Ever have a gun you just couldn't love?

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Years ago I had a beautiful, like new Browning Hi-Power that had been built in 1966. The bluing on it was perfection and it had the classic round hammer that I loved (never had a problem with it ever biting me either). Only problem was I couldn't hit the well known side of a barn with it. The trigger pull was off the scale (we estimated somewhere around fifteen pounds), and combined with those minscule sights and horribly stiff safety, shooting this gun was absolutely no fun at all. Accuracy was terrible and as much as I wanted to love this gun, its performance was greatly lacking and it quietly fell from my favor and was eventually sold.
Happens to me a more than I'd like to admit.

Few I can remember...
Thompson 1927a1
Beretta 92fs
Steyr M9a1
Walther P99AS
Pretty much anytime I buy a Glock

I'm prone to love a t first sight with a lot of guns and after I buy it a little time goes buy and I become disenchanted with it.
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Yes, but I changed my mind.
Did not like the classic Yugo Mauser 48A's sights, but had mostly tried it from 50 yards. The gun sat still for almost two years.

From 100 yards or more they work ok, if you have a fairly bright background light.
And with 2,300 rds. of surplus 8mm ammo during this panic (won't be the last), I locked the WTS ad on 'Thefiringline' and decided to get used to it.

With the sights and trigger, it's not my favorite but it's fun.
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Kahr CW-40 - The "texture" of the grip was molded in squares that were seemingly designed to grate cheese as well. Half a box of ammo and it was time to quit before I started bleeding. This was at a time when my hands were particularly tough from climbing towers nearly everyday.

S&W Bodyguard - Actually a pretty neat little gun but there is something funny about the back of the grip. I didn't expect either of these guns to be fun to shoot but this Bodyguard had funky ergos that caused pain in my palm. Little thing threw brass EVERYWHERE. About the only place it didn't go was from my 6 to 9.
Glock Model 22 Gen 1. I tried to drink the Glock kool aid but I choked on the blocky ergos and just didn't fall in love with it like I thought I would.
AR15, I've had six in the last 7 years and. Then one day out of the blue It hit me, I just don't like them. Most of the ones I had were good and worked fine. To much $$ to buy, To much $$ to run. And to fast a pace when shooting them. I guess the Kool-aid didn't go down so well.
S&W 669 back in the 80s. I just did not like it. It was a good gun. Shot fine, never had a jam, which was amazing in the 80s. I just never could get to like it.

A number of guns I bought that I had good reasons to get rid of but I don't think that is the question.
Smith & Wesson 4566 .45 ACP.
I really REALLY truly WANTED to love this pistol......
Nobody I knew could hit the broad side of a barn with this particular pistol.
Reliable but no matter what I just never could get any decent accuracy out of it.
Traded it in on another pistol at a loss with full disclosure.
Many many 45 Autos before and since that were absolute tack drivers.
Just could not get any acceptable accuracy out of the Model 4566.
Traded and never regretted losing.
S&W 411 - My first handgun purchase march of '94, could not hit the broad side of a barn from the inside with it. the last straw was when it fired slightly out of battery. sent it back to S&W for repair, when it came back i took it to the gun show and swapped for a 4 inch GP100.
Yes, 2 guns that both scored high in aesthetic appeal & coolness factor :
One .45 ACP 1911 Norinco & one .380 ACP Walther PPK.:

No matter how much I shot them, they kep feeling awkward in my hands.
Besides, neither ever achieved even 90 % reliability with factory ammo, let alone handloads.
If I understand the OP correctly, the question is concerning guns that DID grab you to begin with, but didn't quite live up to the expectations. In my case, that would be the Beretta Tomcat .32 and especially the Walther P22.
In that case, I guess I have never been in love with any of them................
Yup, a Glock

It was a stubby .45 that I held as collateral and finally fell to me after two years possession.
Man, but I hated the feel and look of that thing!
So, once it came to be mine by default, I figured to take it out and shoot it before selling it on to get my money back.
Go figure - it grew on me instantly after finally shooting it. I still ended up selling it but only to finance something I wanted more.
Man did I hate that pistol... for a couple years anyhow.
I still couldn't apply "love" to the block but I sure did grow to enjoy and appreciate it.
Mauser Hsc - owned 2 - love the look, the feel, and hated the trigger and the disassembly for cleaning. (Mauser Hsc Super was a little better...)

Glock 23 in .40 - never had a problem, felt good in my hand, accurate, but just never really got that feeling for it.

