What is your education level?

What level of schooling do you have?

  • Some High School

    Votes: 16 1.8%
  • High School/GED

    Votes: 116 13.1%
  • Working on/have a Graduate Degree

    Votes: 396 44.7%
  • Working on/have a Masters/Law degree/MD

    Votes: 283 31.9%
  • Working on/have PHD or above

    Votes: 75 8.5%

  • Total voters
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BS in pharmacy. Different from most BS degrees,in that it required 2 years pre pharmacy + 3 years of pharmacy for total of 5. This was 1968 and no way to finish early due to course progression and prerequisites. Requirements not quite the same as a masters but more total hours than some masters programs.

We had a guest speaker telling us about how it used to be like that.

We're required to take four (18 hour) semesters of undergrad, then take the PCAT, then apply to the colleges pharmacy, and if we get in, we're in for 4 years of 18 to 20 hour semesters of that.

But you get the PharmD at the end of it all, so it's worth all of the stress. :)
#105.Do we need this elitist thread?
No.Gun ownership,belief in the guarantee of the 2A and protecting the lives of family,friends,ourselves and standing up against tyrants has absolutely nothing to do with ones educational level.
Currently at KU working on an undergraduate in History with a minor in Religious Sciences. Transfering to Uconn though because its closer to home. I dont mind having a BA I just need a four year degree to get commisioned as an Officer.
I'm refraining from vote because there really isn't a category i fit in. I graduated from high school and have a year of college under my belt, but am not currently going to college.
I put "working on master's..." because i have about 30 credits to complete a master's degree. I don't plan on completing it, but it was the closest thing to "partially finished master's."
I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music. The partially completed master's is in education.
Since 'graduate' was supposed to be undergraduate, I'll go with original intent and select that option.
Working on a BS in Engineering, now a Junior.
Purdue University, Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Technology and minors in Communication and English

Come on guys, lighten up. A lot of guys here seem a little over sensitive about education levels. It is what it is. If you're happy with who you are, what you've got, and what you do you've got nothing left to prove.

I think it is interesting that 85% have a 4 year degree or higher.
Well mark me down for the unavailable Bachelors degree. Geological sciences from the University of Texas at Austin.
My mother was saying something about how gun owners will win in the end because we have a higher percentage of educated people.

Gun owners will win what ? And what data is she looking at to say gun owners have higher percentages of educated people.

Im not disputing, just, looking for clarification.
Auburn University, class of '73, BA ( War Eagle!)

Oh well, we can't all be perfect. :neener:

Roll Tide.

Man, there sure are a lot of smart folks around here, ain't there elrod. :)
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