Tisas 1911

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Jul 6, 2008
Calirado (formerly Colorado)
Picked one of these up from Bud's... I got some Esmerelda grips but they are thinner so they came with new grip bushings. How do I get the old ones out? They look like they might be pressed in, but they have a slot for a screwdriver. I tried to turn them but couldn't budge um. Are they staked or something?
Mine were just screwed in - didn't take any special effort to remove the grip panels. Please report your experience from the range, I'm curious how reliable yours is. Oh, and pics with the new grips!
The grip bushings may be loctited in place. Apply a little heat with a soldering iron to soften it.

Be careful when installing the new ones. The threads are very fine and can cross easily.
If made to original spec, they are threaded. I suppose they could be staked in. If made correctly, with proper grips, the grip screw does not seat down on top of them either. When they do, the insert sometimes comes back out when removing the screw.


I broke it down, cleaned all the excess oil and re-lubed it. I ran 200 rounds of Federal 230g JHPs through it with no issues at all. I was using Wilson Combat 7 rd mags (which I left loaded about 24 hrs to help break in springs.)

Sights are kinda hard to see, but I'm used to Trijicons on my Glocks. It definitely points more naturally than a Glock and I was surprised at how accurate I was for my first time shooting .45.

The grips popped off easy, just am having trouble with the bushings. I'll try some heat tonight and see if that helps. If not, a local gunsmith said he'd switch them for $30.

The new grips are pretty...I'll post a pic when I get them on!
If made to original spec, they are threaded. I suppose they could be staked in. If made correctly, with proper grips, the grip screw does not seat down on top of them either. When they do, the insert sometimes comes back out when removing the screw.
In regards to "original spec", according to Bud's they are built to NATO AQAP and ISO 9001 standards if that means anything.

Thanks for the heat suggestion, I'll try that in a bit.

Soldering iron and some Vise Grips worked like a charm. After I cleaned the threads out the new ones were easy to get back in. Definite improvement I think!

Pics as promised:

I highly recommend www.esmerelda.cc!

She has a high quality picture of each set of grips on her website and she ships super fast!
Get The Right Tools

If you're going to be removing & installing grip bushings, this magna tip grip bushing driver bit is well worth the few bucks: http://www.brownells.com/gunsmith-tools-supplies/general-gunsmith-tools/screwdrivers-sets/magna-tip-bits/magna-tip-1911-auto-bushing-driver-bits-prod493.aspx

If you want to keep them from coming out, use blue loctite (#262), or if you really want to keep them from coming out, stake them with this: http://www.brownells.com/gunsmith-tools-supplies/power-tools-accessories/drill-bits/1911-auto-grip-bushing-staker-prod696.aspx
I have a staking tool, but loctite has generally worked fine for me (and the driver bit will break them loose with not a lot of effort).
Thanks, it's my first 1911 and I'm sure it won't be my last! I ordered a Wheeler 89pc gunsmith kit from Amazon tonight so I won't have to ham fist from now on. Not sure if it comes with a slim bushing driver or not.

I do love the look. The only thing I don't like now is the safety has a bit of weird machining on the one corner/curve. That and I may throw a Wilson trigger on it...nothing too light as I will be carrying it.
That's a handsome pistol Dave! Keep us updated as you shoot/clean/mod it, if you will. I, too, find the sights lacking, and would like some 3-dots on it, and perhaps someday I'll do some trigger work ...
Very nice. The original grips are not bad.. just kinda ummmm boring. Even with the checkering the grain on the new grips stands out.
Amazing what a simple set of new grips can do for the looks of a gun. Night and day difference in my opinion.
Maybe you should get the slide cut for Novak sights if you want to use it for ccw.
The new grips look just great on that gun!

The rest of what I really like about it is what it doesn't have. No FCS, No EE, No big rollmark.
I can't tell from the pic, did it come with a short trigger?
Sorry, I'm not quite sure what you mean by short trigger as this is my first 1911. I'm waiting on Walt Kuleck's books, so maybe I can ID it when they come in.

Could you elaborate on FCS, EE and rollmark?

Also, I lucked out & Alan Yoast had a Milt Sparks Versa Max II in stock, so I ordered that. I almost ordered one with the 22 - 26 week wait. :)
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ISO 9001 standards if that means anything.

Sure it means something in regards to how they run their business. Yet not a darn thing about their product.
Front strap blocky?

I think Tisas are made by the same company that makes/made Regent. The front strap on the Regent was quite blocky. Are the latest Tisas the same way?

I'm on the fence in getting one.:banghead:

BUds claim ti have sold 2,500 of them with a 4.9 out of 5 rating for satisfaction.

Oh, the grips make it better looking!
Good looking pistol. I'm biased towards the quality/value of Turkish small arms.
I could not have said it better. I have numerous Turkish made guns (Regent 1911, SAR K2 and a Hatsan Escort 12G) and they are IMO exactly as you say, good quality firearms affordably priced.
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