Another happy RCBS customer

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Oct 26, 2009
Just wanted to pass on my experiences with RCBS. I have been reloading for many years and have experience using several different brands of presses, dies, etc.

I find myself coming back to RCBS over and over again, and here's why:

Their customer service is oustanding as are their products. I called them today to inform them that I misplaced the lock nut for my powder measure, and it was MY fault... what do they do? Send it to me free of charge. I also informed them that due to user error, my 9mm die has an issue with the threading.... they tell me it's all under warranty and offer to replace not only the die set, but also the threaded bushing inside the press itself! Awesome customer service!

Side note for those interested- Vortex optics has been amazing as well.

Glad to see companies like RCBS and Vortex standing behind their products!
Your experience with RCBS is the norm for this company, and as always word of mouth (or should it be thread in this case) is the best advertisement going.

I have yet to try any of Vortex's products, and I've been researching a new scope for my Savage 12 FV 223 Rem.

What Vortex scope do you use ?
I have had similar experience with RCBS. Most of the time I buy RCBS dies, once I bought Hornady. Both companies offer great products and wonderful customer service.

That reminds me of something else, I always love to use Midsouth Shooters supply. If you call ...... a human answers the phone. Amazing.
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