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Nov 1, 2012
North America
Question for the more experienced gun purchasers and/or dealers here.

I want to purchase two of the same make/model rifle this month. Next month I want to purchase two of the same make/model pistol. The two following months I'll repeat. So in total I'll end of with four rifles and four pistols of the same make/model in 4 months. I'll be using the same online retailer and the same local FFL. Why am I breaking the purchases up? Funding.

Is this going to put me on some Federal watch list? Am I going to have the Fed knocking on my door? FYI, these are all .22LRs for plinking.
Neighbor of mine who is a retireee bought two EBRs and the ATF came by to investigate.

I don't think one a month will raise signal flags.
I picked up 3 pistols (paid in advance) from the same FFL on the same day. ATF came by and visited me on campus as I was going to school at the time. Standard questions really if they were interested in a potential shooting. Their attitude changed rather quickly when I showed pictures of the handguns showing the commemorative engraving. They became rather friendly at that point. I doubt you will have much trouble.
Lockheed - your biggest hurdle may be finding a store that has two of the same gun in stock at the same time.

Unless you are getting the stores to "order" the guns for you!
I doubt if they care if you're ordering a bunch of .22s, as long as your state or local government doesn't have laws limiting number of guns you can buy within a given time frame. Even if they do come around, the worse they can do is pester you with questions you can politely brush off, as you're not doing anything illegal. Note the stress on politely.
My CCW instructor worked in a shop. Generally if you purchase more than 2 handguns in a set amount of time they have to report it via a form 3310 (https://www.atf.gov/files/forms/download/atf-f-3310-4.pdf).

He said that it really depends as to whether they care. If you buy a high end 1911, a CZ75, and a S&W revolver - they won't bat an eye. If you buy 10 Hi-Point 9mm's at the same time expect a checkup.

Somewhere between those two is the threshold, but he did seem to indicate that multiple purchases of the same gun make/model was a red flag.
It would help very much to know what State you live in.

In Kansas on a State level there is no registration of the owner or firearm so no one cares. In more restrictive states I suppose their could be red flags.

On a Federal at one time the dealer had to report if you brought more than two guns in one week.
Let us know how it turns out:)
Or if we dont here from you anymore I guess we'll know!
Buying 200 Hi-Points in a very short time would raise some eyebrows, but what you're doing won't look any different to FBI than any other 4 firearm purchases over a 4 month period. Remember, unless you buy 2 or more handguns within 5 business days from the same FFL, Instacheck has no idea what type or how many firearms you purchased. You could buy a thousand rifles & shotguns on one BGC, and unless your FFL took it upon himself to report the purchase, it will look the same to instacheck as if you'd bought only one.
I have purchased multiple guns from the same dealer on the same day a number of times, and I've never been contacted by BATF or anyone else. If you live in a border state you MIGHT receive a visit for purchasing multiple "assault rifles" (God I hate that term) on the same day you might likely receive at least a call or a visit, but away from border states that becomes much less likely.

I wouldn't worry about it unless you're doing something else that might be illegal. Certainly buying several guns on the same day or in the same month is nothing wrong at all.
Dealers are required to make a notification of 2 or more handguns purchased by a single individual within 5 consecutive business days on a 3310.4 form. One copy is sent to the ATF, one to the chief law enforcement entity of the buyer (municipal, county, or state depending on the situation), and one is retained with the 4473 form from the second sale. Law enforcement is required to destroy these reports after 20 days if an investigation isn't performed, or if further investigation isn't warranted.


Currently, multiple purchases of certain rifles are required to be reported if the purchases were made in a state bordering Mexico. The rifles must be larger than .22 caliber, semiautomatic, and use detachable magazines. I don't remember the date but this is set to expire soon.

Note that "purchase" actually means filling out a 4473 and taking possession. If you order two handguns from two different dealers and have them transferred to another local dealer, it's the local transfer dealer who is responsible for looking out for the multiple purchases and making the notification.
If you want you can also purchase the second handgun and leave it at the gun shop until the following week and go back and do the form then, at that point the gun shop is not required to fill out a multiple handgun sales form. Some may think this is "shady" but I know gun shops that have a general one handgun a week policy just to avoid having to fill out extra paperwork. (They will accommodate if you really want them THAT day).
If I had that goal (4&4 over 4 months) and budget prevented buying all at once I would place 4 identical orders for 4 rifle/pistol pairs.

That leaves you with a smaller but fully useful set if something comes up to change plans, allows you to begin building experience with the chosen arms as soon as the first set is picked up (you may decide your chosen pistol isn't what you really needed...my way, you only have to sell one, vs. having a pair to unload, and you can sell it and order another before you would have even tried the handgun under the 2 long, 2 short, 2 long, 2 short plan), plus incidentally it saves the FFL effort (no multiple sale reporting).
So what if they knock on your door? Just a) don't answer or b) ask if you are under arrest....if they say no....shut the door in their face.
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