The Little Carbine that Could

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If I purchased firearms on looks alone, I would never even consider and Enfield, Ugly man now that is ugly. While Keltecs do fold up nice and neat, and I will probably get one some day Just for that reason, their stock sights seem pretty lame, and I would bet that if they were knocked together a bit the Hi Point would win everytime.

Heavy is good, heavy is reliable, if it doesn't work, you can just hit him with it!
Bought a used High Point 9mm at gunshow, just because it was so inexpensive. Really fugly, but a functional firearm for $100 ? Took it to pistol range and was simply amazed at the accuracy. Took it to rifle range and embareassed several sophisticated shooters. :neener:

However the mag changing and operating /charging procedure will probably keep it from serious defense consideration. (unless couldn't afford something else)
Good job Doc, I think you've spent your money very well.

We used to have a guy on here, in fact he might still be, he'd come onto EVERY pistol caliber carbine thread and post how they serve no purpose at all. I'd point out the exact same usage as Doc here has, backyard varmint control quiet enough to keep from upsetting the neighbors. He would always ignore my point and argue on about how a REAL gun could do everything better. One day I cornered him and told him that I'd just given him good reason for a subsonic pistol carbine, what about THAT? His reponse was that not everyone has the cash to buy a rifle for just one purpose. Dumb answer. :banghead: $150? :D In a caliber that I have onhand for a pistol already? :D Well I recognised that I was debating a troll so I stopped.

The 45ACP version has completed it's test trials acording to one of the Hi-Point engineers over on thier forum. Still no telling when it will be produced though since Hi-Point can't keep up with the current demand. Oh well, I'll just keep waiting I guess.
I like mine and would buy it again as well as recommend it to others. I did buy the ATI stock (which improved the overall feel of the gun 5X) and put a cheapo red dot on it.

I can rapid fire all rounds in a smaller paper plate at 50 yards with ease.


Mine does NOT like Federal HP....and I havent tried any other in it. I originally swore off all HP ammo but recently noticed when loading my Glock 19 that the Federal has a substantially wider and flatter nose then the other HP ammo I perhaps it will feed HP after all...just not Federal. Even if it doesnt Im not going to complain, its reliable with FMJ and its great fun, plenty accurate and cheap.

When you bought that carbine did it come with a little pouch like mine shows, if so thats called the "Pro Pack". Its the standard offering plus 2 extra magazines (total of 3) and a butt stock mag carrier. You got a great deal, if you check around these commonly go for $200+ - I paid $180 for mine thru Classic Arms.
No, I didn't get the stock magazine holder. That is really nice! Mine came with the following:

1) The carbine
2) 3, 10-round magazines
3) a sling
4) scope rail to replace rear sight
5) 1 spare screw for the scope mount/sight mount retaining

You know, I hope they put these on sale again...I might have to purhcase a second one.
I just ran across a nice article about the Hi-Point carbine. It was published in American Rifleman in March, 2005, pages 60-61. The article deals with the Hi-Point model 4095 (.40 S&W). They list accuracy figures for three different loads, averaging the minimums and maximums for an overall accuracy of 1.65 at 50 yards. Their best group averaged 1.24" and the worst averaged 2.23" @ 50 yards.

My group measured .90" X .98" @ 25 yards, and that was off-hand with iron sights. I can't wait to put the scope or red dot sight on it and test it from a bench. These little carbines are, without question, sufficient for short-range varmints.

Thanks for all of the in-put guys!
I had one. I wanted a carbine that I could shoot at indoor pistol ranges, liked 9mm, and had read a lot of good things about them. I bought one for about $175 a few years back.

It was an OK gun. 100% reliable and it was pretty accurate. However, the design of the stock was terrible- it kind of slapped my cheek just right to be uncomfortable to shoot. Something I considered unforgivable in a gun that shot 9mm. It was fairly fun though. I never shot it much, so at a Maryland THR shoot I offered it for $100 when one of my fellow shooters really liked it and he bought it.

Fast forward about a year to another MD THR shoot. He now had a cheap red dot sight on the gun. That raised the cheek weld about an inch, enough to keep it from slapping my face and it was now comfortable to shoot. With the red dot at a 25 yard pistol range it was just silly accurate.

While I'm not in a huge hurry (I have other priorities right now), I definately want another Hi Point Carbine with the red dot sight.
Two things help with the face-slap. First and foremost, one has to keep the face about 1" away from the part of the stock's cheek piece where it begins to rise. Second, you must use the sling, and be sure to wrap the forward arm securely through it. Proper use of the sling is an absolute must for control...specifically controlling the carbine from not hitting your face.

That is an excellent point! Thanks for that contribution!
Opted for the Beretta

I went into the local shop looking at the HiPoint and Beretta carbines. When comparing side by side, the Beretta just had a nicer feel and look. The parts were milled smoother. When I left the store, my wallet was quite a bit lighter. Figured, I was going to have this carbine for a good number of years, so why not splurge and go for the Beretta. Had it out a couple of times and it shoots great. Gotta love that 9mm (no recoil). Also got is hooked up with a cheap tactical light so when I'm looking around the yard/house at night, everything is right there on the gun.

I have 2 995 carbines.
I love them.
Wife loves them.
Kids love them.

Great reliable, fun rifle.

Did I mention my "Wife" loves them!
She is also a dead shot with it at 100 yds.
The lack of cheap high capacity mags kept me from getting one. I'll go with the Kel-Tec when I do end up getting a 9mm carbine. Same mags as my sig, is a huge plus.
I bought a 9mm used at a gun show 3 years ago. It was in pretty bad shape, so I sent it back to the factory right away. They replaced various parts including the slide and receiver.

