Affordable 22LR (Lowest shipped pricing)

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We already myth busted the "Loose bulk pack 22LR" being more prone to duds when during 10,000+ rounds of 25+ brands/weights/lots bought within 6 months to 1 year fired almost 100% out of new 10/22 and T/CR22 with the exception of Winchester M22, even the dreaded "Thunderdud" as it fired 100%.

So I deemed the duds experienced by THR members likely from priming compound moving away from case rim from rough/prolonged trucking/shipping/handling vibration/shock.

I am getting ready to do another 35+ brands/weights/lots comparison to include a new box of Winchester M22 so stay tuned.

Armscor ... had a high misfire rate
Armscor also has been reliable for me as long as I kept the firearm cleaned and out of GSG 1911 (Same as Sig 1911 22LR), also accurate to produce 2" groups at 25 yards.

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It was priming moving away from the rim most likely. Multiple strikes in the same cartridge. Some went on the second strike, others not so much. About 7 in a box of 50. Small sample I know.
I hope Aguila has fixed this but I got 5000 rounds of their 40gr Super Extra Standard Velocity in the "normal" period between our most recent two shortages, and it is too long for many pistol mags particularly my Beretta Neos and Browning Buckmark. Lots of closing on an empty chamber because the rounds have bound in the magazine and the spring can't push them up. I've set them aside for use in my Ruger Precision Rimfire and 10/22, they shoot very well for "cheap" ammo, but they'd be gone by now if they worked in our pistols.
Have you contacted Aguila customer service?

BTW, how long do they measure?
I don't have an accurate way to measure them, and I may have jumped to a conclusion that it was OAL because I put them back into their plastic carrier and ran a course file over the tips to knock a little off and these all fed fine, so the obvious conclusion was OAL. But it may be a complicated interaction of OAL, rim thickness and diameter, bullet ogive that have them not stacking in the magazine correctly, If I recall if I loaded 5 rounds or fewer they all fed.

I don't see any reason to contact Aguila, first it was purchased about five years ago, and it is well known that not all .22lr ammo works well in all .22lr guns, and I've no way to claim it is out of SAMMI specs. As I said it works fine in many of my other guns, just not the two pistols we shoot most often.

I certainly won't hesitate to buy more if the price is right, but it won't be the basis of my stocking up for the next shortage. The only ammo I won't buy at any price is Remmington Thunderbolt, not for accuracy or duds but because if causes horrible leading in too many of my pistols since they changed from the old (circa 20003) waxy lube to a dry "polymer" coating. It used to be my mainstay as Academy sold it for like $7-8 per 500 round brick back then. As I say to the people who won't buy Wold/Tula steel case "good, more for me" so I leave the Thunderbolt to people who don't seem to have an issue with it, but if a brick lasts you a year, it may take a while to notice the problem, we typically run 400-500 rounds per outing shooting steel plates, rate of fire may be a factor too.
I had the same issue and assumed it was too much lube. They did the same thing in my Victory. They were accurate though. I used them for slow fire. At the time I was buying them they were about $5 for 50 so they’ve come down especially in bulk.
Update: Dropping below $25/500 shipped! :D:thumbup:
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Update: Price dropping further below $25/500 shipped. Due to increasing inventory, will limit listing to below $30/500 and include lowest price CCI SV and Blazer 40 gr LRN.
Thanks to @red rick for this tip.

Natchez offering free shipping on $99+ orders with code FS230717 (Expires midnight 7/18) -
Looks like they also have Aguila super extra LRN boxed at 2.99/50

I prefer the boxed over bulk packs. Looks like 34 boxes is the breaking point to get over the $99 free shipping threshold.
Very tempting