Every day for this entire year I will post old school printed gun ads each day.

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wow.. and I thought Creedmoor was just a fancy new caliber :)

Ad dates about 1876

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The Creedmoor long range matches were a big deal, with international teams competing. The first was vs. the Irish team at 800, 900, and a 1000 yards, over 1/2 mile. The US team won by one point.

Believe it or not, they were held in Queens, NYC. The course was built by the NRA with funds provided by NYS. The site is now the grounds of a state psychiatric hospital, with the same name.
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Always thought it was a bitter pill for Peabody to swallow when Peabody invents the Falling block design, then Martini improves it and then employs Peabody to make his Martinis because Martini can not keep up with demand. Sometimes its not fair..

I have one of those!!

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