It shot great after that for about 1000 rounds, then the safety snapped off. Sent it back again. Almost everything was replaced this time, except they didn't line up the firing pin correctly and it would hit the primer off center...way off.

Sent it back again. No reimbursement for shipping.

Bottom line? Great as a plinker when it works. Very accurate and approaches 357 revolver velocities. But the metal used is very soft and wears out quick.

Oh, but I do have like 8 extra mags now...:rolleyes:
I have a Hi-Point carbine in 9mm. I feel like I am carrying one of the rifles from the old "Planet of the Apes" movie series when I take it to the range.

I have never had a jam with it, but I haven't fired more than several hundred rounds through it. I really like the sights on the rifle.

Does anybody know anything that might improve the mushy trigger pull? This carbine is fairly accurate now, but I think it is a trigger job away from some very nice groups.

Where's my 10mm and .357 Sig model???
I choose the hi-point over the kel-Tec for the inability to mount optics on the kel-tec. To me there's no point in owning a 9mm carbine if you can't put a red dot on it:rolleyes:

I had the opportunity to use Hi-Points customer service. A really first rate experience. I sent my 995 in for a broken firing pin with a letter asking to buy a scope mount and have it installed while being serviced. TWO weeks later I had a rifle with three mags a scope rail, polished feed ramp, a new stock new metalwork, a new trigger, replacement springs........ FREE OF CHARGE The only parts left from my $100 pawnshop carbine was the barrel bolt and "receiver"
Wow! That is first class service all the way! The only other company that I have heard have that degree of service is T/C. Hopefully we will never need their customer service, but if we ever do, having read your post gives me a sense of assurance in advance! Thanks for that info in your post. It seems that the operative word from your post is that your Hi-Point was used when you bought it, and they still gave that excellent service?! First class!
bullet velocity in carbine vs pistol?

Ok, I'm interested in this thread and the Hi Point sounds like fun. I shoot on a farm with houses nearby and my high power centerfire rifles are loud and require a very substantial backstop on the range. More gun is not always better! My question...since the 9mm shoots approx 1100-1200 fps out of a handgun, what is the velocity out of this 16.5" carbine? How is the tragectory out to 100 yards?
Excellent question, and I no longer have a chronograph. Does anyone here have a chrono that they would be willing to test their 9MM Hi-Point?
velocity answers

I found my answer on the Hi Point website in a reprint of a magazine article. They tested it with 4 types of ammo:
Winchester 115 fmj 1376fps
Winchester 147 subsonic 974fps
PMC Starfire 95 jhp 1441fps
Black Hills 115 jhp+p 1500fps

Not too bad.....
Dunhams in my area (central Indiana) has them on sale again. I think the 9mm was $170 and the .40 with scope was $200.

FYI, according to ATI customer service, their stock doesn't fit the .40 model carbine and there aren't currently any plans to make one that does. Looks like I have to choose between 9mm and .40 now. I have two .40 handguns and zero 9mm, so I was leaning that way, but I really wanted to switch that stock out...

Buddy of mine bought the HP 9mm cabine and loves it for the money. Went and picked one up myself Monday and even if it is ugly as sin, it shoots. Wife is learning to shoot, loves my 10/22 but hate my 9mm pistol, won't touch my 12ga, so I thought the carbine might be more her speed. I ran a couple hundred rounds through it straight out of the box and it goes Bang everytime, trigger could be better but it is accurate, and with so little recoil it is so easy to stay on target. At first blush it is well worth the $200 I spent on it. I am about to order the aftermarket stock and pick up some more spare mags, but it is a fun little gun. Friday afternoon my wife, kids, and I are going to run some more rounds through it, and I think she is going to have a very good time with it.
I have a Hi-Point 40 caliber carbine - after 1500 rounds I started having problems with a jam every once in a while - then the charging handle started sticking back -

I sent it in and they had to replace most of the moving parts - the service guy told me to use some different ammo because what I was using was tearing the insides of the gun up. I used WWB 165 gr target loads from Wally-World! He said Blazer is the best ammo for a Hi-Point -

I paid $170 for mine - included 3 mags and the butt pad / mag holder - plus a junk scope - I like the open sights better than a scope anyway - and I shoot better (under 50 yards) without one.

So easy to shoot - so accurate -

Just follow the directions on how to take it apart - its hard the first time - but I can strip - clean - reassemble my Hi-Point in 30 minutes now.

I now want a 9MM carbine - thought I would pick up a used one (gun show) but most of the time the used ones are priced higher than a new one!
I recently purchased a Ruger PC9 carbine. It's about double the cost of the HighPoint. I went with it specifically because it uses the same magazines as my Ruger P89 (of which I have many). That being said, if it were not for that feature and the fact that I'm a dyed in the wool Ruger fan, I would've bought the HighPoint instead.

Still might someday.........;)
9mm Carbine

The only reason I don't yet own a Hi-Point carbine is that I got a CX4 Storm and a Marlin Camp 9 first.

Due to a running argument I've been having with the gods of spare time and remodeling, I have yet to take the Beretta to the range. After more than a year.

* Sigh *

I have, howver, had the Camp 9 out at the range a few times. Holy smokes. Bottle caps at 50 yards.

I work with a guy who has the Hi-Point. He upgraded his stock to the Faux Storm thing, added a red dot, and he's good out past 150 yards.

Since I already had two 9mm carbines, I figured I would get my wife and son their own pistols before getting another carbine for me.

Well, I took care of that over Xmas. Summer's coming. I might have to get another 9mm carbine. Unless I get another M1 Carbine first. Who knows?

If I can just get the god of range time to intercede for me with the gods of remodeling and spare time, I'll have some targets to post.
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