What does your WIFE carry?

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My wife doesn't carry yet, but she is working towards that goal, something she hopes to achieve this fall. Many of you may recall my wife's stance on guns from a thread I posted almost a year ago. She was virulently anti gun at the time. Well, with all the madness and uncertainty going on in the world (armed robberies as an example) and the shooting in CO in particular, she has made a complete 180. This change of position was all her, I really didn't influence her in any manner.

She recently acquired a pair of Colts, pictured below. Both are absolutely perfect for her tiny, child-like hands and relatively significant recoil sensitivity (both have mild recoil). The larger 1903 Colt will be for belt carry (she prefers open carrying it, but will get her carry permit so she has that option) and the smaller 1908 may get used with an ankle holster, belly band, or smart carry. For now, I'm letting her research her options, providing guidance on options, mechanical operation of the guns, shooting lessons, tactics and laws.

Also, still need to put a few hundred more rounds through these before we call them trustworthy.

Colt 1903 Pocket Hammerless, 32 ACP (made in 1909):

Colt 1908 Vest Pocket, .25 ACP (made in 1915):

Some beautiful classic hardware there. I agree with the need for reliability testing with any gun but in particular for older ones no doubt.

Any particular reason you are choosing to CCW your older guns?

I don't have a wife.......... But I fantasize about having one that wears leather and carries two Wilson Combat 1911's............ Mmmmmmmmmmmm leather clad assasin woman......:scrutiny:

I'm sure this will get deleated.... LOL!

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Mine carries a Glock 36 with 230gr. gold-dots. However she'd likely carry my XD-Tactical 45 if she could figure out how to conceal it without changing her entire wardrobe.
Bersa Thunder 380

For the first few years of marriage my wife had no interest in carrying. However, she is a pharmacist in a small town and she gets some pretty sketchy customers who come in wanting their hydrocodone much too early. She now carries her Bersa Thunder 380 regularly. We tried several different guns and the Bersa was what she shot the best even though she qualified with a Glock 26 the month before. I would have rather she got the Glock, but it's her gun not mine.
My wife does not carry. However, whenever we leave our home together, she usually asks, if I did not forget "something".
If I have to leave her and the kids "alone" at home, I always double check that one of my guns is loaded and ready for use just in case. I find that not bad for a "girl" from a non-gun family.
Kimber Ultra Carry II of SP 101

She had plenty to choose from and chose trhe Kimber for belt carry. This is hers and I have not even fired it yet. The beautiful gun rides in a great Simply Rugged carved with a Celtic knot just behind her right hip. If not then the SP 101 in in her purse and maybe even an PCP in a pocket.
When I first met her she had a .45 Ruger P90 in her truck along with other things. I never hear the end of it about putting night sights on her Ruger. Yes better at night but combat sights are not as good for target. She sometimes misses the 50 yard gong with the P90 now.
Having a comfotrable holster is a must for all of us and it took me a long time to settle on my favorites. Milt Sparks and #1 Simply Rugged for the beauty and comfort factoe with concealibility as a priority.
She doesn't carry often, but it she does, it is usually my M&P Shield, while I have my G19. I am trying to get her to renew her CHP for either here or FL, but she is dragging her feet. I would like to get her something of her own, I think it might encourage her to carry more. I was thinking of a Sig 232 as she finds the recoil of the Shield to be a little intimidating. Now I am regret selling the 232 I used to have.
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