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Won't do it. Too much hand waving, pointless pontificating, too little content. I have standards about where I waste my time.
General THR is ok as is TS.COM.
Won't waste my time on a site that can't spell" bullets."
For fun, 24HourCampfire, but they can be brutal.
my favorite are!!!!

Mom’s demand Action
Bloomburg Gun Smith
NPR gun clean service

Just kidding

Gun Guy Tv
Log Cabin Looms
IV8888 (the old stuff with Berry)
Hickcock 45 (old stuff)
God Family and Guns
The Armed Fisherman
Exile Armory LLC (Amber is so cute)
Active Self Protection
KB32 Tactical
Thefirearmguy (happiest gun guy ever)
Honest Outlaw
Lead Therapy
Washington Gun Law
Forgotten Weapons
Garand Thumb
Donut Operator
Brandon H
Demolition Ranch is fun to watch, but I cringe at their muzzle discipline sometimes.
I don’t watch much of the big channels anymore, so many low key channels out there that are GREAT
My problem with some of these sites, some are fudds and others give out bad info!

Take what they say and do with a grain or a pound of salt!
Yeah and that's the problem.

Most new shooters will watch these channels and think what they say and do is correct.
Palomar Tactical - civilians in Slovenia (!). They also have a "spoof video" about some US gun channels. Famous Gun Channels Parody - YouTube : hickok, FPS Russia, Demo. Ranch, M.A.C., Kirsten Joy Weiss are 'zapped'. etc.


iraqiveteran 8888.
Paul Harrell

Sofi G3 (or using other HKs) and "easy on the eyes":).
From 10:19 for her select-fire :D./ Her enabler Jessi is an Armorer with H&K.

Gun-Time With Brandon (and Kirsti: very good shot). Watch them shoot through a car with a :oops: .223 AR and AKM.:scrutiny: to compare/evaluate exit holes. Do that with a C-130's small hydraulic leak and you cut off fingers.
AK Operators Union (AKOU with Rob Ski).

Remember that these people usually/often allow the viewer to see impacts on targets in each video.
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Why type them all into ytube & bookmark, I'll just return tho THIS post on THIS the greatest firearms forum on planet earth, :thumbup::thumbup:

''subscribed'' :)
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Paul Harell
Jerry Miculek
Grand Thumb

and there's a couple more, one of em is called LogCabinLooms that is essentially an older gentleman who lives a pretty subsistence lifestyle, reloads everything he shoots with a Lee loader and has a pile of different guns he shoots on his channel, some bushcraft type stuff too. Idk why I like that channel, it's like MSMR hypnosis or something....
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