What is your most faithful pistol?

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S&W, pre lock,..3 inch heavy barrel, Blued and wood, round butt Model 36 Chief's Special,...circa 85,...used as a teaching gun and a carry gun for several years,..sound as a bell, and I have no idea how many 1000s I have ran through it. Still carry it occasionaly,..but the wife has claimed it as her woods walkin' gun,...so I have to ask her to let me use MY gun!!
Rossi 711 best one I own 10,000+ rounds ranging from full load .357 to light .38s
I have to go with the Makarov and the Tok. They are utterly reliable and fun to shoot. I also have a Ruger 95 that eats everything. The rest seem to have had one or two FTFs.
I ha done of those Norinco TT's in 9mm that worked flawlesly with everything except quality ammo. Fortunately that was back when a case of wolf was a mere 89.99/1000. Now I have a Ruger KP95DC that functions perfectly with the exception of some Ultramax 125gr LRN. I don't know if the ammo has the problems of if it's something else, but I get FTE's about once a magazine. I know the first culprit would be limp-wristing, but I'm a 6-1, 280 lb steelworker, so I doubt that's the case.
My "never ever hiccupped yet" are my two S&W autos. But I keep them clean and the round count is relatively low.

I will occasionally pump enough bargain basement ammo through an auto to get a gauge on the how many boxes it takes to shut it down. About 100-200 rounds of the sportsmans store counter brand is typical.

And then I scoop up the brass, but that's a different thread. See you in the reloading section.
It took a while to break into my glock 19 I thought i would never get used to the trigger pull and started thinking about getting a Sig... Two thousand rounds of ammo latter I'm in love and dead accurate at 25 yards
These 3, Les Baer in 45acp and 38 super and a custom Delta Elite by Chuck Warner. IMG_0677.gif
My Ruger P90, It was my first 45 and is still my favorite. Never failed me no matter what I put through it. The only drawback for carry is its size, but my Kimber Ultra Carry took care of that.
No matter how much I hate the thing and always try to get rid of it -- the Beretta 92FS has never failed on me in over 5000 rounds. However, it is back in the blue box after I bought a SIG.

The SIG P226 .40 that I bought to replace it has had about 500 rounds through it so far, and hasn't had a hiccup yet.

Of course, for reliability there's always a revolver :) Never had one stove-pipe, FTF, or FTE on me yet
My daily carry M&P40 full-size has been the most bullet-proof sidearm I've ever carried. with at least 8000+ flawless rounds downrange (Ask my wife what bullets cost!!!), this handgun puts the energizer bunny to shame. A few years ago when I carried Glocks off and on, I was never able to claim that they were completely flawless. I love my 1911's but again, I can not claim that they are 100% flawless.

My energizer bunny on steroids:

** The white lacquer filled roll marks were for the pictures only **

My M&P as it looks after daily carry and thousands of rounds Note the marks under the take down lever... This firearm is used a LOT:
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My Ed Brown Special Forces. 5K + rounds with no stoppages of any kind. I carry it with me everywhere I go and I shoot it every week.
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