A fair news report on a shooting today

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Feb 28, 2006
I was watching the news from Phoenix today, and I saw probably the first fair and balanced report on a shooting that I have seen on the news in a long time. It seems 2 men decided to rob a Circle K convenience store, and one of the bad guys had a gun. The gunman pulled the gun on a security guard, while his buddy was taking things to steal.

The security guard fought back and pulled his own weapon, and the two bad guys fled the store, with the security guard on their heels.

The bad guy with the gun turned and pointed it at the security guard, who then fired his own weapon and killed the gunman. the other robber then attacked the security guard, and the security guard shot him in the arm.

The reporter who covered the story made no snide comments, or offered his own opinion on the shooting. He simply reported the facts, and also reported that "the security guard will not be charged, because, as you know, our state allows a person to defend themselves in they feel their life is in danger"

As it turned out, the bad gun was carrying an empty gun. The reporter actually said "the security guard had no way of knowing the robber's gun was unloaded"

He also mentioned that in July, a clerk was shot to death at the same store by a robber. When they went back to the station anchor, instead of just saying "thanks for the report" or something like that, the anchor asked if the security guard was OK after his ordeal.

News organizations usually like to sensationalize violence as it is good for ratings. This was a nice change to the anti stance most news shows take. It was fair, told the facts, and portrayed the security guard as just using his weapon to protect his life.

Of course the dead robber's family will probably sue the security guard!
Of course the dead robber's family will probably sue the security guard!

Yes, no doubt he was an altar boy/Big Brother/den leader in his spare time; that is, when he wasn't robbing convenience stores.
There are honest, forthright reporters out there (altho few and far between).
Sad part of story is that guard, even if he escapes a lawsuit, has had his life ruined by a stupid punk who chose crime over the honorable professions.:barf:
I find it odd that someone else finds it odd that a reporter has done their job professionally. Has news reporting so far gone that people find honest reporting the exception rather than the rule?

One reason I think there wasn't any commentary by the reporter is that it was a security guard doing his job rather than a "vigilante" that was trying to defend him-/herself.

The only argument against the security guard that I can see is that he chased the thief down. That is likely to be a no-no. Once the thief turned to run the guard was not in danger any more. This could be turned around as premeditated murder.
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