S & W Model 639 9mm - I loved my Model 39 (I've owned 3), but the stainless version wasn't very accurate, sights difficult to see, and weighted a TON!

Kel Tec P11 9mm - nice small concealment gun, light, decent sights, and horrible trigger! Next on my list to go...
AR15, I've had six in the last 7 years and. Then one day out of the blue It hit me, I just don't like them. Most of the ones I had were good and worked fine. To much $$ to buy, To much $$ to run. And to fast a pace when shooting them. I guess the Kool-aid didn't go down so well.

Im with you. There just isn't much to get excited about the ar15 for me. OTOH, I absolutely love my Ak. The history and reputation it has for ruggedness just makes me love it.
Ruger Mini-14.......fun to shoot but they didn't call them "the world's most expensive plinker" for nothing

AR-15......same general reason, plus, reminded me of some not-so-fun times in the Army

Beretta 92......more memories of not-so-fun times in the Army

Erma Toggle Top 22.......too pesky in ammo selection

Any Glock.......I can't hit squat with a Glock

Browning Hi-Power.......classic looking, terrible trigger
My Kel-Tec P-11 I don't love, rarely shoot it but is mainly for CCW, The trigger is my greatest gripe and it's not very accurate.

Also my Phoenix Arms HP-22A, not that it's not cool or accurate, it's just boring to shoot.

My wife owned a Radom P64 and I didn't like it, traded it for a Kel-Tec P-11 for my self, my wife since then got a Taurus 7 shot in 357 and we love that gun.

Never been keen on Glocks, they just don't make ergonomic sense to me but I do like the Glock 20 since I love the 10mm Auto, perhaps the only Glock I may own, Glocks do have great triggers.

Never been a fan of AR-15's due to their abiguity but recently I warmed up to them and would like to own one, I like my S&W M&P 15-22 quite a bit an is the closest thing I have to an AR, I feel the same for the Beretta 92FS/M9 due to much the same reason.

Funny enough my Hi-Points I love, I own a pistol and carbine, the triggers suck on them but shoot great otherwise.
More Ruger "love", my Ruger PC4, reworked trigger from Bill Springfield, but too damn heavy, or at least the balance sucked. I much prefer my Marlin Camp 45.

Sig 229 in 40S&W, though that may have been more of a caliber issue.

*As for the person who did not like his CZ RAMI, I *dig* mine, but it is in 9mm.)
I have never owned a ruger, so I don't have a hate story from them. I would like to keep both of those trends up for a long while. Some of my firearm "one night stands":

Star Firestar .45: Could not hit anything with it, weighed more than most full size guns.

Browning Hi-Power: Trigger was horrible, iffy on ammo, and just never felt quit right.

H&K USP 45: I loved it in theory, and in general am a big HK fan, but could never get a good draw and shoot with it.

Sako PSG in 7mm STW: This one was purely a caliber issue, I like the Sako rifles a lot. The round (at least with me shooting) did nothing that my 300 win mag would not do, was more expensive and oddly enough to me had more felt recoil.
stevens 820 b 12 gauge didn't know much about them and it seemed like a decent deal. Well guy lied about it working great, broke firing pin and bar release spring for pump action. Feel so salty about the whole thing don't think I'd ever touche a stevens again even tho it was partly my fault for not knowing about there faults.
lcp 380 good gun for a close encounter; however I just couldn't feel safe eliminating a threat from across the room. While I buyem to play I carry them to work. I just didn't feel it would do the job if it needed doing.
Embarassed to admit it, but I bought a Hi-Point C9 in 9x19mm thinking how could I go wrong at the price - found out how, I owned a mostly useless Hi-Point C9 that would cost me 1/3 of the original price to send it in for a 'lifetime' warranty repair. Sold it LNIB at a small loss.

Beretta Model 84 Cheetah in .380 ACP with the original wood grips. It is more accurate than I and I really wanted to like it, but it is simply no fun to shoot (hurts my hand and just does not seem to like me) and is a pain every time I field strip it for cleaning. It will be the next handgun I want to sell.
Several in fact:
Jennings(hi-point) 9mm. My first purchase. That POS gun ran flawlessly but the safety was a joke.
Kimber Ultra Raptor - BEAUTIFUL gun! Could not make it through 100 rounds with a stoppage.
Remington 1100 12ga - meh... sold it.
Sig P250 - Awesome smooth DA trigger but built like a bad Chinese toy.
Remington Speedmaster 552
Heritage Rough Rider
S&W model 10

I loved 'em all until I got to know them better.
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