" about a dozen different 9's and fired them. I talked to police officers, collectors, etc...
When all was said and done, I spent $505 on the CZ 75B. (coulda had it for $475 if I'd made my decision 2 weeks earlier).
It was the only pistol that had zero negative comments (other than weight), no reports of a failure of any kind.
Since I got it, I've fired over 500 rounds of every cheap, lousy ammo I could find and it's eaten everything I've fed it without complaint. Accurate, sturdy, fit's my hand. Another thing to look at- who uses it as their service arm? I understand that it's one of the most widely used service arms in the world.
Easy to strip and clean.
I'd like to be able to find something negative to say about it, but there isn't anything... Oh yeah, extra mags are kinda pricey...
Bottom line- you will not be disappointed if you get one-period.
get the mecgar mags.

16rnd or the new 17rnd/19rnd AFC mags.
the 16rnd mags are about $22 each new ( I just bought 3 for about $70 shipped, and the AFC mags are around $25/$29 each too.
The only negative for me is my short fingers have a hard time getting the proper purchase on the trigger in DA. (Is this the correct way to say it?)

the reach to the DA trigger point can be reduced by using thinner grips and the newer recurved trigger. it works for me.

the trigger has a smaller radius so if you have thick fingers it might pinch. but just small short fingers like mine it and the thin aluminum grips work perfectly
I have a CZ related question, and rather than posting a new topic I thought I'd ask here first.

What is the difference between a regular 75b and the Omega? I want to get a Kadet kit for mine but it seems like I read that you can't use them on the Omega. Is that true?
CZ redesigned the trigger system in the Omega version. It is supposed to make for easier disassembly and maintenance. It does allow for switching one gun from manual safety to decocker ( as the P07 uses this system.)

it looks like CZ modified the Kadet kit to fit the Omega, so just make sure you are getting a current manufacture Kadet kit if you buy one. There is a thread on CZforum that shows the additional cut they made to fit the different firing pin block lever.

Last time I checked, everywhere I knew to check, and I could not find any recurved triggers. Even checked the factory.

Do you know where they could be found?

Many Thanks.
Well guys you have succeeded in opening my eyes. I was dead set on a PX4 Storm for my next auto but now will have to see how the CZ feels in my hand. I am a little worried about CC though as everyone has noted the substantial weight.I live in South Texas so clothes are usually minimal.... lol. Thanks for all the info though. Look forward to seeing what the fuss is all about!
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I am a little worried about CC though as everyone has noted the substantial weight.I live in South Texas so clothes are usually minimal....

Then get the alloy framed, compact CZ-75D PCR or P-01 to cut down on the weight. I carry the PCR daily. Also, CZ now has the polymer framed P-07, but I have no experience with it.
I've never owned a 75 (did an 83 .380acp some years back, good pistol) but did shoot one some years back - the tightest grouping 9mm I've ever shot. some of this may have been attributed to the handloads the owner (a long time loader of 9mm) had that were capped with 124gr Remington Golden saber slugs.
the best pistol, for the money, you will ever buy. I am a dedicated cz fan, I have had many of their rifles, and their pistols fall in the exact same class;
you get MORE than what you pay for.

now then, who else likes CZ? lets count the copies. TZ, tangfolio, eaa, witness , smith/wesson,and many others I just can't think of right now. Once you get used to looking at the CZ in profile, you will go to gunshops or shows , and say to yourself, ' there's a cz copy, and there's another, and that's one...'
their pistol grip design, was just too good, too comfortable. Double front, double back bumps, with slight upturn at the bottom, fits hhhlike a glhhhove!( an homage to Ace Ventura) slide inside frame... smooth as butta.
Don't worry, you'll start to see the copies everywhere.

Lastly, it seems to me, that whenever you hear stories come out from shooting championships, that the production division is almost allways one by a cz, or they come in the top 3.
same with the 'prostock' division. So you know it is a sweet ride.
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I want a CZ sooooooooo bad. No gunstores sell them locally. I hope to find one at the gunshow this weekend. If I see one, I will get it....even if I promised myself not to buy another gun the next few months.:mad:
BP Hunter. CZs were rare here in lewiston/clarkston for many years.

Seen a New CZ Compact (9mm) in two-tone for 5 ish.

Other places in ID like Tri-State has CZ pistols.

However, Your best bet is to go to Walla Walla.

Best of luck with your eventual CZ purchase.

CZ copies or country

ITM AT-84 & AT-88
Sphinx 2000 & 3000
ASAI One Pro

Norinco NZ-75

Czech Republic
CZ-Strakonice (not related to CZ-up) model TT

Gamba SA-90
Tanfoglio Witness brands and TZ-75 variations
Bernadelli (produced by Sarsilmaz)

Canik Various models
Sarsilmaz AR-24 & Kilinc (Turkish military is armed by CZ-75's and Sarsilmaz copies)

Romarm Infantry Side Arm

BUL DDA and Cherokee
IMI/IWI Jericho & Baby Eagle

Sterling Spitfire

Dornhous and Dixon Bren Ten

Armscor MAP
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I love my CZ 75B but....

My CZ is a great pistol. I like the high capacity and how it fits in my hand. I also like that it is a full metal framed pistol. Next to a Browning Hi Power, it is the only 9mm I would own. It is very accurate and well built.

It does have some negatives. The mags are close to $50. I did get two mags when I bought it. The trigger is nice in double action, but has quite a bit of take up when firing single action. I am a little spoiled in that area. I mainly shoot 1911s. Do not dry fire your CZ. If you want to do practice drills, pick up some snap caps. The pistol is not really customizable compared to a Hi Power, but that might not be an issue. I did read a post by a gun smith who claimed they were hard to work on, but I hear you can just send them back to CZ.

Guns and Ammo has a write up on the CZ almost every month it seems. It has been toted as the best 9mm ever. I guess I should revise that, the article was titled. The CZ 75B, The best 9mm ever?

Anyway, after some research, I decided to purchase it. It was a great bargain and extremely well made in my opinion.:)
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Used to get new, factory, high capacities from CDNN all day long for under twenty bucks. I don't know if you can still get them from there or not.
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